Cattle Mutilation 9

Chapter 3, Part Two


Cattle Mutilation - The Unthinkable Truth

© 1976 by Fredrick W. Smith, Freedland Publishers


Chapter 3, Part Two

Bounty On Devil Worshipers

"...the cattle mutilators have managed to stir up and make enemies of EVERYBODY, almost. Witches and devil worshipers hate them as much as anybody and claim to be even more actively working to bring them to justice and destroy them. In fact, "there is a war going on in Colorado Springs. The weapons are not M-16 rifles or tanks, but tarot cards and magic circles. The battle is taking place between a group of magicians, a witch and their enemies - the cattle mutilators."

-The Gazette Telegraph, Colorado Springs, Colorado, October 8, 1975

Religious occult?

While the Department of Treasury Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms "report" was carefully designed to give the impression of a government study, it also very subtly denies that it is official. Undoubtedly it was conceived at high federal government levels to explain, confuse and, if possible, quiet the furor over the cattle mutilation phenomenon in the public's mind. If we look at this as a purposeful deception and a propaganda ploy, as it obvious is, then its value to us will be in using it to see what lies behind it. What was the "report" designed to cover up?

First, we are gold the study was originally inspired by the "request of a Midwest college professor who is considered an expert in the field of Unidentified Flying Objects." Who is that professor? We are never told, and we can assume such a person is a fictional character and does not really exist. Yet, it is interesting that he should be portrayed as an expert on UFOs. The reason is that the UFO explanation, the only one that comes even near to explaining the facts, is what this "study" was designed to refute. The "predator" theory hadn't worked, and of course it's ridiculous to anyone who has actually seen the carcasses or knows anything firsthand about the mutilations.

To make a long story short, the "truth" allegedly surfaced from the squealing of some convicts who had long been "active in the occult." Two inmates purportedly told the story and, "The reliability of both men had been assured by authorities where both have been incarcerated and by a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent in Texas." (Ranchland Farm News, Simla, Colorado, January 15, 1976, excerpted from an article by Bill Jackson, Reporter, The Journal Advocate, Sterling, Colorado.)

That should produce some laughs in sheriff's offices and for whoever has had the least jailhouse experience. So these cons allegedly told a federal agent all about the activities of this "cult" while he no doubt sat there entranced, wide-eyed, and soaking it all in like a 6-year-old.

There were these orgies where animal sex organs were used in sexual activities performed by the members, things that daydreaming prisoners could keep on embellishing endlessly. To make the thing more interesting, four teenaged transients were allegedly murdered more or less accidentally while the leader was experimenting with tranquilizer darts shot from a gun. So, they were mutilated and their sex organs used in an orgy before all the evidence was buried in a nearby gravel pit. After animals are tranquilized, the cult members lay down cardboards to cover their tracks, no doubt also down steep canyon walls if there is snow on the ground. Then the blood is expertly drained.

The "cult members" got a particular thrill out of not "leaving any tracks, and often talked about how the authorities would sooner or later begin blaming the whole thing on Unidentified Flying Objects." (Ranchland Farm News, Simla, Colorado, January 15, 1976, excerpted from an article by Bill Jackson, Reporter, The Journal Advocate, Sterling, Colorado.)

Indeed! But whoever heard of "the authorities" ever blaming anything on Unidentified Flying Objects? The authorities always try to do everything within their power to discount UFOs. One aspect of that discounting is this alleged "study" that's been judiciously leaked to a variety of news sources.

Then we are told what might be the most interesting part of the entire report. "In some cases, if snow was on the ground, Ronald (who squealed on this alleged outfit) told the federal agent that members of the occult group would melt it in a circular area around the body by actual use of a blowtorch." (Ranchland Farm News, Simla, Colorado, January 15, 1976, excerpted from an article by Bill Jackson, Reporter, The Journal Advocate, Sterling, Colorado.)

Why would such a patently impossible thing as that have to be included in the (official ATF government) "report?" Apparently the circles that are reported to have been found around mutilated carcasses - and also denied - have been seen in enough cases that some ridiculous answer had to be given for them.

I understand from various sources that UFOs propel themselves by accelerating ionized and polarized particles through their broad electromagnetic halos. If they hover near snow-covered ground, we could expect to see circles where that halo has thermally impinged upon the ground.

Was November 1975 Saga Article Which Tried to Link Animal Mutilations to Cult a Pre-emptive Strike of U. S. Government Misinformers?

The long article featured in the November 1975 Saga magazine is interesting in that it was written before the phenomenon hit hard in Colorado. It was not realized then that some of the mutilated animal bodies would be placed as if a deliberate, scornful and contemptuous affront to the world's greatest concentration of aerospace surveillance installations. Mutilated carcasses have been left on the "doorstep," so to speak, of NORAD's super secure Cheyenne Mountain underground brain center, as well as at the front gate of Ft. Carson and its military personnel. Bison were hit at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and two mutilated cows were left at the gate of Rocky Flats, another heavily guarded area where plutonium triggers for America's H-bombs are fabricated. What might have happened inside those installations at the time the mutilated animals were left is secret, so the public can never know that.

Although the Saga article was conceived too soon and without any realization of where the mutilations would finally concentrate, it does show that this has not been only a Colorado experience. The phenomenon has been widespread throughout the Midwest, the far west and the south. Reports from other countries, except for Puerto Rico, are not readily available, but we can be sure reports like these could be found worldwide, at least until it begins to dawn on the authorities what that must mean.

The Saga article, following the covert handout, says the "cult" has a nucleus of about 50 people and an overall membership of between 400 and 700 people. It includes an assortment of murderers, occultists, lawyers, a well-known actress, grave robbers, a striptease dancer, doctors, some "very respectable citizens," and of course helicopter pilots. (Where is Henry Kissinger?) One especially wicked thing they allegedly like to do is repeat the Lord's Prayer backwards. How many preachers even can do that? Their real purpose in mutilating animals is to graduate to people so they can usher in a 1000 year Reign of Darkness while Satan rules supreme. Shades of Hitler - not very original.

Before leaving this alleged official government "study" that is believed to have originated in Sandstone Federal Reformatory, it should be noted that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation has rejected the so-called report in a gentlemanly sort of a way. Carl Whiteside, CBI's Director, said about the Saga article entitled, The Killer Cult Terrorizing Mid-America, "There is a serious question as to the validity of the information on which the article is based." Among the weaker points, according to Whiteside, was that names were changed. Although the CBI knows "that the article is based on information allegedly furnished to a member of a federal investigative agency, that information could not be substantiated. For one thing, the bodies allegedly buried could not be found." The Saga story, he said, was concocted by two convicts as part of an escape attempt, which is believable enough, but why would something like that get national coverage?

A much better theory replaced the cult idea - predators. That answers for everyone who does not really know anything about animal mutilations, and that includes perhaps 99.99% of the American public.