Betty and Barney Hill Captured!

Betty and Barney Hill: Captured!
© 2007 by Linda Moulton Howe
Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience
© 2007 by Stanton T. Friedman, M.Sc., and Kathleen Marden.
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August 31, 2007 Stratham, New Hampshire – Before I knew anything about the worldwide animal mutilation mystery linked to non-humans, I remember the first time I ever thought seriously about something from outer space coming to Earth and actually interacting with people.
It was 1975, and I watched a TV program called “The UFO Incident.” It was a docudrama re-enactment of the alleged UFO and non-human encounter that Betty and Barney Hill described occurring in the White Mountains of New Hampshire on September 19th to 20th, 1961 – 46 years ago.
[ Editor’s Note: The couple was portrayed by James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons in the 1975 television movie The UFO Incident, and by Basil Wallace and Lee Garlington in the 1996 television series Dark Skies.]
The UFO Incident so provoked my interest that I got the book the broadcast was based on. That book is, An Interrupted Journey written by John Fuller and first published in 1966 in cooperation with Betty and Barney Hill and the psychiatrist who did their hypnosis, Benjamin Simon, M. D., in Boston.
Dr. Simon did eleven hypnosis sessions with Betty and Barney Hill, beginning on February 22, 1964, and ending four months later on June 27, 1964.
The reason the Hills asked Dr. Simon for help was Barney’s physical and mental deterioration and suffering after the September 1961 encounter. So, Dr. Simon began the first two hypnosis sessions with Barney, who was very soft-spoken and repressed. As a reality check on Barney’s fear and panic about cat-eyed, grey-skinned beings literally capturing Barney and Betty from Route 3 where they were driving in the New Hampshire mountains, Dr. Simon also hypnotized Betty.
Those hypnosis tapes recorded by Dr. Simon were the heart of a research project by Betty’s niece, Kathleen Marden. Kathy wanted to compare what Barney and Betty had said in their separate hypnosis sessions with Dr. Simon – and to travel the route herself from Franconia Ridge and Indian Head in the White Mountains to the Hill’s home in Portsmouth.
Kathleen amassed reams of meticulous notes, family photographs and had her own memories of being with her aunt and uncle, Betty and Barney, many times after the 1961 encounter – until Barney’s unfortunate and early death in 1969 and Betty’s in 2004. Kathy asked long-time UFO investigator and nuclear scientist, Stanton Friedman, to help her create a book. Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience: The true story of the world’s first documented alien abduction, co-authored by Kathleen Marden and Stanton Friedman, was published in August 2007.
The title is what Barney said to Betty that fall 1961 night in great fear. He had stopped the car and got out with his binoculars. He was looking at a disk-shaped craft about 80 feet above him. There in a window back lighted by blue-white light, he could see a grey-skinned humanoid wearing a hat who had eyes like a cat’s with vertical pupils. Barney felt the cat-eyed being’s eyes were taking hold of Barney’s mind and mentally warning him not to reach for the gun he carried in his pocket. Then Barney had the distinct feeling he and Betty were going to literally be “captured” by the cat-eyed entity.
Historically, Betty and Barney Hill were the first documented case in what has come to be known as the “human abduction syndrome” in which non-human entities take humans from bedrooms, cars, yards, parks and other human environments into round rooms aboard what the human abductees assume are craft from outer space controlled by the non-human entities. During these events, human subjects often describe medical examinations, extractions of sperm or ova, mind downloads to and from the aliens, and sometimes learning sessions in front of 3-dimensional screens, holographic spaces or wall maps.
Betty and Barney Hill (Barney died in 1969; Betty died in 2004) with their dachshund, Delsey,
who was with them on their trip through the White Mountains of New Hampshire en route
to Portsmouth when Something stopped their car. Image from Kathleen Marden.
Professional Backgrounds of Betty and Barney Hill
Kathleen Marden told me that her aunt Betty Hill was a social worker for the State of New Hampshire. Barney was employed by the Boston, Massachusetts, post office making long commutes, and was also very involved in the civil rights movement. He was a civil rights leader and there is an archival collection about his political leadership at the University of New Hampshire in the Milnes Special Collections Library. Betty and Barney Hill were invited guests at Lyndon B. Johnson’s Presidential Inauguration.
Betty and Barney were also involved with the Office of Economic Opportunity in founding the Rockingham County Community Action Program in New Hampshire and Barney was the first executive director of that program.
Kathleen told me, “I think it’s important that people know what highly credible individuals they were and how they never wanted this story to be made public. When newspaper writer, John Lutrelle, first approached them in August 1965 and wanted to interview them, they refused. When they realized he might go ahead anyway and do a newspaper article on them and their experience, they contacted two separate lawyers to attempt to prevent him from writing the article and publishing it. They were afraid that it would have a negative impact on not only their reputations, but on their work in the community. They might even lose their jobs as a result of this sort of thing. Betty and Barney did not want public attention.”
So, I asked Kathleen how the John Fuller book emerged?
Kathy explained, “John Lutrelle published his articles starting October 25, 1965, in the Boston Herald Traveler.They ran for a series of five nights. This brought worldwide unwanted publicity to Betty and Barney and they decided for the first time to speak publicly. They spoke in a church in Dover, New Hampshire. There was an Air Force information officer there from Pease AFB who introduced them.
[ Editor’s Note: On September 21, 1961, Betty telephoned Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth and Newington, New Hampshire, to report their UFO encounter. But fearing ridicule, Betty she withheld some details. On September 22, 1961, Major Paul W. Henderson telephoned the Hills for a more detailed interview, lasting about 30 minutes. Henderson’s report, dated September 26, 1961, determined that the Hills had probably misidentified the planet Jupiter. His report was forwarded to Project Blue Book, the U.S. Air Force’s UFO research project.]
John Fuller was at that lecture. He talked with Betty and Barney that evening and proposed that he be permitted to tell their story in a book in order to set their story straight. Much of what had been published in the newspaper was incorrect. So, Betty and Barney decided that since the story had already gone public against their wishes, and it was not having the negative impact they thought it would have, they would cooperate with John Fuller and permit a book to be written (The Interrupted Journey © 1966 by John G. Fuller with Introduction by Benjamin Simon, M. D.)
Recently I asked Kathleen what her aunt and uncle consciously remembered in the mountains and told the family back in 1961. I also asked her if I could share with the Earthfiles and Coast radio audiences some excerpts from the original 1964 hypnosis sessions by Dr. Benjamin Simon. She agreed.
Betty and Barney Hill were returning from a brief vacation to their Portsmouth,
New Hampshire, home on the evening of September 19, 1961. At Franconia Notch
(green circle on map), a light that had been moving oddly in the sky came within 1,000 feet
of their car and was a “spinning, lighted craft.” By Indian Head, the spinning craft pulled in
front of their car about 80 to 100 feet high and Barney stopped the car in the middle of the road.
Then the craft “arced” to a field away from the road only about 50 feet above the Hills.
Through his binoculars, Barney could then see a humanoid at a disc window back lighted
by blue-white light; the being’s eyes had vertical pupils like a cat.
Blue square is where Barney stopped car in middle of road after spinning disc craft
came down near front of their car. That’s where he and Betty saw the humanoids coming
toward them. For the walk to the craft in upper left, Barney was “supported” by two beings
who dragged him so that the tops of his shoes were scratched. At the clearing marked “craft,”
was a large disc which Betty was afraid to enter, but the humanoids made them enter
for physical examinations. Aerial and graphic overlays by Kathleen Marden.
Kathleen F. Marden, retired public and private school teacher, education services coordinator and co-author with Stanton Friedman of the August 2007 book, Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience – The true story of the world’s first documented alien abduction: “All she told the family about was having a close encounter with a UFO in the White Mountains, New Hampshire. Consciously, only Barney had viewed the beings onboard the craft (through binoculars) and that is when he went to the field adjacent to the car with binoculars when the UFO shifted from hovering above the car to the adjacent field. Betty remained in the car and from what I can figure out, the interior light was on because the driver side’s door was open (Barney had gotten out with his binoculars). So, Betty didn’t observe the craft in the field and did not observe the beings on board. That was Barney.
They had a conscious memory of having this spinning, lighted craft come within 1000 feet of them in Franconia Notch. It was ravelling in a stair step pattern. It was bouncing forward and then receding and obviously spinning the entire time.
\When they were south of Franconia Notch in the area of Indian Head, Barney decided that he wanted to pull over to the side of the road to get a better look at this craft. Now, as he was looking for a place to pull over, the craft suddenly shifted ahead of them and hovered only 80 to 100 feet above their vehicle and just to the right of it.
Illustration of aerial craft suddenly swooping in front of Betty and
Barney Hill driving near Franconia Notch, New Hampshire.
Car model should have been a brown 1957 Chevy Bel Air,
instead of the 1964 in this illustration at UFOCasebook.
Barney at that point was forced to stop the car and he stopped it directly in the center of the road. An oncoming vehicle, if there had been one, wouldn’t have been able to pass by him.
At that point, he took his binoculars, exited the car, looked at the UFO through the binoculars as it hovered above the car and it was only 80 to 100 feet above, as I said before, and Barney’s arms were jiggling. So, he stepped away from the car.
Betty at that time was observing the craft through the car window. At that time, it had stopped spinning. It was a saucer-shaped craft. It had a double row of windows and there was a bright blue-white light coming from behind those windows.
The craft then, in an arc-like fashion, glided to the adjacent field, which was to Barney’s left. And he walked into that field to observe the craft through binoculars, while Betty remained in the car watching for oncoming traffic. When he was in the field, the craft then descended lower to within what Barney estimated was about 50 feet from him. He looked up at it through binoculars and observed beings standing in the window.
Illustration after Barney walked to field to get closer look at aerial craft through
his binoculars and he could see humanoids at windows back lighted by blue-white light.
One of the humanoids was wearing a hat and had cat eyes with vertical pupils.
Oil painting © 2007 by Patrick Richard.
Very rapidly, all of them at once, except for one who remained in the window, turned and moved toward what appeared to be some type of panel on the other side of this hallway. As they moved to that panel, they started to do something with their arms. At that point, red lights started to telescope out of the sides, out of each side of the craft, on what appeared to be very short bat-like, fin-type wings (or struts). And something started to drop down from the bottom of the craft.
Betty and Barney Hill later showed investigator Walter Webb and others Barney ’s
drawing of the craft and humanoids at the back lighted windows as he saw the aerial
object only about 50 feet above him through binoculars at Indian Head,
New Hampshire, the night of September 19, 1961.
The being in the window continued to look at Barney and was terribly frightening. Barney felt they were about to carry out some type of plan and he said it was the precision of their movements that frightened him so badly. He attempted to pull the binoculars from his eyes, but he could not do so. Barney attempted to reach for his gun, but his arms would not move to his coat pocket. His arms kept going upward. Barney felt that he was being – or was in the process of losing his ability to take self-initiated action – that he was coming under the control of this (leader) being who was somehow communicating to Barney to stay where he was and keep looking (at the leader) – that no harm would come to him.
Under hypnosis, Barney Hill sketched humanoid he saw through his binoculars
wearing a hat and scarf with cat eyes standing at one of the back lighted windows in the
aerial craft the night of September 19, 1961, near Indian Head, New Hampshire.
Illustration made at time of 1964 hypnosis sessions with Benjamin
Simon, M. D., of the “Leader” Barney stared at through binoculars and who seemed
to take control of Barney’s mind. Illustration © 1964 by David Baker.
At that point, Barney was terrified and felt that he was about to be captured. But Barney said on the (hypnosis) tapes, he didn’t know what they were going to capture him for. Then he managed to pull the binoculars down away from his face and to run, either laughing or crying hysterically – Betty was not sure which – back to the car and informed Betty that he thought they were about to be captured.
Barney put the car into first gear and swiftly took off down U. S. Highway Route 3 – that’s the route they were ravelling on, the major north/south route through northern New Hampshire at that time.
Then, when they were within just a few blocks away from where they had stopped, the couple heard a series of what Barney referred to as ‘electronic buzzing’ sounds. Betty referred to them as ‘electronic beeping’ sounds that seemed to be bouncing off the trunk of the car. It caused their car to vibrate and this tingling, vibrating kind of feeling seemed to pass through their bodies as well.”
Hypnosis Excerpts
February 22, 1964 to June 27, 1964
Barney Hill in hypnosis session at the Boston office of Benjamin Simon, M. D.: “And I was being ravellin to stop. I thought, ‘I wonder if there is an accident?’ I do have my gun and I’ll put my hand on it. And I became afraid that if I did think of my gun, I would be harmed. I saw a group of men and they were standing in the highway and it was brightly lit up as if it was almost daylight, but not day. It was not the kind of light of day, but it was brightly lighted and they were coming toward me.”
Betty Hill in hypnosis session at the Boston of Benjamin Simon, M. D.: “And these men started to come up to the car. They separated. They came up in two groups. When they started to do that, I got real scared. And the car motor died, the car stalled. And when the groups started coming up, Barney tried to start the car.”
Barney Hill: “I thought I saw a cluster of 6 men because they came to me and 3 did not. I didn’t think of the man in the sky in the machine that I saw. I just saw these eyes and closed mine and I got out of the car and I put my left leg on the ground and two men helped me out and I did not walk. I felt like I was being supported.”
Illustration of Betty Hill being guided by non-humans through field near Indian Head,
New Hampshire, on September 19, 1961, to landed craft © 2007 by Patrick Richard.
Betty Hill: “And I turn around and think, ‘Barney, wake up! Barney, why don’t you wake up?’ And he doesn’t pay any attention. The object was on the ground.”
Benjamin Simon, M. D.: “THE OBJECT WAS ON THE GROUND?”
Betty Hill: “I think it was the same one I was watching in the sky. There were trees, a path and this clearing. The object I could see just about filled up the clearing. And they are taking me up into the object. I don’t want to go on it! I don’t know what’s going to happen if I go on it. I don’t want to go on it!”
Barney Hill: “That’s funny – I thought of my feet thumping on the ground and they are going up smoothly. But I’m afraid to open my eyes because I am being told strongly to keep my eyes closed and don’t open them. (Pause) I don’t want to be operated on.”
Betty Hill: “The man beside me says to go on. He’s a little angry with me. He said, ‘Oh, go on! The longer you stay out here, the longer it’s going to take. You might as well go on and get it over with and get back to your car. We haven’t got much time either.’
So, I still don’t want to go. But each one takes an arm and I get sort of a helpless feeling. There wasn’t much I could do at this point except go along with them. And I go up the ramp. We go inside and there is a corridor to the left. We go up the corridor. There’s a room and they took me in the room. I’m standing in the doorway and turn around, waiting for the others to bring Barney in. But they don’t do this. They lead Barney past the door where I’m standing.
So, I said, ‘What are you doing with Barney? Bring him in here where I am.’ The man says, ‘No. We only have equipment enough in one room to do one person at a time. If we took you both in the same room, it would take too long.’
Non-Human Medical Examiner
Illustration of the “medical examiner” © 2007 by Patrick Richard.
Then, the doctor, the examiner, says he wants to do some tests. He wants to check my nervous system. He wants to find out how my nerves and his nerves are different. I think I hope I would never have the nerve to go around kidnapping people right off the highways like he’s done!
He tells me to take off my dress and then before I hardly have a chance to stand up to do it, the examiner – my dress has a zipper down the back. And the examiner – the zipper goes down to my waist – and so I slip my dress off.
I don’t have my dress or my shoes on. The next over from me is a stool and then sort of in the middle of the room is a table. It’s not up very high, about the height of a desk. I lie down on the table on my back and he brings over this - oh, how can I describe that? They are like needles. There is a whole cluster of needles and each needle has a wire running from it. I don’t know, they are coming out of a gadget on the end of these needles. I think it’s something like a TV picture screen. You know how a TV, when the picture’s not on, you get all these kinds of lines? Something like that. So, he puts me down on the table and they bring the needles over. They don’t stick the needles into me, but they touch me with the needles. I feel a needle touching and it does not hurt at all.
It’s some kind of record they are making. I don’t know just what it is. Then they roll me over on my back and then the examiner has a long needle in his hand. And I see the needle and it’s bigger than any needle I’ve ever seen (very upset, crying).
I ask him what he’s going to do with it? And he says he just wants to put it in my navel. (crying and gasping for air)
Don’t do it! Don’t do it! But he sticks the needle into my navel. (cries) It’s hurting – take it out! Take it out!
And then the leader goes over and he puts his hands in front of my eyes and he says I’ll be all right. I won’t feel it. And all the pain goes away.
Illustration of “Leader” based on hypnosis description by
Barney Hill © 1964 by David Baker.
I asked the leader, ‘Why did they stick the needle in my navel?’ And he said it was a pregnancy test! And I said, ‘I don’t know what you expected, but that was no pregnancy test here (on Earth).’ And he did not say anymore.”
[ Editor’s Note: Amniocentesis is a diagnostic procedure performed by inserting a hollow needle through the abdominal wall into the uterus and withdrawing a small amount of fluid from the sac surrounding the fetus.
The first Down’s Syndrome amniocentesis diagnosis was made in 1968 in New York. By the 1980s, ultrasound devices were routinely used to guide the needle visually within the womb. Source: Univ. of Pennsylvania Health System. ]
Barney’s False Teeth
Betty: “Then all of a sudden, there’s this noise out in the hall. And some of the other men come in and with them is the examiner. And they are quite excited. I asked the leader, ‘What’s the matter? Did something happen to Barney?’
And the examiner has me open my mouth and he’s checking my teeth and they (aliens) are tugging at them (Betty Hill’s teeth). And I asked him, ‘What are they trying to do?’
They were pulling, tugging at my teeth. And the examiner said he was very excited and he said that (Betty laughs) … and he said they couldn’t take it (my teeth) out. Barney’s teeth came out and mine didn’t! (laughs )
And I was really laughing! (more laughing) I said that Barney had dentures and I didn’t and that’s why his teeth would come out. (laughs)
Then they (aliens) asked me what were dentures? And I said that people, as they got older, lost their teeth. They had to go to the dentist and have their teeth extracted and they (dentist) puts in dentures.
Betty Asks for Non-Human Book As Proof of The Hill’s Experience
Isaid to him that this had been quite an experience. It was unbelievable! No one would ever believe me and that most people didn’t even know he (alien) was alive (that there was other living intelligence in the universe). What I needed was some proof that this really happened. He laughed and asked what kind of proof did I want, what would I like?
And I said if he could give me something to bring back with me, then people would believe it. And so he told me to look around and maybe I could find something I would like to take. And I did. It wasn’t much around, but on the cabinet there was a book – a fairly big book. So, I put my hand on the book and said, ‘Could I have this?’
He told me to look in the book and I did. They have pages with writing, but not like anything I’d ever seen before. It looked almost like - I don’t know – it wasn’t a dictionary. Maybe – I don’t know – the writing did not go across. It went up and down. It had sharp lines and they were, some were very thin and some were medium and some were very heavy. It had some dots. It had some straight lines and curved lines. And I was taking it to read. This was going to be my proof that this happened. This was my proof!
The leader said I could have the book if I wanted it. I picked it up and I was delighted. This was more than I had ever hoped for! And I’m standing there and I’m saying I’ve never seen anything like the book and I was very pleased he had given it to me and that maybe some way in time I could figure out how to read it.
So then I asked him where he was from. I said that I knew he was not from the Earth and I wanted to know where did he come from? And he asked me if I knew anything about the universe? And I told him, ‘No.’ I knew practically nothing.
“Leader” Opens Star Map for Betty Hill
So, the Leader said that he wished I knew more about this and I said I wished I did, too. He leaned over across the room to the head of the table and he did something. He opened up – it wasn’t like a drawer – he did something and the metal of the wall – there was an opening. And he pulled down a map.
Betty Hill drew this star map under hypnosis with Benjamin Simon, M. D., in 1964,
as the one she remembered the “Leader” showed her. The large circles with several lines later
matched research by amateur astronomer, Marjorie Fish, as being Zeta Reticuli I and II, a binary
star system 37.5 light-years from Earth. Our own sun is the upper right black dot at the end
of double lines. The “Leader” told Betty Hill the lines were trade routes and the further
single, dotted lines to the left were expeditions. Map drawn in 1964 by by Betty Hill.
He asked me if I had ever seen a map like this before. I walked across the room and leaned against the table and looked at it and it was a map – an oblong map. It was not square. It was a lot wider than it was long. There were all these dots on it. And they were scattered all over it. Some were little, just pinpoints. Others were as big as a nickel. And there were lines. On some of the dots, there were curved lines going from one dot to another. There was one big circle and it had a lot of lines coming out from it, a lot of lines going to another circle quite close, but not as big. These were heavy lines. And I asked him what they meant.
He said the broken lines were expeditions.
So, I asked him where was his home port?
And he said, ‘Where are you on this map?’
And I looked and laughed, ‘I don’t know.’
So, he said, ‘Well then, if you don’t know where you are, there would not be any point in my telling you where I am.’
“Supervisor” Orders Book Be Taken from Betty
Shorter humanoid who seemed to be the “Supervisor” over the “Leader”
and the “Medical Examiner, who ordered the alien book to be taken back
from Betty Hill. Oil painting © 2007 by Patrick Richard.
I’m all ready to go down the ramp when some of the other men (aliens) – not the leader – but some of the other men are talking. I don’t know what they are saying. They are very excited. And the leader is saying something. And they are quite – they are undecided about something.
And then – oh! The leader comes over and takes my book! And I said, - now I’m furious. I said, ‘You promised me I could have the book! You gave me your word that I could have it!’
And he said, ‘I know it, but the others object. They don’t want you to have it.’
And I said, ‘But this is my proof! If you take the book away from me, I’ll have no proof that this has happened.’
And he said, ‘That’s the whole point. They don’t want you to know it’s happened. They want you to forget all about it. And that’s why I’m taking the book.’
‘But I won’t forget about it! You can take the book, but you can never, never, never make me forget about it because I’ll remember it if it’s the last thing I ever do!”
August 31, 2007 - Strathum, Massachusetts interview with Kathleen Marden
Comparisons of Betty Hill’s Star Map to Actual Suns in Earth’s Neighborhood
Portion of modern star map of our local Milky Way galaxy ravellingod.
The binary star system of Zeta Reticuli is in lower right corner. Our own sun is ravelli “Sol”
in top right. The red lines show how close Betty Hill’s 1964 drawing under hypnosis was to real
sun locations in Earth’s vicinity. Reproduction from scanned image by Jeffrey Pratt.
Astronomy, December 1974: “Top diagram is a copy of the map
Betty Hill drew under hypnosis, allegedly a duplicate of one she saw inside
an extraterrestrial vehicle. (Yellow arrow denotes our Sun.) Center map is derived from a model
of our stellar ravellingod by Marjorie Fish. It shows the stars that coincide with those on
the Hill map. The only area of significant incongruity is the wide separation of Zeta Reticuli
in the Hill version (with multiple lines between binary stars). Lower computer-generated
map shows a cathode ray tube computer readout that was run at Ohio State University
as a check on the Fish model. Data used to derive the Fish model and the computer
readout were taken from the Gliese catalog.” Graphic © 1974 by Astronomy.
Eyes Like “Wall Geckos”
Yes, she did. Actually, it was eyes that reminded her of a wall gecko. Betty said their eyes had a cat-like appearance, but she was talking about the vertical pupil and the positioning on the face.”
Hemitheconyx taylori wall gecko photograph by Jon Boone.
[ Editor’s Note: Geckos are small reptiles with stout bodies, fairly large heads, short legs and long tails. Most species are between 5-15cm from head to tail. There are over 800 species worldwide, living in a variety of habitats from deserts to swamps. The gecko is an excellent climber, and can even scamper across ceilings. The secret is in its toes. Most geckos have special pads on their feet to help them climb. These pads have thousands of tiny forked hairs – a bit like ravel – which produce an electrical charge that helps them cling to vertical surfaces. A gecko walks by rolling these hairs onto the surface, then curling up its toes to peel them off again. Geckos are experts at ravelling on walls, ceilings and even the smooth surface of a window-pane.]
Missing Time
Kathleen Marden: “Several miles down the road – probably 20 to 30 miles from the field where Barney observed the UFO – again they saw what appeared to be a flaming red-orange orb in the road, silhouetted against trees. Betty said to Barney, something to the effect, ‘Do you believe in UFOs?’
And he said, ‘Don’t be ridiculous! That was not a UFO.’
They next heard another series of beeping or buzzing sounds and at that point, they regained full consciousness and started to carry on a conversation.
When they arrived home, they realized they had arrived later than they had anticipated, even allowing for the observational stops that they made and a period of slow driving. And certain things were not right when they arrived home. The tops of Barney’s shoes were scraped and he could not explain how that happened. Barney’s binocular strap was broken and Betty’s dress was torn. There was a 2-inch tear in the top right of her zipper and there was a 1-inch tear in the top left side of her zipper fabric. Also, her hem was torn down and the lining of her new dress was torn from hemline to waist. She could not explain that. She folded it, put it in her closet and did not remove it until probably some time in 1964 (3 years later).
The watches they were wearing that night had stopped working and were permanently destroyed. There were 12 to 18 circular spots on the trunk of their car the size of silver dollars. They were all exactly the same size and when Betty and Barney observed a compass placed above those spots, it would spin and spin, whereas anywhere else on the car would drop down (no spinning). So there were these very perplexing pieces of evidence they had when they arrived home that they could not explain.
Shiny, Silver-Dollar-Sized Circles On Hills’ Car
No, there was not, unfortunately. At the time in 1961, Walter Webb visited them a little over a month from the time they returned – I believe it was October 21. At that time, Webb interviewed them for 6 hours. He did not have a tape recorder. He vaguely remembered glancing at the spots on the trunk of the car as he passed by, but he did not notice there was anything that was particularly unusual. [ Editor’s Note: No photographs were taken of the shiny circles either.]
It would have been, it certainly would have been. I just wish some type of forensic analysis had been done of those so there would be some scientific evidence there and not just reports from Betty and Barney and other family members who observed this. However, that did not take place and the spots faded away by winter.
(Abduction was Sept. 19-20, 1961) Betty and Barney arrived home around 5 AM on the morning of September 20, 1961. It was not until October 21, 1961, that Walter Webb remembered glancing at the spots on the trunk, but they were not in his original report.
[ Editor’s Note: Walter Webb, an astronomer at Charles Hayden Planetarium, Boston. Webb had worked for astronomer J. Allen Hynek beginning in February 1957 when Dr. Hynek was setting up tracking stations for the Smithsonian Astronomical Observatory. Hynek had hired Webb as a kid out of college sometime that February. Later, J. Allen Hynek would investigate UFO phenomena for the U. S. Air Force and found the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS).]
Betty said she washed and simonized her car every fall and that although she had simonized it, the very shiny spots were brighter than the wax on her car. But the spots gradually faded away and were gone by winter, which I would say was probably December 1961 or January, 1962.
It’s difficult for me to remember. I know my mother was there and Betty was demonstrating this to my mother. I was standing there and I might have. I definitely did see the spots. I remember looking at the spots and my two younger brothers were there with me and Betty had the compass in her hand and was showing this to my mother.
Yes, my mother and Betty talked about it. And Betty and Barney both testified under hypnosis about those spots, too.
The U.S. Air Force seemed to have little interest in the case after their initial report. Officially, there was a meeting at the home of Betty and Barney after – I believe it was 1962 – where a friend of theirs, who was a USAF officer was reading some poetry. Their pastor invited Betty and Barney to that meeting and everyone left who was interested in the poetry. A conversation took place thereafter between the Air Force officers. I believe there was an engineer there and the Hills and the conversation was specifically about the spots on the trunk of the car. They thought it might have been some type of sonar device.
No, in fact, it seems to me that the U. S. Air Force had already launched a cover-up because Betty and Barney were readily available for further interviews, yet the official USAF report said they were not available for further interviews.
Unfortunately, no, so it will always have to remain a mystery.
Anomalous Physical Evidence
1) Barney’s shoes were scratched on top and under hypnosis he described feeling his feet bumping along the ground as he was supported by the beings.
2) Barney’s binocular strap was broken when they got back to their Portsmouth home.
3) Betty’s dress zipper was torn in two places and there were pink stains on it.
4) “Shiny circles” the size of silver dollars were on the trunk of their car where each had heard the electronic “beeping” or “buzzing” sounds.
I think it was the hypnosis tapes themselves. I did a comparison analysis of Betty and Barney testimonies to Dr. Simon under hypnosis. They were hypnotized separately and given post-hypnotic suggestion for amnesia so they could not discuss information with each other.
I compared what each of them said to Betty’s dreams or recall, which was written in November 1961 by Betty about a series of dreams that she had 10 to 14 days after she arrived home after having a close encounter with a UFO. She had these dreams early in the morning just before she woke up. Barney was not in bed with her at the time because he was working nights. The dreams were disturbing. She wrote, jotted them down on notepaper. Then a couple of months later, Betty wrote them into a report of her dreams. What I found was that Betty and Barney were giving information regarding various descriptive details and also positional information: where each was at a particular time. When I compared the information to Betty’s dreams, it was entirely different from information in Betty’s dreams – yet, without being able to communicate that information one to the other (post hypnotic amnesia), Betty and Barney were saying the same thing. So, I thought that was very important.
Additionally, there was Betty’s dress. The forensic and chemical analysis that was done on Betty’s dress most recently by Phyllis Budinger, an analytical chemist from Ohio. There was a pink powdery substance that Betty found on her dress. Phyllis noticed that those are the areas where the aliens would have grasped Betty and the areas where they would have touched the fabric of the dress. There was a very high level of bacteria on the pink powdery substance areas, while the bacteria was low in other areas of the dress. It’s odd that the bacteria would be only in the pink powder areas of the dress.”