Cattle Mutilation 13

Chapter 4, Part Three


Cattle Mutilation - The Unthinkable Truth

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Chapter 4, Part Three -

The UFO Mystery

F rom the very first sightings of unidentified aerial disks in the skies, United States, Russian and other air forces have persistently tried to force or shoot down UFOs in order, among other things, to learn the secrets of their propulsion systems. Among the most determined to do this has been Soviet Russia. After the constant failure of their fighters, Soviet anti-aircraft gunners have been ordered to bring down UFOs. "On July 24, 1957, the USAF Intelligence Academy report stated, 'Russian anti-aircraft batteries on the Kouril Islands opened fire on UFOs. Although all Soviet anti-aircraft batteries on the islands were in action, no hits were made. The UFOs were luminous and moved very fast. As in the U. S. and Russia, military pilots have persistently tried to force down UFOs in England, France, Brazil, Canada, the Union of South Africa, Norway, the Netherlands and several other countries.'" (Aliens From Space © 1973 by Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC Ret.)

Major Keyhoe goes on to say that many pilots and intelligence analysts believe that UFOs are immune to gunfire and rockets. But one special evaluation of U. S. and foreign reports by a top control group found evidence that some UFOs seem to have been crippled and possibly destroyed by missile or rocket fire. (Ibid, Keyhoe.)

Ever since UFOs have made the news, a number of prominent scientists and military men have strongly warned that any communication with extraterrestrials could bring on disaster. Lt. Gen. James M. Gavin issued a public warning, "We are likely to encounter beings inimical to Earth's existence." There is also the well known and remarkable statement by General Douglas MacArthur that the world's peoples must unite, since the next great war will be an interplanetary one.

We cannot be sure what the highest levels of intelligence in various governments have managed to learn. But there are suggestions. There's a report, for example, of a South American who was taken by extraterrestrials to another planet and shown a huge fleet of UFOs being prepared for an invasion of Earth, after which he was returned home unharmed. (Ibid, Keyhoe.) There is another bit of worldwide insanity this might explain. Why do the nations with nuclear capability keep on producing nukes at top speed when there is already enough of them, many tens of thousands, to kill everyone on earth dozens of times over? The answer might be that they aren't being produced to attack humans.

During the mid-1960s, faced with the impossible task of refuting all public UFO sightings, the Air Force was looking for a graceful way to rid itself of that onerous burden. What it needed was a prestigious scientific report that would once and for all end public interest in the subject of UFOs. Finally in 1966, for a cool half million, it contracted with Dr. Edward U. Condon and the University of Colorado for what was advertised to be a scientific study of UFOs.

Dr. Condon, widely known for his liberal views had, like many prominent scientists of his generation, won his spurs by helping provide mankind with A-bombs. His credentials, except for an earlier run in with Richard Nixon, were perfect for the job. At last the truth would all be published, it was said. Dr. Condon was a complete skeptic concerning UFOs and at no time before, during, or after the so-called study did he hesitate to make his views known. During the entire two year project, he did not make a single field investigation or interview one pilot, astronomer, aerospace engineer, control tower operator or any other competent witness. (NICAP Report on the Condon Report)

From the beginning, those hoping for an objective investigation began to smell something rotten. The only thing that seemed to interest Dr. Condon were those really spaced out contactees which he condescended to interview occasionally and publicized with ribald jokes. This deeply disturbed the naive souls who actually thought the government was shelling out half a million to make the public aware of the truth about UFOs.

Some of the hired hands had come to work on the project, however, thinking it was on the level. But the continued adamant refusal of its leaders to even look at the most significant sightings deeply troubled them. A real crisis developed in the middle of the Condon project when one of the investigators found a memo written by Condon's first mate to University of Colorado officials. The memo read in part:

"In order to undertake such a project, one has to approach it objectively. That is, one has to admit the possibility that such things (UFOs) exist. It is not respectable to give serious consideration to such a possibility. Believers, in other words, remain outcasts. ...Admitting such possibilities ... puts us beyond the pale and we would lose more in prestige in the scientific community than we could possibly gain by undertaking the investigation. Our study would be conducted almost exclusively by non-believers, who, although they could not possibly prove a negative result, could and probably would add an impressive body of evidence that there is no reality to the observations.

"The trick would be, I think, to describe the project so that to the public, it would appear a totally objective study, but to the scientific community would present the image of a group of non-believers trying their best to be objective, but having almost zero expectation of finding a saucer. One way to do this would be to stress investigation, not of the physical phenomena, but rather the people who do the observing - the psychology and sociology of persons and groups who report seeing UFOs."

When those on the project who had not been told it was a half million dollar trick saw this, they were so deeply disturbed they showed it to NICAP. When Dr. Condon learned of that, he became absolutely furious. Not at the trick, but at their discovery of it.

"For an act like that, you should be professionally ruined!" he thundered at the Ph.D. who was guilty. The next day two researchers were fired and no doubt blackballed and NICAP, having a suspicion that one aim of the project was to get hold of and claim to have scientifically examined and rejected all of their excellent material, disavowed the project and stopped feeding them information. (Aliens From Space © 1973 by Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC Ret.)

Since several congressmen had become interested in UFOs, the stink aroused a congressional investigation. Actually, it only turned out to be a one day symposium where a half dozen scientists presented papers, some quite interesting. But there was to be absolutely no comment on the Air Force's handling of the UFO problem, or on the Condon CU study. Whenever a congressman ventured close to those verboten areas, he was immediately called to order and told to shush up. (Congressional Record, July 29, 1968.)

Something else interesting happened about that time. On November 11, 1966, the Soviets announced a large scale UFO investigation. It was to be headed by one of their big wig generals, eighteen scientists and a lot of Air Force officers, supported by a network of 200 observers. That was a startling bit of information that must have given some top American policy makers the queazies. Moscow had always been extremely scornful of UFO sightings. Of course, nothing came of the project. On second thought, it was killed and buried.

In the 1966 Condon Report, toward the back some interesting and unexplained sightings are described, slipped in by disgusted staff members. Some people have wondered about the remarkable opposition between the actual cases the text describes and the conclusions purportedly drawn from them. The explanation must be that Dr. Condon had no idea what the back pages of the report said. After offering up his allegedly good name and pocketing a lion's share of the loot, he probably wanted to just forget the whole thing.

There's a way to manage news so that insignificant things get headlines and significant things get lost. The report was held up until newsmen were thoroughly buried under inauguration hoopla. Then it was released one day before the news conference was to be held about the Condon Project. Since no one could be expected to dig the hidden gems out of that huge 1500-page tome overnight, the press was told the essence of it was in the first part - Dr. Condon's false snow job, that also included the really dumb recommendation from the National Academy of Sciences. Apparently people in the NAS cannot read the back pages either.

Some newsmen outside the New York-Washington circuit did not swallow Condon's line, but all the big time national media did. So that's what stands today as the all time official scientific refutation of the existence of UFOs. NOW WILL THEY PLEASE ALL GO AWAY!!