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Maurice Osborn


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Alien Messages


Introduction   [Narration]

H ello. My name is Maurice Osborn.

I will be your host for this documentary that exposes hidden messages from extraterrestrial beings that have been discovered in crop circle formations.

Now, it not my intention to try to convince you that extraterrestrial beings exist or crop circles are not man-made. There is an abundance of information from several credible sources that support these conclusions. And credit is given to these courageous people at the end of this presentation.

Now, although I’ll be describing the crop circle phenomenon, the main emphasis here will to reveal the hidden messages in crop formations and to provide explanations as to what they may mean.

The methods used for deciphering these messages is fully explained and you are encouraged to verify this information for yourself.

Let me show you what will be presented:


1. History of Crop Circle Formations

2. Crop Circle Construction

3. Mathematics of Crop Circles

4. Scientific Revelations

5. Chilbolton Face

6. Response Message

7. Crabwood Formation

First there will be a description of the crop circle phenomenon. Then the geometric designs of crop circles will be presented. Next, the mathematical aspects of the formations will be described. This is followed by advanced scientific technologies that have been revealed within the pictograms. Then, an amazing face that was depicted within a crop circle formation will be presented. Another formation will then be shown to be a response to a message that we humans sent out into space. And finally, another facial formation is presented that has a very special message for mankind.


Initially, the crop circle phenomenon began with the discovery of single circle patterns that mysteriously appeared within cultivated crop fields all over the world. They became known as crop circles. The plants inside the circular patterns were found to be lying horizontally near the ground instead of standing vertically as with other normally growing plants. These lying plants created a contrast to the even shades and colours of the standing plants. There is evidence to suggest that these circles have been found all over the world for hundreds and perhaps even thousands of years. They have also been found in grassy fields, heather, fields of wildflowers and reed beds.

Although this is a world-wide phenomenon, over ninety percent of the formations have been found in southern England. It has been estimated that there have been over nine thousand crop circle formations discovered all over the world just since the early 1980’s.

In the summer of 1975, multiple crop circles in close proximity with one another started appearing.






This is an example of six circles appearing close to one another. There was also a group of three circles which share their common axis.






In 1989, a cross pattern was discovered with five small circles around a large circle.





But, it was in 1990 when straight lines began to appear which transformed the patterns from simple circles into complex pictograms.




This beautiful formation was discovered on August 13, of 2000, at Woodborough Hill in Wiltshire County, England.






And this spectacular formation of squares depicted in three-dimensional perspective appeared on June 18, 2000, at Windmill Hill, also in Wiltshire County.








On July 22, of 2002, this beautiful pattern was discovered at South Field, near Alton Priors in Wiltshire County






But the most breathtaking crop formation of 2002 was discovered on July, 04, at Normantown, near the ancient sacred site of Stonehenge, in Wiltshire County. It is a magnificent rendering of six ribbons flowing out from a central circle.





Now those are just some of the most interesting crop formations that have been discovered in recent years. There are many, many more. But these represent a level of sophistication that clearly demonstrate a high degree of intelligence by whoever made them. However, even more interesting than the patterns themselves are the way in which they are created. And there are many mysteries involved in how crop circles are created, which usually occurs at night and in damp weather, but not always.

There is corroborating testimony from several credible witnesses that report seeing strange lights in the sky above where crop formations are formed. And the vast size of these formations, some which cover and entire square acre, would require several people working in the dark for many hours in order to try to create them. And researchers have been unable to find any tracks or any signs of human presence in the area where crop formations are formed.


Each stalk of the effected plant inside a crop circle is gently bent over near ground level. There is no crushing, bruising, cutting, breaking, burning or damage to the crops in any way. In fact, the plants remain in perfect condition and they continue to grow parallel to the ground, coming to full maturity and ripening.



The variations in the lay of the crops are as numerous as the variations of the crop circle designs themselves. In many crop formations the stalks give a clear indication of how and where the energy flowed in making the patterns. Some layers of crops appear to be intertwined and almost braided. Others are laid down in straight lines but in alternate directions.




Michigan biophysicist, Dr W. C Levengood has examined plants from inside and outside of crop formations in the United States, Canada, England and Australia. He has found a consistent combination of changes in affected plants which include:

enlargement of plant cell pits; reoriented, swollen and exploded growth nodes; evidence of rapid heating; changes in seed growth and an increase in metabolic cell respiration.



These are samples of unaffected stems taken from plants that were well outside of a crop formation. They are relatively straight.






These are samples of plants taken from inside of a crop circle: Dr Levengood has found that the top growth nodes are bent at an average of thirty-nine degrees from the vertical. He believes that this was caused by rapid heating and expansion followed by a collapse of the thin cell tissue which then produced the angle reorientation.




These are samples of lower stem growth nodes of affected plants. The arrows are pointing at expulsion cavities. These lower nodes have tissue that is tougher and more mature that can sustain more pressure and do not collapse as easily as the upper nodes when exposed to rapid heating. Instead, Dr Levengood concludes that the cell water heats up and bursts out of the lower nodes causing expulsion cavities.




Although subjected to rapid heating, the plants were not dehydrated, their seeds germinate faster and have a forty-five percent increased growth rate as demonstrated here with plants at the inside, at the edge and outside of a crop circle.

Dr Levengood has stated that whatever is doing these formations is affecting the fundamental biophysics and biochemistry of the plants. He hypothesises that crop circles are created with a spinning plasma and microwave energy.


Mathematics   [Narration]

Although the crop formations appear to have very beautiful designs, they also represent a staggering amount of scientific and mathematical knowledge. And much of the information contained within the pictograms is subtle with hidden complexities of advanced geometry. In addition, many of the formations depict advanced technologies that can be of great benefit to mankind.


Let’s have a look at some of these incredible formations and examine what they could represent:

This is a depiction of three simple crop circles that were found to appear in a formation near each other. It represents only one example of the hidden complexity in their design.






It was discovered that the circles were arranged in such a way that a straight line could be drawn between them and have it touch all three circles, here, here and here.







In addition, another straight line could be drawn so that it could touch all three circles.







Then, a third line was found to be able to touch the circles and this means that the circles were positioned in proportion to their size.







This is a depiction of a crop circle formation that was discovered in 1998, in a wheat field near the city of Oud-Beijerland, in Holland. It is by no means a collection of arbitrarily positioned circle and rings.







It turns out that this pictogram was remarkably arranged so that a total of six straight lines could be drawn in such a way that they exactly touch three different circle elements. If any of the circles were of any other size or positioned differently this would not have been possible.





This is an example of a crop formation with the width of the ring pattern being the exact size where a square could be drawn withy its corners touching the outside part of the ring and have the inside portion touching the sides.






This is an example of a crop formation where the inside circle just happens to be the exact size where an equilateral triangle could be drawn with its corners touching the outside ring and still have the inside circle touching the sides.






This is a depiction of a crop formation that was discovered near the village of Melick, Holland in the summer of 1997. It consists of a small circle in the middle of three concentric rings. The ring width and spaces between the rings are all slightly different.







The reason for this is because of a complex set of geometric shapes that were used in its design. The centre circle is able to fit within an equilateral triangle with its corner touch the inner ring. This rings fits inside of a square with its corners touching the next ring. These rings then can make it possible for a pentagram, or five-pointed star, to be used in order to determine the rest of the formation.






This is the same crop formation with different geometric shapes that further define its construction. Notice how a pentagon is used to specify the outer diameter in relation to the size of the centre circle. Also notice how the inside portion of the second ring is used to create two triangles that face in opposite directions in order to form a hexagram, or six-pointed star. When straight lines are drawn between the points of the star it forms a hexagon shape. And finally, the outside portion of the third ring was found to precisely touch the sides of the hexagon. Clearly, a great deal of though went into the design of these formations.




Revelations [Narration]

We will now examine some of the pictograms that exhibit advanced mathematical concepts.

This beautiful snowflake design appeared on July 23rd, 1997, near Silbury Hill. It is known as the "Fractal Star of David" or "Koch Snowflake", after the mathematician Helmig von Koch, who developed the concept of fractals.





An even more complex snowflake pattern was found below Milk Hill, Alton Barnes, in Wiltshire County, on August 18th, of 1997. It was known as the "Standing Koch Snowflake" because of the standing crop in the centre that created yet another snowflake-like pattern.





On July 8th, of 1996, this formation appeared just across the road from the ancient site known as Stonehenge. It consists of 149 circles that cover an entire square acre of a wheat field. This design matches a mathematically produced image known as a Julia set that was invented by Gastone Julia from a study of fractals.




And on July 30th, of the same year, a formation with 194 circles, covering 1,000 feet in diameter , was found at Windmill Hill, in Wiltshire County. It consists of three strands of the Julia set.





Then in August, of 2000, this formation with six strands of the Julia set, was found at Milk Hill, near Alton Barnes, in Wiltshire County.






And on August 12th, of 1991, this incredible glyph was discovered near Ickleton in Cambridgeshire, England.







It appears to represent a fractal mathematical cipher known as a Mandlebrot set. It is the most complex object in the Universe and defines an eerie repeating mathematical order beneath the surface of chaos.



In late June of 1995, at Longwood Warren in Hampshire County, this formation appeared which depicts our Solar System inside the asteroid belt with Earth missing. Earth’s orbit is depicted but no planet. It has been determined that this configuration in our solar system will not occur until April, 16th, of 2004.




In 1996, this pictogram was discovered in East Field of Wiltshire County. It is 648 feet long and contains 89 circles forming twin strands that wind around a central backbone of twelve large circles in a line. It represents the double helix of DNA, the building-blocks of life.

We will now concentrate on pictograms that represent advanced technology.

This formation appeared on June 23rd, 1999, at West Overton in Wiltshire County. It is a representation of a water molecule.






And this beautiful pattern is a formation that was discovered on July, 22nd of 2000, at Avebury Trusloe in Wiltshire County. It appears to be a depiction of the flux lines of a magnetic field. Now, you might be wondering, what water molecules and magnetic fields have got to do with advanced technology.




Well, the following series of crop formations refer to a new form of free energy that uses micro-waves to break apart water molecules. This formation depicts a magnetron tube inside of a magnet. It is this type of vacuum tube that is used inside microwave ovens to cook your food.





This pictogram is another rendition of a magnetron tube. When a surge of electricity is introduced at the centre, the electrons radiate outwards that bounce back against a reflector grid due to the magnetic field surrounding it. This reflected energy is what causes micro-waves that are allowed to escape through a narrow gap in the reflector. Please note that there are two small dots located near this depiction. They represent the oxygen and hydrogen atoms of water.



These two small dots, one larger than the other, have been found alongside of many other formations like this one that also shows micro-wave energy, emanating from a central core of a Magnetron tube.





Those two dots which represent the atoms of water are also depicted with this formation. Water is very unreceptive to physical or infra red heat, but at a very specific frequency of 27 gigahertz of micro-wave energy, the oxygen and hydrogen atoms of water separate easily. The ovals here within a field of micro-wave energy represents water molecules that are being split apart as with this partial piece. The dots here represent the separated oxygen and hydrogen atoms. However, when separated, the atoms recombine again naturally to reform back into water again.


Hydrogen is extremely combustible when mixed with oxygen. This formation shows the effect of water burning as atoms recombine together again.

This formation also shows the burning of water inside the vacuum of a magnetron. However, it also has large circles around it. These circles represent an excess of electrons that are generated when you burn water in this manner. When the process of breaking apart water molecules and allowing them to recombine again is repeated you have an endless supply of electricity as well as combustible energy that can be used to power turbine engines.

This complex pictogram tells the whole story. You begin with a negative electrical charge that is fed into a magnetron which splits water molecules. Then you have the oxygen and hydrogen atoms recombining back into water. This produces an excess of electrons that are fed back into the magnetron which bounces the energy off of magnetic reflectors in order to produce more micro-waves so that this process can be repeated. But wait! There’s more! When the excess high amperage from the magnetron passes over a cup-shaped magnet with uneven magnetic lines of flux in a vacuum, temporary particles are momentarily created as represented here.







This rendition is telling us that the temporary particles are magnetic. The outside ring of not semi-circles represent magnets. The round semi-circles represent temporary particles. These particles are rendered as half-field circles to represent the temporary existing mass. The particles are depicted as being larger the closer they are to the smaller magnets and rendered as smaller the nearer they are to the greater magnetic field. This means that these particles are magnetic and are repelled by a magnetic field. The central donut shape indicates the high amperage DC electricity that flows through a vacuum which is represented by the white circle. And why bother to create such a particle? Well, by magnetically repelling the temporary particles downwards this causes the repelling magnet and anything else that’s attached to it to be propelled upwards, thus causing flight. The H2O magnetron is only one of many highly advanced technologies that have been rendered in crop formations. However, this one discovery could have the greatest impact on human society

This formation looks rather complicated but it’s not. At the centre you have a magnetron that splits apart water molecules and allows the water to reform causing a release of free electrons. This outer ring represents a vacuum. These notch semi- circles represent cup-shaped magnets. The white semi-circles indicate a resulting magnetic field. As stated before, when high ampere current is passed over a magnet in a vacuum, temporary particles are produced. However, instead of having a single string of particles being repelled from the centre of this magnet, you have more cup-shaped magnets located around the first magnet which creates additional magnetic fields that cause multiple streams of particles. When you position many more smaller magnets around the previous ones you’re able to create a whole field of temporary particles which are depicted here as degenerating in size. This process also occurs on the other side of the magnetron in order to double the particle field size and to counteract the repelling magnetic forces involved.

The Face   [Narration]

We could go on for hours discussing the incredible advanced technologies that the crop circle makers have decided to share with all of us, but I would like to turn our attention now to a couple of formations that shocked the world in 2001.

The Face

They were discovered in a wheat field next to a radio telescope at Chilbolton near Wherwell in Hampshire Country, England.

First, this was discovered on August 14th, of 2001. It was a crop circle formation that measured about 100 feet wide and 120 feet long. It was composed of about 200 circles of varying sizes that appeared to have formed a rendering of a face.








When this pictogram is blurred so that the features are blended together, a clear image of a face appears.

Some obvious questions come to mind. Does this depict the face of humanity? Is this the face of an alien species? Whose face is it and what does it mean for mankind?

Not only does this glyph represent a major advancement in the complexity and sophistication than any formation discovered before it, but the very location of this pictogram is also very interesting.

There is an ancient global grid connection that mathematically links the location of this face to the Cydonia region on Mars and to the facial formation that has been discovered there.

According to Zecharia Sitchin, an eminent scholar and author who has translated ancient Sumerian texts, the deposed king of another planet known as Nibiru, who was the first to set foot on Earth, died on Mars. As a monument to him, his face was carved out of a mountain there.

I believe that this face on Mars and the face in this formation are of Alalu, the past king of the planet Niburu, and discoverer of the planet Earth, long before the existence of humanity.

Just five days after the discovery of the facial formation, in this field, across from the giant telescope at Chilbolton, this formation appeared in August 19th, of 2001.






It is 75 feet wide and 120 feet long.


















A distinguished researcher, by the name of Richard C. Hoagland, quickly realised that this formation looked very similar to this message that was sent out into space back in November, of 1974.

Dr Carl Sagan and Professor Frank Drake created this message as part of the project for the search of extraterrestrial intelligence.

It was transmitted with two trillion watts of radiated energy from the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico.

The message was sent in a very narrow beam towards a galactic cluster known as M13, which is 65 million light years away.

It was a pictogram arranged in a matrix of 23 pixels by 73 pixels. This is the official explanation of that message. It was intended to describe our numbering system, the building blocks and formulas for DNA, a double helix symbol of DNA, a figure of a human being, our solar system and a diagram of a radio telescope that sent the message.




The Arecibo Message

In order to fully understand the message it id necessary to examine how numbers were represented.

This is the pattern from the top of the message with grid-lines added to make it easier to see each dot and space.

Each column of dots and spaces represents a number from one to ten.

This is the basic computer numbering system that works with ones and zeroes, or in this case, with dots and spaces.

But this system needs a starting point. That’s what this row of dots represents. The ones and zeroes up here relate to the dots and spaces here.

Notice that there is a dot and two spaces in this first column above the starting dot. This is represented by a one and two zeroes up here. Likewise, there is a zero, one, zero here that relate to the space, dot, space here, and so on.

To interpret what the ones and zeroes mean, we begin with the bottom digit. [Zero digits have no value.] However, a one digit in this row has a value of one. A one digit in the next row up has a value of two which is twice the value as the lower row. Likewise the one in this row has a value that is twice that of the next lower row, or four.

If there were any ones in this row, they would have a value of eight.

In order to determine the decimal number that a column of dots represent, you simply add the values of all of the one digits in that column. For instance, there is only one single digit in this column and it has a value of one, so the total number is one.

This column also has only a single one digit, but it has a value of two, so the total number is two.

In this column there are two of the one digits. This one has a value of one and this one has a value of two, so you add the values of one and two together and you get the total number of three.

This column only has a single one digit, with a value of four, so its number is four, but this column has two of the one digits, with values of one and four, so the total number is five.

Here we have ones with values of two and four, for a total of six. And here we have three ones with values of one, two and four, for a total of seven.

Now for this number they did something very interesting. Instead of showing a value of eight, with a dot in this row, they have a dot at the start of the next column and a corresponding one digit above it. They did that in order to show how that dots for very large numbers do not have to be in a single column and that additional dots can be continued in subsequent columns.

So, the one digit in this column, with zeroes in the first column, indicate a total number of eight.

In these two columns, we have a value of eight plus one, for a total number of nine. And in these columns we have a vale of eight plus two, for a total number of ten.

You can now see how the numbers of one through ten can be represented by dots and spaces. Larger numbers can also be represented in this same way.


This numbering pattern appears just below the numbering dots.

This row of dots represent the starting point for these columns of dots. They indicate the numbers of one, six, seven, eight and fifteen.

When you look these numbers up in the Periodic Table of Elements, you find that they represent the atomic numbers for hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus, which are the basic elements for life on this planet.


These numbers represent formulas for sugars, bases and nucleotides of DNA. And this long series of dots and spaces represents the number of nucleotides in DNA, which is 4, 294,966,110.

Finally, these curved lines represent the double helix of DNA.

So, the simple dots and spaces of this portion of the message describe the entire composition of man.

This dot pattern is found below the previous portion.








A human being is depicted here. These dots represent the number 14, which indicates the height of mankind. And this very large number of dots and spaces represents the value of 4,292,583,750, which happens to have been the population of Earth in 1974.

These dots represent the planets of our solar system around the Sun which is depicted by this large square. Then you have Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Notice how the symbol for Earth is higher than the rest to indicate where mankind lives.

At the very bottom of the message you have what looks like a rainbow over the letter M. But, actually, it is a depiction of the Arecibo Telescope which sent the message.

In the middle of the M is where the radio energy is bounced off of a dish antenna and then out into space. The dots and spaces at the bottom represent the number 2,430, which indicates the size of the telescope.



When you flip the dot pattern over you can see a closer relationship to the telescope which was similar to this one at Chilbolton in England.



This is the complete Arecibo message again and this is a graphic of the crop formation that was discovered 27 years later on August 19th, 2001, next to the formation of a face and the Chilbolton telescope.

The red dots indicate what was different in the crop formation from the original message. The dots and spaces here are the exact same binary representation of our decimal numbering system as it appeared in the Arecibo message. However, this pattern is different, while these are the same. These curved lines are also the same, but these straight lines are different. And everything else is different. However, it all directly relates to what was sent in the Arecibo message of 1974.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how these two messages are different.

Although the dots for our numbering system were the same, these patterns just below it in the crop formation varied slightly from the original pattern. They represent the atomic numbers for the building blocks of life as we know it, but this new pattern has an extra column of dots that relate to the atomic number of 14, which is the element, silicon. Does this mean that whoever created the crop formation has silicon in the makeup of their DNA?

Below the dots that indicate the formula and number of nucleotides in DNA, which are identical in both patterns, we have these strikingly different patterns.

Instead of a depiction of a human being as presented in the Arecibo message, the crop pattern has a different depiction of a humanoid form. This new depiction shows a body with two arms and legs, like humans, but the hear is much larger. In this pattern here which represents the height of the body has a value of eight instead of 14 that the Arecibo message indicated was the height of man. This would indicate that this other body is a little taller than half our height.

In this dot pattern of the crop formation which represents population is also different. It indicates a population that is almost six and a half billion larger than out own.

Now let’s examine these dot patterns here. The dotes in the Arecibo message represented the nine planets around the Sun. These long lines indicated the relative size of the planets. Notice how this dot which represents the Earth is above all of the others in order to indicate where humanity lives. Also notice, how that Earth’s dot is located directly below that of the depiction of man. In the crop formation, there are three dots that are raised above the rest. They refer to the planets of Earth, Mars and Jupiter. However, it is the dot for Mars that is located directly below the humanoid body. Does this mean that the creators of the crop formation come from Mars?If so, why is the dot representing Earth also raused next to that of Mars?

In addition to the dots for Earth and Mars, notice how there are four dots that represent Jupiter, which also appear to be raised to the same level. But instrad of just representing Jupiter as a straight line, as in the case with Saturn, which is roughly about the same size, there are four dots forming a circle. Well, Jupiter is too big with too much gravity to support life. However there are four moons around Jupiter that are about the same size as our Moon. They are known as Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. Could these four dots mean that there is life on those four Moons as well?

At he bottom of both formations you have these distinctly different dot patterns.

This is the depiction of the Arecibo Telescope, that sent this message with an indicated size of 2,430, and this is a depiction of something else with a size of 6,748. Look closely. Doesn’t this formation look like something you have seen before?

It just so happens that one year prior to the discovery of this formation and in the very same wheatfield, this crop formation appeared and they both look surprisingly similar.

As previously described, this pattern represents a new form of radiated power used in an H20 magnetron to generate temporary particles of magnetic energy. Could this represent a new form of communication that could be used to communicate with whoever created the crop circle formation?


Realisation   [Narration]

Let’s review what can be derived from the Chilbolton crop formation.

If the information provided is accurate we now know that we are not alone in the Universe. There is intelligent life on Mars and the Moons of Jupiter. We know the general form and size of what they look like, the composition of their DNA and their population. We also know how they commincate and more importantly, that they want to communicate with us. What this information does not tell us, however, is why they want to communicate with us or what their intentions may be.

However, another crop formation was discovered one year later that could shed some light on this very important question.

Now initially, I thought that this next formation that I’m about to show you was a hoax, because I believed that it was created by someone that simply wanted to make a cartoon image of an extraterrestrial being. Now I understand that this pictogram is the deliberate attempt to show an extraterrestrial being as a living entity with a consciousness.


On August 15th of 2002, this elaborate crop formation was discovered at Crabwood Farmhouse, in Winchester County, England. It is a frame design that measures 232 feet by 390 feet This disc is 100 feet in diameter. It appears to be a rendering of an extraterrestrial being holding a disc with three objects that appear to be shaped like UFOs. This is the head with a pointed chin, parted mouth, nose and large eyes. This is its neck, the front of its torso and this appears to be its hand holding out the disc.

This has a much higher resolution quality that the facial crop formation of one year earlier. That is because horizontal lines of varying widths are used which is the same way that pictures are displayed in television. The prior facial formation simply used dots of varying sizes in the same manner that pictures are presented in newspapers.



This is a close-up picture of the disc. It is comprised of blocks formed by standing crops surrounded by flattened crops. It is a spiral pattern with a sequence of blocks and spaces that start at the centre and spiral out to the edge of the disc. It was discovered that this sequence was divided into groups of eight equal parts that were separated by triangular arrow-shaped symbols. When these patterns are analysed they were found to represent letters and symbols based upon a computer code known as ASCII, which actually spell out an intelligent message.

Now, you may ask why the creators of this formation would use this obscure manner to deliver their message rather than just displaying the letters themselves. Well, it would take a matrix of a minimum of six dots wide by eight dots tall to represent each letter. If each dot were rendered with a crop field as being a block that was ten feet square, it would require a field that was 7,960 feet square in order to display the 152 characters of this message. The pattern in this 100 feet diameter sized disc is simply the most efficient means to deliver the message.

Let’s take a close look in the exact way in which the message was rendered. It starts in the centre. This is a close-up view of that centre and this is the same area with the standing crop patterns highlighted. The dots and spaces here represent the letters of the first word of the message. It all starts with this ever widening curved line. There is a triangle shape where this line ends to indicate the start of the first group of blocks and spaces. Here is another one which indicates where one group ends and another one begins. Between these two, you have a block here and one here.

This is a graphical representation of the same portion of the disc. If you compare the lengths of the spaces here, here and here to the width of the blocks you find that there is one space here, four spaces here and one space here for a total of eight parts. Each part can be represented as a one or zero to indicate either a block or a space. In this way you would then have zero, one, zero, zero, zero, zero, one, zero. Those digits are shown in this column here withy the first digit on top. The next group can then be represented as a zero, two ones, two zeroes, then one, zero, one, which is listed in the second column, and so forth.

You may recall that this is the upper portion of the Arecibo message that represented our decimal numbering system. It represented columns of dots that were only three dots high. However, the method can be used with even more column of dots. When applied to these groups of eight parts we fins that the first three rows have the values of one, two and four, just as in the Arecibo message. Each additional row is then assigned a value that is twice the value of the previous row. This row has the value of eight, which is twice the value of four in this row. Likewise, this row has a value of 16, then 32, 64 and 128. In order to determine the total decimal value of each column of digits you simply add the values of each row wherever there is a one. In the first column we have a one with a value of 64 and another one with a value of two. When you add 64 and two together, you have the total value of 66, which represents the decimal value for the first group of blocks and spaces. In the second column you have ones with values of 64, 32, four and one. When you add them all together, you get the decimal value of 101, and this can be repeated for all of the groups in the message.

This is known as the ASCII Conversion Table. It enables you to derive the associated character that is related to a specific decimal value. Each number from 32 to 126 has been defined to represent an associated text character. Symbol characters are listed here along with their associated decimal values. The capital letters are here and the lower case letters are here.



These are the same groups which are listed again with their columns of digits along with their related values and associated decimal numbers. Shown below each decimal number is the associated letter that is derived from the ASCII table. These letters spell out the first word of the message on the disc. For instance, the first group has a decimal value of 66. When you find this number of 66 in the Table of Sequential Values, you find that it corresponds to the capital letter B, which is the first letter here. The second group has a decimal value of 101. When you find the number 101 in this table, you discover that it corresponds to the lower case letter e, which is here. This can be done for all of the groups in the same manner.

Crabwood Disk Translation

This is the complete translation of the message on the disc. It says,

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but is still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION. COnduit CLOSING.

Notice how all of the letters some of the words are capitalised in order to add emphasis. In some words, like this one, and this one here, only the first two letters are capitalised. Let’s examine what this message is actually trying to tell us.

The first sentence states:

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.

This message is far too important than simply be telling us to be cautious of one another. Because this message appears to be of extraterrestrial origin, I believe that it is referring to the intentions of an alien race that could be offering us advanced technology and spiritual guidance. Although it does not specifically reveal whether false gifts have been offered in the past or will be offered in the future, it does say that those that offer the gifts have broken their promises in the past. Since this is not common knowledge, it implies that secret communications have taken place between our government and extraterrestrials that have proven to be untrustworthy. This is telling us that we should be suspicious of any gifts that an alien race may provide and that we should not trust everything that they tell us.

The second sentence says:

Much PAIN but is still time. Whoever wrote this is displaying compassion for human suffering, which they know exists on this planet. Although this does not indicate who is suffering, it can be assumed that the pain referred to here is caused by the bearers of false gifts and broken promises. However, it does state that there is still time to overcome the pain.

The next sentence consists of a single word:


It is telling us to believe that there is still time for humanity to end its suffering here.

The next sentence states:

There is GOOD out there.

It implies that there are good entities that can help us to stop the pain. Although there is no indication of immediate help, we should believe that there are good entities that can help us.

This next sentence states:


This indicates that the source of this message is coming from a group of beings that are concerned about the dangers to humanity by untrustworthy entities that seek to deceive us with false gifts. They are making it clear that it is their intention to oppose those who would take advantage of us through deception. The last message is the most puzzling.

It states:


There is no mention as to what the conduit is used for or why we should be interested in the fact that it is closing. A conduit is a channel that enables fluids, cables and other materials to pass through it. It is also defined as a narrow corridor for people to pass between buildings. In the context of this message, I believe that it is referring to a passage way, or portal that enables the evil entities to pass into our world. The fact that it is closing is telling us that the entities that are here are unable to leave and that no more entities can come into our world.

Prior Crabwood Translation

Beware the bearers of false gifts and their and their broken promises. Much pain, but still time. Believe that there is good out there. We oppose deception (Bell sound 7)

This is the translation of the same message that has previously been distributed throughout the world. There is deception here. Someone has deliberately wanted you to believe that this message says something else. In the first place, only the first letters of each sentence are capitalised. There is no added emphasis on certain words, where all letters of those words are capitalised in the actual message. Next, there is no period after the word, believe. So instead of believing there is still time, this little omission causes the word believe to become a part of the next sentence with no added meaning. Then the entire last sentence is missing, which states, conduit closing. This is a deliberate attempt to prevent you from knowing this little detail. But the worst part of this deception is in the translation of the last character of the message. It is widely thought that the last character has a value of seven, and is equal to a bell symbol, which used to cause the old teletype machines to ring its bell in order to signal the arrival of a message. This is a deliberate attempt to prevent you to think there is anything more to this message.

This is a close-up view of the ending of the message on the disc. This solid line wraps around the edge of the disc. This portion here is the last group of blocks and spaces that indicate the last character.





This is the same portion of the disc with the last group highlighted. The message ends with a triangle that faces towards the previous group. All other triangles face towards the start of the next group like this one and this one here. This group represents the capital N, which is this letter here. And this group represents the capital letter G, which is this last letter here. And this group represents the last symbol of the message. If it were a value of seven, which would make it a bell symbol, then there would be blocks in the last three places, and there would be spaces everywhere else. If this is a bell symbol, what is this block doing here? And why are there spaces here. The truth of the matter is that the last character of this message is actually a comma.

Significance   [Narration]

Now you may be wondering what the significance is to how this message ends. Well in this case it is extremely important.

Whoever provided the initial translation wanted you to believe that there is no further information to be expected by ending the message with a bell symbol. However, the actual message ends with a comma, not a period or a bell symbol. This indicates that the last sentence is incomplete and there is more information to follow.

Those who would deceive you do not want you to know that. As for myself, I can’t wait for the next crop circle season to begin so that I can find out what the rest of this message has to say.

Conclusions   [Narration]

It’s been my intention to reveal some of the little known facts regarding the crop circle phenomenon. It is hoped that this presentation has provided a new perspective and insight into what the crop circle makers intended to convey.

There are many serious researchers that have devoted several hours of hard work and at great expense to themselves in order tot make this information available. And credit is given to these courageous individuals at the end of this presentation.

Now, please feel free to make copies of this presentation and make it available to as many people as possible. I believe that this information is of great importance to mankind.

Thank you very much.


The End