UPDATE: Part 2: Updates On RAF Bentwaters Mystery - IR Anomalies and Telepathic Download of Binary Code

UPDATE: Part 2: Updates On RAF Bentwaters Mystery - IR Anomalies and Telepathic Download of Binary Code

© 2011 by Linda Moulton Howe

Reprinted May 30, 2016

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“Both John Burroughs and I independently witnessed ping pong-sized balls

of blue/blue-white light appear amongst the trees in front of us and

move briskly through the tree ‘finger’.”

- Winston Keech, Engineer and Owner, The Power Collective, U. K.

L-R: Light orange straight path from left turn off logging road going east toward

Capel Green, the small, more darkly shaded field section between the pale orange circle

(John Burroughs and Jim Penniston phenomenon site) and the red circle. Red circle

is where John Burroughs reported the TriField meter pegged at highest level

after midnight during our TV production research on December 26 and 27, 2010,

in the small southern field known as Capel Green. Blue circle marks the watery marsh

in the finger of trees that would explain why both John Burroughs and Jim Penniston

reported getting wet during their December 26, 1980, 3 AM, encounter with the lights

and craft. White circle marks the third house that has animals. Orange circle marks

the second house directly across the field from the modern day picnic table and

UFO signs (pink circle). But John and Jim say that pink circle is not the correct

location of their encounter; the pale orange circle is the phenomenon site.

Yellow circle marks the first house. Graphic overlay of Google map by Earthfiles.

UPDATE May 30, 2016 Reprint in collaboration with PHENOMENON Radiointerview by John Burroughs and Linda Moulton Howe with retired British Transport Police officer and founder of Police Reporting UFO Sightings (PRUFOS), Gary Heseltine. These original Earthfiles 4-part reports were first published beginning January 1, 2011, after return to United States from Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, TV production by Ancient Aliens for The History Channel.

I have learned that human eyes and visible light sensitive cameras are not adequate for monitoring the environment where highly strange phenomena have been reported. Near and Far Infrared and the mid-range in between are the frequencies where many phenomena “hide” from human retinas.

A crop circle research colleague in England understands this challenge and has assembled over the past couple of decades several infrared and night vision video and still cameras to try capturing unseen energies that have been putting down cereal crops in geometries and complex patterns. He is Winston Keech, an engineer who has worked for IBM and Rolls-Royce in England,who had pilot training in the RAF, and has a degree in microelectronics. He is now the owner of The Power Collective in Whitby, Yorkshire and invented the Ridgeblade micro windmill. See website below.

Winston has done many night watches in Wiltshire County, England, during the crop formation season with his infrared and night vision cameras and has captured some unusual phenomena. See: Archived 071907Earthfiles.

So I asked Winston if he could join me in Woodbridge for Rendlesham Forest and farm field night watches on December 26 - 28, 2010, on the 30th anniversary of the original phenomena as part of my current research into the December 1980 RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge investigations with John Burroughs and Jim Penniston. Our IR camera work included my videotaping Winston and John Burroughs after midnight on December 27, 2010, as the two approached the finger of trees in the Capel Green farm field carrying Winston's TriField meter to the same approximate location that John and Jim Penniston saw and heard the TriField meter pegging as high as it could go on December 26, 2010.

After midnight on December 27, 2010, Winston Keech and John Burroughs (white center frame)

approached the finger of trees extending westerly into the farm field. In the above image,

they are holding Winston's TriField meter which suddenly pegged at its highest position with loud

noise near the end of the trees, as it had also pegged the night before when John was

with Jim Penniston in about the same place near the same trees.

IR videotape by Linda Moulton Howe for Winston Keech


Over those three nights as I helped videotape with one of the IR cameras while Winston worked time lapse and other cameras and the TriField meter, we never saw any anomaly on site. But later back in his Whitby home office, Winston discovered unexplained red glows in one of his Nikon time lapse images and emailed on December 29, 2010:

“I have started reviewing all the footage I recorded over the three days - and thought you might find this colour snap from one of the time lapse cameras I had running on December 27 past midnight into December 28th. This was looking at the finger of trees that extend into the farm field and caught these anomalous light sources at 2:55 a.m. (Dec. 28, 2010). I have yet to fully analyze it and correlate it with the IR cams, but it looks interesting.

This is a 3x zoom with the gamma raised for clearer viewing and a gamma raised copy of the full pic. I will be a few days reviewing it all, so who knows what else I may find.”

December 28, 2010, 2:55 AM

Full frame Nikon Time Lapse with Gamma Raised

Full frame Nikon time lapse image with gamma raised. Red glows are anomalous in December 28,

2010, 2:55 AM image © 2010 by Winston Keech.

December 28, 2010, 2:55 AM Nikon Time Lapse at 3x Zoom with Gamma Raised

Time lapse Nikon image at 3x Zoom with gamma raised at 2:55 AM on December 28, 2010,

looking north at the finger of trees extending westerly into the farm field. Red glows in

foreground are anomalous. Time lapse image © 2010 by Winston Keech.

December 28, 2010, 2:55 AM

Nikon Time Lapse at 9x Zoom for Close-up

9x zoom of the original Nikon time lapse color image taken

at 2:55 AM, December 28, 2010, by Winston Keech.

Winston Keech with Earthfiles Reporter and Editor

Linda Moulton Howe in Woodbridge, England, on December 28, 2010. 


Report on anomalous activity – Rendlesham Forest 30th Anniversary

by Winston Keech, January 1, 2011

Due to my experience in night time photo and infra red surveillances of the crop circle fields of Wiltshire over many years – Linda Moulton Howe, Reporter and Editor of Earthfiles, asked for my assistance in observing and understanding the situation in the landing site areas of the Rendlesham Forest Incident, on its thirtieth anniversary.

Consequently, I was present at Capel Green (smaller field on southern side of the finger of trees that extends westerly into the large farm field from the third house) at night over the three nights of the anniversary … after midnight on December 26, 27 and 28, 2010.

Night One started sedately whilst myself, Linda of Earthfiles and an American camera crew re-visited the famous ‘East Gate’ as named in the book ‘Left at East Gate’ by Larry Warren and Peter Robbins. From the East Gate we went onward to the ‘Col. Halt’ site marked by a picnic bench. It was plain that the Orford Ness lighthouse is not visible, even via super sensitive night vision equipment as we traveled through the forest. Due to the flat nature of the landscape, you are looking literally through nearly a mile of closely packed forest eastward in the direction of the lighthouse. We could see the lighthouse from the picnic bench, but it is completely obscured from the further south Capel Green location – quite obviously so - that we later investigated.

From the picnic bench, we moved through the forest to attempt to locate the landing site of the craft on Night One. Having found a particular area that John Burroughs and Jim Penniston recollected as being most familiar - it was so familiar in fact that Jim Penniston was hesitant when asked to stand on the spot … and had to refuse to do so, such was his anxiety. I was asked to survey that spot – and found no environmental anomalies - background alpha, beta and gamma counts were entirely normal; there were no IR anomalies nor Earth field electrostatic or magnetic variations. This was a little disappointing, but was the observation at the time.

As John and Jim were being interviewed at the scene … all three of us suddenly became aware that we were all simultaneously going on ‘alert’ … I found myself drawn to scanning the field with my eyes in expectation of spotting ‘something’ … something unseen. I was entering a state of ‘fight or flight’ … and so were Jim and John.

As the interview continued, I alerted Linda to this situation – and the two of us entered the field with EM field meter in hand.

Very quickly the EM field reading rose to very significant levels, with peaks and trough roughly every metre. The signal strength increase led both of us to the right, setting us on a course for the ‘finger’ of trees at the bottom of the field. Half way into the field the readings went off scale alarmingly … so much so that I stopped Linda advancing any further for her own safety. At this point the hairs on both of our bodies were starting to tingle with the energy present. Discrimination measurements showed this energy to be electrostatic in origin. We returned to the picnic bench and reported our observation.

Jim and John then entered the field with my TriField meter and walked in a wide clockwise loop past the first and second houses. Although nothing visibly happened, when they reached the finger of trees at the third house that separates the smaller Capel Green field from the larger field, they located marshy water that could be the answer to a question both men have asked for thirty years - how did they get wet on December 26, 1980?

Then as Jim and John reached the west end of the finger of trees, the TriField meter pegged with loud noise as far as it could go.

On the second night (Boxing Day) in view of what we measured on the first night – John decided that he wished to return without the film crew. Jim did not want to go back to the field that night, so John, Linda and I returned to explore, record and face whatever we might find. We set up an observation post at the reported site of the ‘marshalling point’ at the Capel Green field’s edge from reports about the third night of the event (December 28, 1980, between midnight and sunrise) – and set forth to re-measure the field and its energy.

Linda stayed at the observation point, filming on one of my IR cameras, whilst John and I went into the field. The field was still quite literally ‘electric’. The EM field meter was at full scale deflection right across the field – and by a spot at the edge of the tree ‘finger’ it was not only off scale, but sounding an audible alarm at a continuous intensity that was unprecedented in my experience and in fact quite alarming. That's the same spot where Jim and John reported the same effect the night before when they borrowed the meter during their ‘circuit’ of the field. This spot is also near where Larry Warren reported an object of unknown origin to be on either the second night (December 27, 1980) or the third night of the events (December 28, 1980).

As we marveled at the intensity of this energy reading – hairs tingling yet again in the frosty, snow dusted field, both John Burroughs and I independently witnessed ping pong-sized balls of blue/blue-white light appear amongst the trees in front of us and move briskly through the tree ‘finger’. I concluded that the area was so energized that it was producing pockets of charged air that were emitting a blue glow.

Winston Keech: “Both John Burroughs and I independently witnessed ping pong-sized

balls of blue/blue-white light appear amongst the trees in front of us and move briskly

through the ‘tree finger.’” Time lapse image © 2010 by Winston Keech.

John and I surveyed the rest of the field, navigated back to the Night One site and surveyed the logging roads around the field. From this it became plain to John that at first entry to the field, the tree-line and low altitude meant the lighthouse at Orford Ness wasn’t at first visible – it only became visible as the treeline and third farmhouse we realized was there at the end of the finger of trees was approached. Then the intermittent lighthouse light was only a pinprick of light five miles distant.

The second and more exciting observation was that the ‘burning’ light of the farmhouse in the ‘Col. Halt tape’ was explained. It is a quirk of that line of entry to the field only. The lights from the windows of the second farmhouse illuminates the trees directly behind it. The light is a soft orange- red colour and due to the tree shapes, it looks rather like a wall of orange flame to the fully night-adapted eyes. This was another breakthrough.

After this, we returned to Linda and reported our findings. John was excited and awed by the immediacy of re-visiting and re-experiencing these details – and wanted to return to inform Jim. So we all headed home for the night.

The next day – Day Three of our re-visit … I had to sleep until the afternoon, ready for the all night observation due for that night. As I slept - Jim, John, Linda and the film crew returned to the field in the daylight. As I was not present, I can only recount what was reported to me as I left for the all night observation:

On the way out to the 4x4 ATV that I use on such nights – I met John. He told me point blank, that he felt the energy had ‘gone’. I could not see how this could be so - the anomalies were so enormous and I thought that John must be mistaken … wishful thinking on his part perhaps? John then went on to tell me that Jim had ‘a moment’ of recall during the day whilst they were at the spot we identified. Essentially something connected with him and then the field energy changed. That is how John perceived it. I was not present, so naturally I discounted this and headed back to take more measurements.

When I arrived – I was wrong. John was completely right … and the meter simply reinforced his ‘told you so’. The field was energetically ‘flat’ … nothing more than normal background readings anywhere to be found. I was disappointed and had a full night of watching a now completely normal field ahead of me, but set up the cameras and carried on as planned, wishing I’d been there during the day when Jim was present. The night was quite lively in other ways though – right up until midnight, there was an endless stream of people re-visiting the field, most often flashlight in hand. Tracking them around the field edge helped while away the hours … and eventually a small group entered the field exactly where Larry Warren stated he entered the field on the third night. Such was the accuracy of this, I was convinced that it had to be Larry – so left my cameras recording and walked up to the small group … who were initially a little startled at my sudden appearance out of a pitch dark night. I can’t say I blamed them as after three nights of lost sleep and stolen daylight hours to archive and process video … I’d have been startled to see the bleary eyed, disheveled figure looming in front of them from the inky blackness myself.

I introduced myself to the barely visible group – and confirming my first thoughts … Larry Warren piped up and said ‘hi’. We chatted a while and I let the group survey the field through an IR cam that I was carrying, before the group had to move on to its next point of interest. Having seen how changing lighting can make that area and its terrain appear so different from night to night … the precision with which Larry entered the field and returned to the spot, told me – as if confirmation was really necessary – that the event was so indelibly etched into Larry’s memories, he could do no other. It was burnt into his very psyche. I returned to my observation greatly impressed by this – and the same obvious process working within Jim and John.

I felt an outsider to the original event, but the strength of its echo, ringing through these three airmen, struck a profound chord with me. The personal magnitude of that event in these people’s lives must have been enormous. I could never know, because I simply wasn’t there – and from that instant I could understand their anguish at trying to convey this to people like me, who just weren’t there. No book, no sat-map, no after the fact visit could ever convey the enormity of how these men stood there, unarmed in the dark of a forest clearing and unswervingly faced into the jaws of the unknown. If you could have stood there with me in the dark of that night, with thirty years of safety between me and it – you would understand this … I doubt you would enter that field with me then … never mind thirty years ago on that night. These men were true heroes – and we should never forget that. After my three nights there, I could never doubt that to be so.

After Midnight, the field was calm – three deer ambled gently through munching the crop as they went – the odd rabbit – the odd distant car headlight or flashlight. Nothing of real interest? … Or so I thought. Around three AM a hail storm moved in destroying visibility and seemed set to last, so I carried out one last measurement sweep and packed up for the last time.

Reviewing the last hour of recordings, however, showed that all was not as quiet as my eyes would suggest:

At 2:46 AM, the No. 2 IR wide field cam recorded two human-sized black figures in the larger field, approaching the finger of trees and retreating. As Linda noted when using one IR cam – people just don’t look ‘black’ in IR. Indeed clothing that is black, often appears white or gray – and faces are invariably grey. Whoever these people were, they didn’t reflect or emit IR in a normal way … which to me suggests a possible military origin … or some really, really good thermal clothing.

December 28, 2010, at 2:46 AM, Winston Keech's No. 2 IR wide field cam recorded

two human-sized black figures in the large field. The finger of trees and Capel Green

are in the foreground. IR image © 2010 by Winston Keech.

This was preceded by a short duration light in the centre of the field at 2:19 AM … so faint, I could not see it – accompanied by a short duration light at ground level near the tree ‘finger’ on wide field IR cam No 1. at 2:20 AM.

A short duration light at ground level near the tree ‘finger’ on wide field IR cam No. 1

at 2:20 AM, December 28, 2010, in Capel Green field. IR image © 2010 by Winston Keech.

The short duration lights on the IR camera exited the field around five minutes before my last foray towards the ‘finger’ … perhaps I disturbed them – I certainly didn’t see them. I then left the field and set about dismantling the equipment … whilst the last remaining colour time-lapse camera remained snapping away. On it’s very last exposure, it caught two anomalous orange/red lights near the finger, plus two extremely faint blue glows amongst the trees (images in above Earthfiles report). They were invisible to my eyes – and I can only conclude that they were in some way connected to the two black figures. The light nearest the trees was close to the ‘smudge mark’ or perhaps landing spot of historic Night Three (December 28, 1980).

No more can I deduce, but I provide digitally enhanced and annotated copies of these recordings for the record. (Please note when viewing the IR frame grab images, that there is not a ‘ufo’ fleet in the noise of the images. Those roundish spots are normal hot pixel and noise reduction artifacts associated with these types of Night Vision cameras – and each camera sensor has its own unique noise distribution, which on the one hand is an annoying defect from a perfect image, but on the other establishes a unique ‘watermark’ for each camera.)