Cattle Mutilation 14

Chapter 5, Part One


Cattle Mutilation - The Unthinkable Truth

© 1976 by Fredrick W. Smith, Freedland Publishers


Chapter 5, Part One -

"Confucius said, 'I won't teach a man who isn't anxious to learn,
or explain to one who isn't trying to make things clear to himself.
If I explain one-fourth and he doesn't go back and reflect and think
out the remaining three-fourths for himself, I won't bother
to instruct him again.'" - The Analects

T he very last thing scientists want is solid evidence that extraterrestrials are very intimately observing us - fearing, and rightly so - that this could undermine their entire world view, and even their existence. An understanding of this fact makes it easy to see why rigorous investigations aren't wanted, why publicity is avoided, why evidence is suppressed and distorted, and why so much effort goes into ridiculing what can't be entirely suppressed.

That's all right. Let the censors follow their philosophy. Every dog has his day. This is theirs and it won't last forever. We are all being forced to play our cards now as time and the press of events deal them to us. It looks from where this is being written that the citizens of heaven hold all the kings, queens and aces, while their detractors and enemies have nothing but treys, deuces and jokers.

Much of the explanation comes from the "experts" and "authorities" themselves. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, astronomer for the U. S. Air Force on Project Blue Book, is an outspoken representative of some of the most enlightened scientific thinking on these subjects. He doesn't reject the idea that this planet is under surveillance by extraterrestrials and keeps pressing for government funding and an end to public ridicule of UFOs. Still, he has his reservations. The major impediment to a real understanding of the facts, he says, has been "the adoption of the UFO phenomena by certain segments of the public for their own peculiar uses."

Extraterrestrials might have two primary purposes for visiting this small planet. They've come to examine the quality of life here, and also to help extricate any good spirits who might be caught in the toils of this ungodly mess. That's why it is very important for them, and for us, to recognize the qualities of those on the various sides of this and other questions.

Now we can begin to explore the meaning of cattle mutilations and the growing numbers of extraterrestrials in our skies. In order to get to a place where it is possible to understand these phenomena, we must begin with a recognition of our own place in the great cosmic background. What we see all around us is not the result of a mindless concurrence of random and accidental events, but the workmanship of an eternally creative wisdom that is pure spirit. (John 4:14)

Something might be said first about stable suns and habitable planets. There are believed to be two hundred or so billion stars in this particular galaxy. And there are billions of galaxies. It is also now believed that planetary systems are normal for most stars. So the number of planets in the cosmos is for all practical purposes infinite. It is the nature of all stars to fluctuate in time and most stars fluctuate over relatively short periods of time. Even our own sun has recently been found to vary far more than had formerly been supposed.

Although the violently dynamic nature of stellar processes prevents them from their own accord remaining stable for very long periods of time; still, in order for there to be habitable planets, a sun that remains relatively stable over a long period of time is needed. So it takes something special in the way of divine wisdom and creativity to stabilize suns so they can become life supporting.

An error of this age is to believe that men have accidentally struggled up from the primeval slime through natural selection, survival of the fittest, or some other evolutionary mechanism. there is much to commend an evolutionary hypothesis, but the truth of the matter is that men and other living forms have been put here by the divine wisdom acting through superior agents.

This planet has had extraterrestrial visitors ever since living forms were put here and even before that. During the last few centuries, and especially the last few decades, those visits have been multiplying. Right now, many millions are coming to make sure that when this place is terminated, as will happen when it becomes impossible for children to be born here, or for men and women to enter heaven from this place, that everything is finally accomplished here according to the divine order and purpose.

Extraterrestrials visiting this planet come as soldiers on a tour of foreign duty. (Isaiah 13:3-5) We can hope they are out brothers, but that might be somewhat presumptuous. They've identified themselves as our jailers, a nice description of their relationship to us as outlaws and rebels against the divine order of the cosmos. They've come, among other things, to see that nothing from earth leaves this solar system without permission. Some earthlings will ultimately attain a free world status and be accepted into the kingdom of heaven. Most, however, will perish here. (Matthew 7:13)

It's equally presumptuous for us to expect to communicate directly with extraterrestrials. They have not come to get involved or contaminated with the delusions that are driving us inexorably toward judgment. After all, prisoners don't bargain with their jailers, or with the soldiers guarding them, for their release or commutation of sentence. Any attempt to do that would be a punishable crime for both parties.

If we want to communicate with extraterrestrials, we'll have to do that through their Heavenly Father, who is also ours. They neither love us nor hate us, and nothing could be more obvious to them than the fact that this is a community of dangerous outlaws. Nevertheless, they have come here as soldiers, intelligent, courteous, gentle, powerful, high spirited, excellently equipped, and absolutely obedient. That's the real difference between us and them. They are obedient to their Creator and we are not. That's why they are free and immortal agents in God's infinitely delightful cosmos, while we're only prisoners waiting here on death row.

Who are they and where have they come from? They are representatives of the citizens of heaven, God's mighty ones, and they've come from many places, very far away. (Isaiah 13:2-6) Some will say that's impossible. The cosmos is too vast. Stars are too far apart for anything to travel readily among them. Objections like that are based on a common misunderstanding of the nature of time, and a similar ignorance of the relationships between time, distance, mass and energy.

The truth is that the cosmos has been perfectly designed for space travelers. Distances are immense, but that's no obstacle at all to God's children. The simple rule to remember is this: NO TIME ELAPSES AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT. As the velocity of light is approached, time slows down and finally stops. A hundred or a thousand or a million or a billion light years is traversed instantly at that velocity.

The commonplace belief that there's such a thing as simultaneous time throughout the cosmos is no more than an ignorant provincialism. Time can never be anything but a local phenomenon. Every system creates its own time that varies according to its relative velocity. time is infinitely variable, on the other hand there's no going back from one time frame to an older one. But why should the citizens of heaven ever go back? They never go back. They always go on to the better things ahead that their Creator keeps presenting to them.

The major difficulty with long distance space travel, from our worldly point of view, is that it requires TREMENDOUS energy, something we're woefully short of here. But none of our visitors are short of power. That's a commodity they have a great abundance of, all they cold ever need or want. For all practical purposes, they have infinite amounts of readily available power. That's one reason why the rewards being offered for the arrest and conviction of cattle mutilators are ridiculous, blasphemous and insane.

Cattle mutilators have not come here to get arrested. The very nature of the situation makes that impossible. If one of them ever gets caught, we can hope it's a girl, and that her captors are present in full force: the CBI, the FBI, and the CIA, plus the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. It would be a shame for the confrontation to be all one sided. That, of course, will never happen. They come here divinely protected and could shatter this place into fine fragments, if necessary. But out of their deep respect for our human form, they are careful to never let us force them to do that.