THe Chilbolton Event

T he following crop formation (circle) video is most remarkable.

On 13 August, 2000, the magnetron, an alien communication device, appeared in a field in Chilbolton, England.

One year later, on 14 August, 2001, in the very same field, an alien face formation came into view. It measured 100 feet by 120 feet.

Then, just five days later, on 19 August, 2001, again, in the very same field, a response [27 years later], to the human communication sent from Arecibo, Puerto Rico on 16 November, 1974, manifested itself. The signal of this transmission was beamed into M13, a globular cluster of some 300,000 stars, 25,000 light years distant.

This crop formation measured 75 feet by 120 feet.

What is highly significant, is the loacation of this field: it is directly across from the giant radio telescope at Chilbolton!

At the same time, at Milk Hill, the six-armed Julia formation emerged.

90% of all crop circles arrive in this area of southern England.

A further alien formation and a disc, together with three flying saucers, appeared at Crabwood and measured 232 feet by 390 feet. The diameter of the disc was 100 feet.

Perhaps you should view this video several times to digest the imperative significance of the material.

This higher quality video is used by permission from William Bombardier. His website address is: