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WikiLeaks Set To Reveal US-UFO War In Southern Ocean

Posted by EU Times on Dec 13th, 2010

Update January 12, 2011: First WikiLeaks’ Cable Mentioning UFOs Released

A new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared for President Medvedev by Russian Space Forces (VKS) 45th Division of Space Control says that an upcoming WikiLeaks release of secret US cables details that the Americans have been “engaged” since 2004 in a “war” against UFO’s based on or near the Continent of Antarctica, particularly the Southern Ocean.

According to this report, the United States went to its highest alert level on June 10, 2004 after a massive fleet of UFO’s “ suddenly emerged” from the Southern Ocean and approached Guadalajara, Mexico barely 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) from the American border. Prior to reaching the US border, however, this massive UFO fleet is said in this report to have “dimensionally returned” to their Southern Ocean “home base”.

The fears of the Americans regarding these Southern Ocean UFO’s began, this report says, during the unprecedented events of July 11, 1991 (referred to as 7/11) when during the Solar Eclipse these mysterious aircraft appeared by the hundreds over nearly all of Mexico, even their Capital city. Most notable about the events of 7/11 were that as millions of Mexicans were watching on their televisions the National broadcasts of these UFO’s over Mexico City, the American media refused to allow their people to view it.

Since 2004, this report continues, fleets of Southern Ocean UFO’s have continued to emerge from their bases, with the latest such event being this Friday past when another of their massive fleets was sighted over the South American Nation of Chile.

The “immediate danger” to our World when these massive UFO fleets emerge from the Southern Ocean, this report warns, are the massive waves caused by their sudden eruption from what are believed to be their underwater base, or bases. In the past week alone, the Clelia II, an Antarctic cruise ship with 160 people onboard, was nearly capsized when hit by waves generated by these UFO’s emerging from the Southern Ocean, and just today the Number One Insung has been reported sunk with only 20 of its 42 member crew said saved due to the same cause.

Interesting to note in this report is its confirming our October 14th report US Shuts Down New York City Airspace Over UFO ‘Threat’ that these same Southern Ocean UFO’s were responsible for the closing of the airspace over New York City this past fall (October 13th) when they “appeared” openly and were witnessed by tens of thousands of people, and which, coincidentally, occurred during the same time frame as the mysterious Crystal Skulls of the ancient South American peoples were being exhibited there too.

Even more interesting to note is that the mysterious earthquakes being reported in the Gulf of Aden (where another “extraterrestrial” event is currently ongoing and we had reported on in our December 1st report Mysterious ‘Vortex’ Warned Is Creating Global Weather Catastrophe) are now being reported occurring in the Southern Ocean too.

This report goes on to state that after WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange warned last week that he would begin releasing secret US cables relating to these Southern Ocean UFO’s, and the Americans “war” against them, he was immediately arrested by British Police on trumped up charges issued by the Swedish government which in our December 8th report, Global Rebellion Erupts After “Unprotected Sex Meets Disrobed Governments”, we noted were engineered against him as a “classic” CIA “Honey Trap”.

To if Assange, or his WikiLeaks website, will survive to see the whole release of these Southern Ocean UFO files it is not to our knowing, nor does this report say.

What is in our knowing, however, and when coupled with the information we reported on in our December 10threport Massive Earthquake Fears Rise After Mysterious Object Moves Nearer To Earth, suggests that the timing of these events, as we near the December 20/21 Total Lunar Eclipse, and as Mercury turns retrograde and joins Mars as it forms a conjunction with Pluto, that the ending of this year, 2010, truly marks the ending of this age as prophesied by the ancients.

In the Sorcha Faal’s seminal work published in 2007, Battle Begins For Throne of This World: The Return of the Einherjar Warriors, she notes that in these “last days” the “guideposts” to what the future will hold for humanity does, indeed, rest hidden to the discerning reader in the words handed down to us by the ancients, none being more important in this case than those of Nostradamus, who in writing of this coming Lunar Eclipse and feared conjunctions warned:

“The arms to fight in the sky a long time,

The tree in the middle of the city fallen:

Sacred bough clipped, steel, in the face of the firebrand,

Then the Monarch of Adria fallen.” Quatrain 3:11

Most ominously for our World today, “the tree in the middle of the city” has, indeed, “fallen” with news from Glastonbury that the 2,000-year-old Holy Thorn Tree , one of Christianities oldest and most revered symbols, has been cut down by vandals. With the great tree now “fallen”, the battle for this Earth now moves to the “sky” until the “Monarch of Adria” (Pope Benedict XVI) has “fallen” too.


Governments of Nations That Have Made UFO Disclosure During the Last Two Years


United Kingdom (1st) Uruquay Mexico

Russia Chile France

Denmark Brazil Canada

Sweden New Zealand Vatican

Japan Spain China

Turkey Belgium Italy

Wanganui Opera House

The Royal Wanganui Opera House where WOW - Wanganui Opera Week is held each January



It was in this building that I introduced George Adamski (the most famous contactee of the 20th century), to the audience, who spoke and screened his film footage of Flying Saucers. [February]

I was the Adamski Correspondence Group Leader in Wanganui.

While George Adamski was in Wanganui in 1959, I asked him three questions.

It was my contact with Flying Saucers that provided the last bastion against becoming a Christian.

“Is Jesus Christ the Son of God”. He answered, “Yes, we are all sons of God.”

“Do the space brothers know Jesus Christ”. His answer? “Yes, they all know him. He is out there among them.”

“Jesus Christ is going to return to this Earth again?” His response? “What would we do with him this time? Put him in a padded cell or tie him up to a telephone pole as we did last time?”

Something just didn’t sit right with these answers.

A few months, I received Jesus Christ as my Personal Saviour and Lord. Though I had a shaky beginning and got “saved” some 20 times in the following year, in over 56 years I have never turned from this greatest decision in my life. I have never turned away to worshipping some foreign God. Though I have done things through these years that are not glorifying to my Father and His only Son, I have never forsaken the God of heaven.

My slippery beginning was confronted by an evangelist in a tent meeting at Cooks Gardens, directly over the fence where I had received Christ via ‘landline’ in a Billy Graham Crusade. He had spoken on the Second Coming of Christ. I had never heard anything like it. At the altar call, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and was conscious of everyone in the meeting looking at me. Of course, they weren’t. I was under great conviction of the Holy Spirit and wanted to get out of that tent immediately. When the meeting ended, I proceeded in haste to the tend-door, vowing to never find myself in this position again during the rest of my life. Never! But, alas, the evangelist beat me to the door. I had to shake hands with him and look him in the eye.

Three weeks later, in 1960, I found myself in the evangelist’s Winter Bible School in Tauranga. It ran for 3 months with 2 x 45 minutes sessions an evening for 2 evenings per week. I was staying in his house while he was conducting meetings in Indonesia.

Being a ‘greenhorn’ and knowing nothing of the Bible, a whole new world opened up to me. Upon returning home, I would mark my Bible with the Scriptures that were taught and wrote out by hand every lesson. The foundation I received here was the basis for the End Time teaching I put together in 1967 during our first church in Orepuki, Southland. The three major teachings were The Creative and Redemptive Weeks, The Tabernacle of Moses and The Feasts of the Lord. I have never veered in any direction from this basis if my Christian Faith. Now, after all these years. those early teachings I received during this time have become more meaningful and continue to provide the framework for my current teaching on the Second Coming of Christ.

I am eternally grateful to my Father, the evangelist, and my teachers who established me in the unshakeable Word of God.

The following two paragraphs are taken from George Adamski’s second book, ‘Inside the Spaceships,’ published in 1955.

“There is a beautiful strip or section around the center of the Moon in which vegetation, trees and animals thrive, and in which people live in comfort. Even you of Earth could live on that part of the Moon, for the human body is the most adaptable machine in the Universe.

“Many times you Earthlings have accomplished what has been termed the ‘impossible.’ Nothing in the imagination of man is actually impossible of achievement. But to return to the Moon, any body in space, whether hot or cold, must have a kind of atmosphere, as you have named it, or gases that will permit this action to take place. Yet your scientists, while maintaining the absence of air around the Moon, do admit that there are both heat and cold on that body! The Moon does not have as much atmosphere as your Earth has, nor as our planet, because it is a far smaller body than either. Nonetheless, an atmosphere is present.”


John Lear , son of the creator of the Lear Jet, confirms:

And, well, people say: Well, if it has any atmosphere, how does it keep the atmosphere? Well, the same way the Earth does. They have forests, meadows, lakes, rivers, people, civilizations, and it’s on a band of the Moon that’s just beyond where we can see. And I have a picture here but I can’t find it. But it’s on a band. And that’s the same band that both Menger and Adamski visited.

No. No, because his story is the same as George Adamski’s and Truman Bethurum’s. The other... what the government labeled as “contactees,” which was their way of saying: Yeah, well, you know, they’re just “contactees.” And I think both of them, both Adamski and Menger, became very important sources for the government.

When I first got into this, you know, 20 years ago, people would say: Do you think flying saucers are real? And, I would say: Yeah but, you know, the George Adamski stuff was all bullshit. It WASN’T! It was all real. So was Howard Menger. So was Truman Bethurum, and Daniel Fry. All those people were telling the exact truth!

But the fact is, if you’ve been to, you’ve seen the original government papers on who was involved in the anti-gravity project in 1952. And Lear Incorporated, my father’s company, is listed right there. And there’s a video floating around on the web that shows him at the blackboard teaching scientists at the Bahnson Institute how a flying saucer flies. And this was probably 1954/1955.

But, the fact is, we had anti-gravity solved in 1957 or 1958. And we started building our own craft and went to the Moon in 1962. And Mercury, Gemini, Apollo was just a COVER for all that was really going on.

While waiting to introduce George Adamski I saw this poster of Dr Leon Van Loewe who introduced Martin St. James to hypnotism. BBC TV Host, London, U.K. Michael Parkinson declared him (Martin St. James) to be ‘the best in the business.’

Leon is my cousin!

It was in this building, (via landline), in June of the same year, (four months later), I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and Lord through the ministry of Dr Billy Graham.

After a somewhat shaky start, that decision has proved to be the greatest decision I have ever made in my life!


1962 27th January

Lois and I were married.

On that very day, Peter Snell, broke the world mile record in a time of 3 minutes, 54.4 seconds, on a grass track.

This event occurred at Cook’s Gardens immediately to the rear of the Opera House.

On checking out of the hotel the following day there stood Peter Snell and his entourage immediately in front of me. I could have reached out and touched him. Just eight hours earlier he had broken the world record.

When he won gold at the Olympics in 1964, Peter Snell unleashed his unique, devastating finish 300 meters from home. No one in the world could go with him.

God has taken me back to this man and patterned my life, specifically the forty day fast, (each day represented by 10 meters of the track), for a book entitled ‘The Final Lap.’

I have only spoken on Flying Saucers once in the 52 years I have been a Christian. This was at a church in the metropolitan area of Auckland, when I was requested to do so.

On my new Lowe Legacy Library web-site (, I have several articles on Flying Saucers. Two years ago marked 50 years from 1959. Also, in the last two years many governments of the world have made disclosures on the Flying Saucer phenomena. The whole world is waiting on The United States of America to go public, and this is imminent.

There are two Flying Saucer crashes that the U S Government has gone to any lengths to conceal from the public.

They both occurred in New Mexico in 1947.

What is the reason that the security lid has been screwed down so tight on these two events?

They both contained -



Alien Human Mutilation

Pennsylvania, U.S.A., on 6 August, 2002

[Transcribed From the Internet by Alister Lowe]

It was investigated by Butch Witkowski, a law enforcement officer (Homicide Investigation), with 27 years experience.

I’m going to talk tonight about one of the cases in Pennsylvania that is probably so strange that every time I read it I come up with a different answer.


My forte in law enforcement was homicide investigation, so, I know what I’m reading. In August 6, 2002, a gentleman by the name of Todd Sees was abducted and the headline read: “Todd Sees Was Abducted and Murdered by Aliens on Montour Ridge in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.” Todd Sees, a 39 year old white male lived at the base of Montour Ridge in Northumberland County, married, the father of two – two boys.

He got dressed one morning early and jumped on his ATV and decided that he was going to take a ride up Montour Ridge to spot early season deer. He told his wife he would be back by noon. Noon came and went. At 2 o’clock his wife notified the police department, A search team was organized immediately.

They found his four-wheeler at the top of the ridge. They had cadaver dogs and search dogs, state police, approximately 200 volunteers altogether. They had divers go into the pond on his property. Divers searched the bottom of the pond – the pond is located about 25 yards from the house. The only thing they did find was one of Todd Sees’ shoes, about 78 feet in the air up a tree.

Police questioned people in the area. It’s a rural farming community so it’s like a couple of living places where people really have homes like there’s 6 farms and a home. Some farmers had a farm two miles away from their residence said that they saw what they believed to be a tooth-shaped object above the tree line and power lines and a beam projected down from it and something being lifted up into the craft. They couldn’t describe what it was. The search continued throughout the day, they searched 6 square miles of Montour Ridge. All they found was the ATV and Mr. See’s one boot.


They called it a night and started over the next morning. Later on in the afternoon in a thicket of bushes 25 yards away from the house at the pond, somebody sees something white. Now, these people have been marching past this site almost two days, 30 something hours. Nobody had seen anything in that area. But this time they see something white. Firemen, of course, start digging into it, very heavy brush – they’ve got to cut into it with axes and power tools and they finally find Todd Sees.

The body was removed to Fort Indian Town Gap. Nobody from the family was allowed to view the body, and nobody viewed the body before it was interred.

Point Township has about a six-man police department. Their statement, after all this took place was that Todd See’s information on how he died would be forthcoming in about 6 to 8 weeks. That’s when the people could have the body back – the family. Toxicology had to take place. They wanted to know what was in the blood, what happened, was there any foul play, which they kind of ruled out. Seven and a half weeks later, toxicology results came back: Todd Sees died of a cocaine overdose. I’ve seen a lot of cocaine overdoses. I’ve never seen one where the guy threw his shoe up in a tree and there were no footprints around his vehicle, like when he got off his vehicle to where he went. There was always a Coroner on the scene.

So with all that in mind we tried the Freedom of Information Act Report Request from the Police Department. We were told it was still an open case. My question to the sergeant that day was if it’s still an open case, why did you say that he died of a cocaine overdose. Isn’t that the cause of death? “Yes”, he replied. I said, “If that’s the cause of death then the case is closed.” No, it’s not. Then he threatened to have me arrested for harassment. Good luck.

The Todd See Case with Mufon is an open case. Myself and another investigator from another group are looking into the case, as best we can, and we try to keep up with the police as best we can.

Do I think he died of a cocaine overdose? No! Not even close. Cocaine overdose doesn’t leave a burn mark on your temple. Cocaine overdose does not make you disappear for 36 to 40 hours. And I find it very hard to believe that 200 searchers with dogs and cadaver dogs and walked past this body for two days and didn’t see it. So, is this one of our abductees?

Now the dark side.


In the early 90’s the mutilations were all the same. The eyes are removed, parts of his jaws were removed, ear and inner ears were removed, tongue and the throat removed, anal area cored out, sexual organs removed, and some intestines and respitory organs removed.

Mother Shipton

[Usrula Southeil]

Yorkshire, England

1488 – 1561

Prophecies Published in 1448

Republished 1641

Mother Shipton saw:

The invention of the printing press and mass distribution of books.

Motor cars, trains, telephone, radio, television, internet.

Skyscrapers, submarines, aircraft, ships of steel.

At the conclusion of the 20th Century, people will live in fear. Storms rage and oceans roar. Asteroids striking the sea generating huge tidal waves, awakening volcanoes and earthquakes. Wars and natural disasters. A time of peace is followed by even greater disasters. Floods and death. Survivors emerging from their underground shelters. Lands submerged and others rising.

And before the race is born anew, A silver serpent comes to view And spew out men of like unknown. to mingle with the earth now grown. Cold from its heat and these men can Enlighten the minds of future man. To intermingle and show them how To live and love and thus endow The children with the second sight A natural thing so that the might Grow graceful, humble and when they do The Golden Age will start anew.

The arrival of extraterrestrials in their space ships who will enlighten the men starting the new civilisation . Children will be gifted with special (mental) powers which becomes a reality occurring phenomenon, Then the Golden Age of man will begin again.

Daniel 2:41-44 [KJ3]

41 And as to that you saw, the feet and the toes were partly of potters’ clay and partly of iron, the kingdom shall be divided. But there shall be in it the strength of iron, because you saw the iron mixed with clay of the potter.

42 And as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile.

43 And as you saw the iron mixed with the clay of the clay, they shall be mixed with the seed of men. But they shall not cleave to one another, even as iron does not meld with clay.

44 And in the days of these kings, the God of Heaven shall set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed. And the kingdom shall not be left to another people. It shall crush and destroy all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.

Heel and Ankles

The Feet of the Image

Commencement of the First Mingled Kingdom of Iron and Clay: 1947

they shall be mixed with the seed of men.

Who Are THEY?

The Great Image

The Successive Gentile Kingdoms That Dominate Israel During the Times of the Gentiles – a 2,520 Year Period (360 x 7) Commencing With the Head of Gold (Babylon) - Nebuchadnezzar, in 606 B.C.

This Kingdom endured for 68 years and was terminated in 538 B.C. when the Medes and Persians diverted the Euphrates River and overthrew the Babylonians. This historic event is recorded in the Bible in Daniel 5.

Your kingdom is divided and given to [the] Medes and Persians. Verse 28

Specific Gravity:

Gold 19.3

Silver 10.51

Brass 8.5

Iron 6.6

Iron and Clay 1.9

The Image is top heavy.

The weight is in the head.

The head is insane. Daniel 4:25, 33

The entire body is insane. All the kingdoms of the world are insane!

25 And you shall be driven from men, and your abode shall be with the beast of the field. And you shall be fed with grass like oxen. And you shall be wet with dew of the heaven; and seven times shall pass over you until you have known that the Most High is ruling in the kingdom of men, and He gives it to whomever He desires.

33 In its moment the thing was fulfilled on Nebuchadnezzar. And he was driven from men, and he ate the grass like oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of the heaven, until his hair had grown like eagles’ feathers, and his nails like birds’ claws.

John 18:36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom was of this world, My servants would have fought that I might not be given over to the Jews. But now My kingdom is not from here.

Matthew 4: 8 Again the Devil takes Him to a very high mountain, and shows to Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.

9 And he said to Him. I will give all these things to You if, falling down, You will worship me.

10 Then Jesus said to him, Go, Satan! For it has been written: “You shall worship the Lord your God, and you shall serve Him only.” Deut. 6:13

After 207 years The Silver (Medio-Persian) Kingdom in turn succumbs to the authority of Alexander the Great of Greece, the Brass Kingdom at the Battle of Arbella in 331 B.C. which is designed by God to rule for 155 years.

Like Jesus, I am a revolutionary. I stand for the overthrow of ALL the kingdoms of the world. Like my Father, I stand for the total crushing and destruction of ALL world kingdoms and the establishing of the kingdom of God (the Stone, that is out of this world), that smites the image on it’s feet and becomes a great mountain that fills the whole earth!!!

Revelation 11: 15 And the seventh angel sounded his trumpet. And there were great voices in Heaven, saying, The kingdoms of the world became our Lord’s, even of His Christ; and He shall reign to the ages of the ages.

The kingdoms of the world are all those kingdoms symbolised in the Great Image of Daniel 2. [Observe! Once fallen, they never rise again!]

It must be forever etched into the mind that iron must give way to iron and clay! This is the current kingdom. There is a point in this image where history must yield to prophecy, because the prescription yet requires fulfillment. Currently, (2011), this generation finds itself in the first and only mixed kingdom of iron and clay.

This, then, is where the concentration of this teaching is applied: right here in the here and now!

Again, the question must be asked:

Who are THEY?

Every believer must observe that each former aspect of this Image has been fulfilled in detail – so will the current application – the fulfillment of the iron and the clay, the mingled kingdom!

And remember! All these kingdoms are destined to be crushed and destroyed by the great stone kingdom that will stand forever!


Strong’s Number 2635

Only by consulting the Hebrew Texts where this word is recorded can the fullness of this word definition be obtained. They reveal the blanket application of this word is deficient. For instance: in one aspect Wycliffe translates, ‘tilestone.’ And the Orthodox Jewish Bible translates in another, ‘baked clay.‘ This is a far cry from the traditional miry (sticky) clay.

Stan Deyo’s re-translation (expanded) of these four verses is very enlightening.

Potter’s Clay: Clay: The Clay: Miry Clay: Each application requires specific investigation.

These three words come from Sumerian, Chaldean Aramaic and Hebrew respectively.

The Sumerian meaning of rxp (peychar) is ‘fear or dread’. The Hebrew meaning of ‘di’ (yd) is ‘of’, while the Chaldean Aramaic word Pox (chasahph) is translated ‘clay’. Together, these mean : ‘clay of fear or dread’, which means the clay regions of the kingdom are not only pliable like potter’s clay but are also filled with fear, of the iron regions of the kingdom.

The Chaldean Aramaic apox(chahsaf), ‘shards of earthenware.’ ספא( safah), the root verb for the word in Chaldean Aramaic means ‘to feed.’ The expanded translation of this word חספא (chahsfah), ‘the clay’, reflects the area occupied by mankind, not only ‘shards of earthen ware’, but ‘fodder to those beings of the iron region.’

The Book of Enoch: Chapter 7: Verses 10-15

10 Then they took wives, each choosing for himself, whom they began to approach, and with whom they cohabited, teaching them sorcery, incantation, and the dividing of roots and trees.

11 And they conceiving brought forth giants (Genesis 6:4-6);

12 Whose stature was each three hundred cubits. These devoured all which the labour of men produced, until it became impossible to feed them;

13 When they turned themselves against men, in order to devour them;

14 And began to injure birds, beasts, reptiles, and fishes, to eat their flesh one after another, and to drink their blood (Matthew 24:7-9)

The Chaldean Aramaic words anyj Poxb (bahchahsaph tinah) in 2:41 and 43, are traditionally translated ‘miry clay’ or ‘ceramic clay.’ The Chaldean Aramaic word anyj (tinah), is traditionally translated ‘thin, fragile clay as found in clay baskets or clay pottery.’ The literal word translation of these two words in their Hebrew form is, ‘with clay of the clay,’ which does not make sense.

However, there was a region in Western Babylon named ‘Ayn at-Tinah where a certain type of clay was mined to make Nabataean, fine, painted pottery – which was widely known throughout the Middle East. This type of clay produced a very thin and, hence, delicate or fragile pottery. So, in Daniel’s usage of the word he would have emphasized, the fragility of the clay pottery by using this word anyj(tinah) as an adjective. Thus, this phrase should read, ‘with the especially thin clay from Tinah.’



The Hebrew word for ‘iron’ is lzrb (bahretzel) which was adopted from the Chaldean Aramaic words lzrp (pahretzel) and alyrp (pahretzelah). Since the Chaldean Aramaic root verb, for the Chaldean Aramaic forms means ‘to separate’ or ‘to scatter’ we can enhance the definition of ‘iron’ to ‘iron that scatters or separates with force.’

The Hebrew word asna (ehnash) means ‘mortal’ in Hebrew and ‘man’ or ‘mankind’ in Chaldean Aramaic; but the word was traditionall translated as, simply, ‘mankind.’ My expanded translation of the word means the same but adds more depth to it. Combining the Hebrew, ‘mortal’ with the Chaldean Aramaic, ‘man’ or ‘mankind’ emphasizes mankind is mortal while ‘they’ are not. Thus, we read, ‘mortal mankind.’

The Hebrew word brem (mahrahb) commonly translated as ‘mixed’ in Daniel 2:41 and 43 comes from the root verb bre (ahrab) which can be translated ‘to intermix’ or ‘to have intercourse with’ or ‘to enter into a negotiation with.’ So, the enhancement to the translation of this word here might also be ‘to have intercourse with or to intermix.’

The Chaldean Aramaic words nwhl Nybretm (mitarabin leheon) are commonly translated as ‘they shall mingle themselves.’ Just the word Nybretm (mitabrin), is from the Arabic verb rex (chaztar), meaning ‘to call together.’ However the root word for Nybretm (mitarbin) is the Arabic word bre (arahb), which has several other derivative meanings in Arabic. bre (Arehb) means ‘strangers’ and hbre (arabah) means ‘the heavens.’ So, the enhanced translation of ‘they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men,’ might well be, ‘ the immortal strangers from the heavens shall have intercourse with mortal mankind’ where ‘intercourse with’ may mean ‘dialogue with’ or ‘sex with.’

The Chaldean Aramaic word, Nyqbd (dahbakeen) is traditionally translated as ‘cleave’ which is fairly descriptive of what Daniel meant albeit in King James English. It would read better as ‘stick together.’

Stan Deyo’s Expanded Translation

Daniel 2:41 And whereas you saw the feet and the toes, part of fearful, fragile clay, and part of clay-smashing iron, the kingdom shall be divided: but there shall be in it of the strength of the clay-smashing iron, forasmuch as you saw the clay- smashing iron mixed together by negotiation with the thin, fragile clay of Tinah.

42 And as the toes of the feet were part of clay-smashing iron, and part of broken shards of clay vessels, so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly broken.

43 And whereas you saw the clay-smashing iron mixed together by negotiation with the thin, fragile clay of Tinah, the clay-smashing iron regions of the immortal strangers (gods) from the heavens shall be part of the same world kingdom with the regions of the seed of mortal mankind: but these mortals and immortals shall not stick together, even as clay-smashing iron is not mixed with the weak, fragile, fodder-like clay of Tinah, which is something to trample under foot, or to scatter or shatter.


44 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

Daniel is warning of a coming world kingdom in which some of these ten regions are controlled by immortal beings from the heavens. The first two verses above describe the global ‘kingdom’ in more of a regional level. However, Daniel 2:43 is written on a more detailed level whereby one considers the references to iron and clay regions to be the beings that inhabit those regions – not the regions themselves. In that respect is saying that although the ‘immortal strangers (gods) from the heavens try to interbreed with the mortal seed of mankind’ they will not succeed in making strong, cross-species beings and that those offspring will be fragile and weak.

Furthermore one can see that those regions will coexist in the global kingdom but will not ‘hangout with’ or be ‘close to’ the human regions of that global kingdom. Also, it is possible that the iron regions may have low regard for the clay regions as we look upon our livestock today.

The following four verses give further information on who forms and dictates the kingdom of the ten toes.

Daniel 11:36-39 [KJ3]

36 And the king shall do according to his will. And he shall exalt and magnify himself above every god; he shall even speak marvellous things against the God of gods and shall prosper until the fury is finished. For that which is decreed shall be done. (Written Word)

37 He shall not consider the God of his fathers, and not the desire of women; yea, he will not come to any god. For he shall magnify himself above all.

38 But in his place he shall honor the god of strongholds, and he shall honor a god whom his fathers did not know, with gold and silver and with precious stones, and desirable things.

39 And he will act in the fortifications of the strongholds with an alien god, whom he shall acknowledge. He shall multiply in glory, and he shall cause them to rule over many and shall divide the land for a price. (1995 – foreign god: 2000 – foreign god)

The phrase, ‘above every god’ is la - lk – le (ahl-kawl-el) and it is intriguing by its very structure. There are three groups of two consonants all ending in l (L in English). In the Hebrew alphabet, the letter l (lamed) is the tallest letter. The ‘l’ is located in the middle of the alphabet and when coupled with the letter k (kaf) the pair is neither to far to the left or to the right – representing a balance. The letter also represents the number ‘30’ which, coincidentally, was the age of Jesus when He began His adult ministry.

The ancient wise men of Israel said the letter ‘l’ represented ‘wisdom’ for it pointed the way upwards to God and the Truth. Furthermore, one can plainly see the letter represents the serpent (which was changed to a snake) which led Adam and Eve to rebel and taste of the tree of knowledge (and hopefully, wisdom). The use of the three lameds in this phrase may also point to the coming Antichrist or Satan because of the use of three snakes which, for some unknown reason reminds me of ‘666’ which is the last Antichrist’s number.

The l is also the first consonant and second letter (reading from right to left) in many Hebrew and Chaldean forms of the word for ‘God’ or ‘god’ such as Myx la hla hwla and so forth. So when Daniel used the phrase ‘above every god’ la – lk – le he was accenting the fact by using three lameds. The three lll lameds can also represent the ‘Trinity’ or the three-part ‘God of gods’ whom the Hebrews and Christians call ‘God.’ This is especially interesting because at the time Daniel wrote this the ‘Trinity’ had not been completed. Most Hebrews knew of basically two parts to God: God the Father (ha Elohim) and the Holy Spirit (Ruach ha Kodesh). The Messiah (Mashiach) had not yet been born into a mankind and his godly nature was still a mystery to most. Daniel was blessed by God in that he was allowed to see and converse with the third member of the ‘Trinity’ – ‘The Messiah’ – in His pre-incarnate form as he stood on the water of the Tigris in front of Daniel.

As I said before this is one of the reasons that Daniel was not considered a major prophet by the sages of Israel. They classified the major prophets as those whom God had spoken to directly. They did not recognise the being who spoke with Daniel in Daniel 10-12 as God or the Son of God. That ‘Being’ was clearly described as ‘Jesus the Messiah’ and ‘The Son of God’ in the Christian book, ‘The Revelation of John’ which would explain why only a few Jewish sages would have been able to recognise that God did indeed speak directly to Daniel.

I have not yet decoded any other hidden meanings of this phrase, but I do find it poetic in nature due to the rhyming of the last letters. When I analysed this phrase numerically I found three two-letter groupings representing the numbers ‘70, 30’ ….. ’20, 30’ ….. ’1, 30’ or summed by twos ‘100’ ….. ‘50’ ….. ‘31’or all totalled ‘181’. (no factors)

The meaning of the phrase Mysn trmh (teh-mah-daht) ‘the desire of women’ is a little less obvious. This verse connects three grammatical objects of equal relevance. The first is ‘God of his fathers’and the last is ‘any god.’ So, what would ‘the desire of women’ have to do with gods? In Daniel’s time the women of Israel all hoped their son might be the promised Messiah of Israel - yet they did not know how he would be half human and half God (Son of the God of gods). Daniel met Him at the Tigris river and was shown His Godly status; so, the proper translation of ‘the desire of women’ according to Daniel should be ‘the Promised Messiah (Son of God) of Israel.’

It is interesting to note that most ancient cultures determined an entity to be a ‘god’ if they exhibited such advanced technology as to be defined only by ‘magic’ or if the entity was immortal. Sometimes ‘gods’ were invented to explain the powerful working of weather and geological processes. In essence, gods were thought to all – powerful, omniscient and immortal. However, in the Jewish, Christian and Islamic monotheistic faiths, they gave reverence to the Chief of the gods – not the ‘gods’ He created. In contrast the polytheistic Greek and Roman religions worshipped not only the Chief of the ‘gods’ but the lower ‘gods’ as well.

The word ‘forces’ Myzem (mah-u-zeem) can be translated ‘fierce forces.’ And, in the same verse (11:38), the phrase, ‘in his estate’ wnk le (ahl-kah-no), can be translated as ‘in his protected place.’

The phrase ‘most strong holds’ (11:39), Myzem yrebml (lah-mi-bah-ahtz-ray mah-u-zeem), can also be translated as inaccessible fortresses.’ The ‘alien god’ whom he (the king of Earth or Antichrist of the last day honours will have technology that will allow them to pass through Earth, water and space with equal ease, which is reminiscent of how the ‘grey aliens’ pass through solid walls in many UFO contactee or abduction cases. This might mean fortresses underwater, buried underground or off the Earth. However, wherever they are will be out of reach for mankind at the current technological stage of development.

The phrase ‘with an alien god’ (11:39), is rkn hwla-Me (eem-ehloah-naykar) really holds has a surprise meaning when I apply my translating technique. The word Me normally translated ‘with’ comes from the Hebrew verb Mme meaning ‘to hide or conceal.’ The word hwla still means ‘god’. However, the word rkn (naykar) from the verb rkn (neekar) can mean ‘to seem alien’ or ‘to feign oneself an alien.’ So I decrypt the phrase, ‘with an alien god,’ to, with a hidden, immortal being pretending to be a god.’

The next phrase to upgrade is ‘over many’ Mybrb. When I divided this phrase into its components I discovered that Mybr is also the plural form of br which means ‘defender.’ So, with the b meaning ’over’, the revised phrase means, ‘over the defenders.’

The last clause (11:39) is traditionally translated as ‘and shall divide qlxy the land hmra for gain ryxmb.’ However, Daniel uses Ura (ah – ratz)- a completely different word for ‘land’ in several other verses in his book. The Hebrew word hmda (ah-dahm-ah), which Daniel put in this verse is something completely different; and in light of my expanded translations of the preceding verses it makes more sense. The Hebrew word hmda is derived from the verb mda (ah-dahm) which means ‘men’ and with the h at the end it means ‘feminine or weak men’ which can also be stated as ‘weak mankind or humans.’

The word qlxy (ya-chah-leyq) does mean ‘shall divide’ but the expanded meaning of it is ‘shall divide by lot.’ The words for gain ryxmb can also be translated as ‘in the future.’

Daniel 11:36 And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that which is decreed shall be done. [Revelation 13] 3.5 years

37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the Son of the ‘God of gods’, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

38 But the god of fierce forces in his protected place shall he honour; and a god who his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

39 Thus shall he do in inaccessible fortresses, with a hidden, immortal being pretending to be a god, whom he shall acknowledge. He shall increase with glory; and he shall make them to rule over the defenders; and he shall separate the weak humans by lot in the future.

Here is the short term future ahead of us. It will be one where mortal man is deceived into accepting a tyrannical world empire designed by truly, evil immortal beings posing as ‘gods’ and staying hidden from public access.

Biblical prophecy tells us, ‘messengers of light’ will arrive on Earth in the end of this age as part of a Huge Deception.

They will pose as aliens or ‘beings from off our world.’ They will claim to be our creators and our elder brothers. They will claim they have come back to Earth in peace to help us solve our many global problems. They will offer to help mankind establish a planet of peace where we can all live together in harmony.

Satan has but one gambit (chess move) left to deceive mankind. He will have to create a fake alien arrival of one or more types of beings to threaten mankind; and then he would have to arrive with his followers to ‘save’ mankind from the evil aliens who have been afflicting them. So clever will his deception be that if the faithful followers of Jesus were left on Earth at that time, they too, would be fooled. If God’s people were not warned in advance it would be hard to argue after the fact that yet a third alien arrival was yet to come and they would really be the good guys.

Who Will Announce the Return of the Fake, Alien ‘Gods’?

Alien Deception

When the ‘alien’ presence is released to the world it will shake the very foundations of the religious faiths of people all over the world.

Look for this mystery man by seeing who arises from the political arena of the planet. He will be a deceiver and a pathological liar. He will have the support of the major religious leaders of the world. He will also ratify an agreement or treaty between all the nations of the world and the ‘aliens.’

What Secrets Lie Within the Holy See? Thomas Horn

Father Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti of the Pontifical University in Rome (where the Vatican’s deepest theology is discoursed) explains just how mankind could actually be evangelised during contact with ‘spiritual aliens,” as every believer in God would be inclined to respect the alien and to recognise the common origin of our different species as origination from the same Creator.

According to Giuseppe, this contact by non-terrestrial intelligence would then offer new possibilities “of better understanding the relationship between God and the whole of creation.” [vii] Giuseppe states this would not immediately oblige the Christian ‘to renounce his own faith in God simply on the basis of the reception of the new, unexpected information of a religious character from extraterrestrial civilisations,” [viii] but that such a renunciation could come soon after as the new “religious content” originating from outside the earth is confirmed as reasonable and credible.

“Once the trustworthiness of the information has been verified” the believer would have to “reconcile such new information with the truth that he or she already knows and believes on the basis of the revelation of the One and Triune God, conducting a re-reading [of the Gospel] inclusive of the new data…”[ix] How this “more complete” ET Gospel might deemphasize or significantly modify our understanding of salvation through Jesus Christ is unknown, but former Vatican Observatory vice director, Christopher Corbally, in his article “What if There Were Other Inhabited Worlds” concludes that Jesus simply might not remain the only Word of salvation: “I would try to explore the alien by letting ‘it’ be what it is, without rushing for a classification category, not even presuming two genders,” Corbally said, before dropping this bombshell:

While Christ is the First and the Last Word (the Alpha and the Omega) spoken to humanity, he is not necessarily the only word spoke to the universe…. For, the Word spoken to us does not seem to exclude an equivalent ‘Word’ spoken to aliens. They, too, could have had their ‘Logos-event’. Whatever that event might have been, it does not have to be a repeated death-and-resurrection, if we allow God more imagination than some religious thinkers seem to have had. For God, as omnipotent, is not restricted to one form of language, the human. [x]

That high-ranking spokespersons for the Vatican have in recent years increasingly offered such language acknowledging the likelihood of extraterrestrial intelligence and the dramatic role ET’s introduction to human civilization could play in regard to altering established creeds about anthropology, philosophy, religion, and redemption could be beyond consequential in the near-future.



Deceive: New Testament: Strong – 4105 [KJ3]


Matthew 24:4 4 And answering, Jesus said to them, See that you do not lead anyone astray.

Matthew 24:5 For many will come in My name, saying, I am the Christ. And they will cause many to be led astray.

Matthew 24:11 And many false prophets will be raised up and will cause many to err.

Matthew 24:24 For false christs and false prophets will rise up. And they will give great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.

Mark 13:5 And Jesus answering to them began to say, Watch out not anyone you lead astray.

Mark 13:6 For many will come in My name, saying, I AM! And they will lead many astray.

Romans 16:18 For such ones do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by smooth speech and fine speeches they deceive the hearts of the ones without guile.

1 Corinthians 3:18 Let no one deceive himself. If anyone thinks to be a wise one among you in this age, let him become foolish, that he may become a wise one.

Ephesians 4:14 so that we may no longer be little children, being blown and carried about by every wind of doctrine, in the trickery of men, in craftiness to the deceit of error.

Ephesians 5:6 Let no one deceive you with empty words, for through these the wrath of God comes on the sons of disobedience.

2 Thessalonians 2:3 Do not let anyone deceive you, by no manner, because that Day will not come if not the apostasy comes first and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition.

1 John 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

1 John 3:7 Little children, let no one lead you astray; the one practicing righteousness is righteous, even as that One is righteous.

Revelation 20:3 and threw him into the abyss, and shut him up, and sealed over him, that he should not mislead the nations any more, until the thousand years are fulfilled. And after these things, he must be set loose a little time.

Revelation 20:8 and he will go to mislead the nations in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to assemble them into war, whose number is as the sand of the sea.

Greek Word Definition: [KJV]

4105 planaw planao plan-ah’-o from 4106; TDNT-6:228,857; v

AV-deceive 24, err 6, go astray 5, seduce 2, wander 1, be out of the way 1; 39

1) to cause to stray, to lead astray, lead aside from the right way

1a) to go astray, wander, roam about

2) metaph.

2a) to lead away from the truth, to lead into error, to deceive

2b) to be led into error

2c) to be led aside from the path of virtue, to go astray, sin

2d) to sever or fall away from the truth

2d1) of heretics

2e) to be led away into error and sin

This is where the English word, planet comes from. A planet is a wanderer. In many circles it is thought that flying saucers come from other planets, that they are extraterrestrial.


2 Thessalonians 2:11 And because of this, God will send to them a working of error, for them to believe the lie.

4108 planov planos plan’-os of uncertain affinity; TDNT-6:228,857; adj

AV-deceiver 4, seducing 1; 5

1) wandering, roving

2) misleading, leading into error

2a) a vagabond, "tramp," imposter

2b) corrupter, deceiver

2b) error which shows itself in action, a wrong mode of acting

2c) error, that which leads into error, deceit or fraud

Matthew 27:63 saying, Sir, we have recalled that that deceiver while living said, After three days I will rise.

2 Corinthians 6:8 through glory and dishonour, through evil report and good report; as deceivers, and yet true;

2 Timothy 4:1 Therefore, I solemnly witness before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, He being about to judge the living and dead at His appearance and His kingdom:

2 John 1:7 Because many deceivers entered into the world, those not confessing Jesus Christ to have come in the flesh, this is the deceiver and the antichrist.

Lie [KJV]

5579 qeudov pseudos psyoo’-dos from 5574; TDNT-9:594,1339; n n

AV-lie 7, lying 2; 9

1) a lie

2) conscious and intentional falsehood

3) in a broad sense, whatever is not what it seems to be

3a) of perverse, impious, deceitful precepts

5574 qeudomai pseudomai psyoo’-dom-ahee middle voice of an apparently primary verb; TDNT-9:594,1339; v

AV-lie 11, falsely 1; 12

1) to lie, to speak deliberate falsehoods

2) to deceive one by a lie, to lie to

John 8:44 You are of the devil as father, and the lusts of your father you desire to do. That one was a murderer from the beginning, You are from your father, the devil and he has not stood in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own things, because he is a liar, and the father of it.

Acts 5:3 But Peter said, Ananias, why did Satan fill your heart for you to lie to the Holy Spirit and to keep back for yourself from the price of the land?

Romans 1:25 who exchanged the truth of God into the lie, and worshiped and served the created thing more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

2 Thessalonians 2:11 And because of this, God will send to them a working of error, for them to believe the lie,

Revelation 21:27 And all profaning may not enter into it, or any making an abomination or a lie; not ever; if not the ones having been written in the Book of Life of the Lamb.

Revelation 22:15 But outside are the dogs and the sorcerers, and the fornicators, and the murderers, and the idolaters, and every one loving a lie, and making a lie.


A deceived person does not know they are deceived. If they “know” there are deceived, they are not deceived.

Three Marks of a Deceived Person



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Genesis 6:1-4 [KJ3] And it was that men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them.

2 The sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were good, and they took wives for themselves from all those whom they chose.

3 And Jehovah said, My Spirit shall not always strive with man; in their erring he is flesh. And his days shall be a hundred and twenty years.

4 The giants were in the earth in those days, and even afterwards when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore to them; they were mighty ones which existed from ancient time, the men of name.


1 And it came to pass, when men <0120> began <02490> (8689) to multiply <07231> (8800) on <05921> the face <06440> of the earth <0127>, and daughters <01323> were born <03205> (8795) unto them,

2 That the sons <01121> of God <0430> saw <07200> (8799) the daughters <01323> of men <0120> that they <02007> were fair <02896>; and they took <03947> (8799) them wives <0802> of all which they chose <0977> (8804).

3 And the LORD <03068> said <0559> (8799), My spirit <07307> shall not always <05769> strive <01777> (8799) with man <0120>, for that he also <01571> (8677) <07683> (8800) is flesh <01320>: yet his days <03117> shall be an hundred <03967> and twenty <06242> years <08141>.

4 There were giants <05303> in the earth <0776> in those days <03117>; and also after <0310> that <03651>, when <0834> the sons <01121> of God <0430> came in <0935> (8799) unto the daughters <01323> of men <0120>, and they bare <03205> (8804) children to them, the same <01992> became mighty men <01368> which were of old <05769>, men <0582> of renown <08034>.

01121 Nb ben bane from 01129; n m; {See TWOT on 254}

AV-son 2978, children 1568, old 135, first 51, man 20, young 18, young + 01241 17, child 10, stranger 10, people 5, misc 92; 4906

1) son, grandson, child, member of a group

1a) son, male child

1b) grandson

1c) children (pl.—male and female)

1d) youth, young men (pl.)

1e) young (of animals)

1f) sons (as characterisation, i.e. sons of injustice [for unrighteous men] or sons of God [for angels]

1g) people (of a nation) (pl.)

1h) of lifeless things, i.e. sparks, stars, arrows (fig.)

1i) a member of a guild, order, class

0430 Myhla ‘elohiym el-o-heem’ plural of 0433; n m p; {See TWOT on 93 @@ "93c"}

AV-God 2346, god 244, judge 5, GOD 1, goddess 2, great 2, mighty 2, angels 1, exceeding 1, God-ward + 04136 1, godly 1; 2606

1) (plural)

1a) rulers, judges

1b) divine ones

1c) angels

1d) gods

2) (plural intensive-singular meaning)

2a) god, goddess

2b) godlike one

2c) works or special possessions of God

2d) the (true) God

2e) God

2896 towb tobe from 02895; ;{ See TWOT on 793 @@ "793a"}

V-good 361, better 72, well 20, goodness 16, goodly 9, best 8, merry 7, fair 7, prosperity 6, precious 4, fine 3, wealth 3, beautiful 2, fairer 2, favour 2, glad 2, misc 35; 559


1) good, pleasant, agreeable

1a) pleasant, agreeable (to the senses)

1b) pleasant (to the higher nature)

1c) good, excellent (of its kind)

1d) good, rich, valuable in estimation

1e) good, appropriate, becoming

1f) better (comparative)

1g) glad, happy, prosperous (of man’s sensuous nature)

1h) good understanding (of man’s intellectual nature)

1i) good, kind, benign

1j) good, right (ethical)

n m

2) a good thing, benefit, welfare

2a) welfare, prosperity, happiness

2b) good things (collective)

2c) good, benefit

2d) moral good

n f

3) welfare, benefit, good things

3a) welfare, prosperity, happiness

3b) good things (collective)

3c) bounty

03947 xql laqach law-kakh’ a primitive root; v; {See TWOT on 1124}

AV-take 747, receive 61, take away 51, fetch 31, bring 25, get 6, take out 6, carry away 5, married 4, buy 3, misc 26; 965

1) to take, get, fetch, lay hold of, seize, receive, acquire, buy, bring, marry, take a wife, snatch, take away

1a) (Qal)

1a1) to take, take in the hand

1a2) to take and carry along

1a3) to take from, take out of, take, carry away, take away

1a4) to take to or for a person, procure, get, take possession of, select, choose, take in marriage, receive, accept

1a5) to take up or upon, put upon

1a6) to fetch

1a7) to take, lead, conduct

1a8) to take, capture, seize

1a9) to take, carry off 1a10) to take (vengeance)

1b) (Niphal)

1b1) to be captured

1b2) to be taken away, be removed

1b3) to be taken, brought unto

1c) (Pual)

1c1) to be taken from or out of

1c2) to be stolen from

1c3) to be taken captive

1c4) to be taken away, be removed

1d) (Hophal)

1d1) to be taken unto, be brought unto

1d2) to be taken out of

1d3) to be taken away

1e) (Hithpael)

1e1) to take hold of oneself

1e2) to flash about (of lightning)

0802 hva ‘ishshah ish-shaw’, irregular plural Myvn nashiym naw-sheem’ from 0376 or 0582; n f; {See TWOT on 137 @@ "137a"}

AV-wife 425, woman 323, one 10, married 5, female 2, misc 14; 779

1) woman, wife, female

1a) woman (opposite of man)

1b) wife (woman married to a man)

1c) female (of animals)

1d) each, every (pronoun)

0977 rxb bachar baw-khar’ a primitive root; v; {See TWOT on 231}

AV-choose 77, chosen 77, choice 6, choose...out 5, acceptable 1, appoint 1, excellent 1, chosen men 1, rather 1, require 1, not translated; 172

1) to choose, elect, decide for

1a) (Qal) to choose

1b) (Niphal) to be chosen

1c) (Pual) to be chosen, selected

05303 lypn n@phiyl nef-eel’ or lpn n@phil nef-eel’ or (plural) Mylpn from 05307; n m; {See TWOT on 1393 @@ "1393a"}

AV-giant 3; 3 [Genesis 6:4 Numbers 13:33 (2x)]

1) giants, the Nephilim

Genesis 6:4

Numbers 13:33

0776 Ura ‘erets eh’- rets from an unused root probably meaning to be firm; n f; {See TWOT on 167}

AV-land 1543, earth 712, country 140, ground 98, world 4, way 3, common 1, field 1, nations 1, wilderness + 04057 1; 2504

1) land, earth

1a) earth

1a1) whole earth (as opposed to a part)

1a2) earth (as opposed to heaven)

1a3) earth (inhabitants)

1b) land

1b1) country, territory

1b2) district, region

1b3) tribal territory

1b4) piece of ground

1b5) land of Canaan, Israel

1b6) inhabitants of land

1b7) Sheol, land without return, (under) world

1b8) city (- state)

1c) ground, surface of the earth

1c1) ground

1c2) soil

1d) (in phrases)

1d1) people of the land

1d2) space or distance of country (in measurements of distance)

1d3) level or plain country

1d4) land of the living

1d5) end( s) of the earth

1e) (almost wholly late in usage)

1e1) lands, countries

1e1a) often in contrast to Canaan

03205 dly yalad yaw-lad’ a primitive root; v; {See TWOT on 867}

AV-beget 201, bare 110, born 79, bring forth 25, bear 23, travail 16, midwife 10, child 8, delivered 5, borne 3, birth 2, labour 2, brought up 2, misc 12; 498

1) to bear, bring forth, beget, gender, travail

1a) (Qal)

1a1) to bear, bring forth

1a1a) of child birth

1a1b) of distress (simile)

1a1c) of wicked (behaviour)

1a2) to beget

1b) (Niphal) to be born

1c) (Piel)

1c1) to cause or help to bring forth

1c2) to assist or tend as a midwife

1c3) midwife (participle)

1d) (Pual) to be born

1e) (Hiphil)

1e1) to beget or to father (a child)

1e2) to bear (fig. -of wicked bringing forth iniquity)

1f) (Hophal) day of birth, birthday (infinitive)

1g) (Hithpael) to declare one’s birth (pedigree)

08034 Mv shem shame a primitive word [perhaps rather from 07760 through the idea of definite and conspicuous position; n m; {See TWOT on 2405}

AV-name 832, renown 7, fame 4, famous 3, named 3, named + 07121 2, famous + 07121 1, infamous + 02931 1, report 1, misc 10; 864

1) name

1a) name

1b) reputation, fame, glory

1c) the Name (as designation of God)

1d) memorial, monument

Hebrew Word Definitions: Ancient

1037 A nf2 B-NT daughter

1037 A N BN Son: One who continues the family line.

1012 H c AL Yoke Ox Strength The pictograph is a picture of an ox head and also represents its strength. The _ is a picture of a shepherd staff and also represents the authority of the shepherd. Combined these two pictographs mean ”the strong authority” and can be anyone or thing of strong authority. The yoke is understood as a “staff on the shoulders” (see Isaiah 9:4) in order to harness their power for pulling loads such as a wagon or plow. Hence, the two pictographs can also represent “the ox in the yoke”. Often two oxen were yoked together. An older, more experienced ox would be teamed up (yoked) with a younger, less experienced ox. The older ox in the yoke is the “strong authority” who, through the yoke, teaches the younger ox.

H ALH Swear Yoke The yoking together of two parties. A treaty or covenant binds two parties together (yoke). The oath included blessings for abiding by the covenant and curses fore breaking the covenant (see Deuteronomy 28). The God of the Hebrews was seen as the older ox that is yoked to His people in a covenant relationship.

C A-L WH Power The power or might of one who rules. One who yokes with another. Often applied to rulers or a god. [freq. 2663] [kjv: God, god, heathen deity [Strong 430, 433]


1186-J (N) ThB The pictograph is the picture of a basket, used to contain or surround something. The _ is a picture of a tent or house. Combined these mean “surround the house”. The house is surrounded by grace, beauty, love, health and prosperity, something that if functional.

ThWB Good Something that functions properly. Frq: 591 Kjv: good, better, well, goodness godly, best, merry, fair, prosperity, precious, fine, wealth, beautiful, fairer, favour, glad. Strong: 2896, 2898


2319 (V) Take, tong from: gathering


V A generic verb with a wide application meaning to take. Frq: 965

Kjv: take, receive, fetch, bring, get, carry, marry, buy. Strong: 3947

2003 ANSh Sick Man (bf1) (A-NY-ShH) Woman Frq: 780 Kjv: wife, woman, one, married, female. Strong: 802


2012 (BHhR) Choose Youth An examination to determine the choicest. From: choosing a choice one. Choose Frq: 172 Kjv: choose, chosen, choice, acceptable, appoint, excellent. Strong: 977


05303 – not listed

1257-L (V) LD Bear Child Kindred The bearing of children

L YLD Bear Child Generation

V Y-LD Bear To give birth to children Frq: 498 Kjv: Beget, bare, born, bring forth, bare, travail, midwife, child, deliver, borne, birth, labour, brought up. Strong: 3205


2052 ec GBR Prevail Warrior One of great strength (warrior) or authority (master). [From – great strength]

GY-BWR Mighty [freq. 158] [kjv: mighty, strong, valiant, upright, champion, chief, excel, giant[ [Strong: 1368]

2544 (g) AhLM Hide Ancient Beyond the field of vision of time or space.

AhW-LM Ancient A distant time in the past or future, as a time hidden from the present. Frq: 439 Kjv: Ever, everlasting, old, perpetual, evermore, never, time, ancient, world, always, always, long more. Strong; 5769

2003 c ANSh Sick Man A-NWSh Man Frq: 564 Kjv: man, husband, merchantmen, person. Strong: 582

1473 – A (N) ShM Breathe Breath Desolate The wind, or breath, of someone or something is its character.

A ShM Breath Desolate Hebrew names are words given to describe character.

N ShM 1. Breath 2. There 3. Sky 4 Aroma

Clay: (Ancient Hebrew) 2186 N

Strong: 2635 chacaph (khas-af’)

Hh-SP [Chet, Samech, Pey] Pox

Chet Tent Wall: Outside, Divide, Half

Samech Thorn: Grab, Hate, Protect

Pey Mouth: Blow, Scatter, Edge

Suggested Combined Meaning: Those from the outside (extraterrestrials), divide the clay half of the kingdom; they grab (abductions and mutilations), hate and protect their interests; they ‘blow’ upon and scatter the clay (the human part) of the iron and clay kingdom, pushing them to the edge. The house wall is the only place of protection from the thorns of the mouth of the adversary.