Cattle Mutilation 15

Cattle Mutilation 15


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Chapter 5, Part Two

Cattle Mutilation - The Unthinkable Truth

© 1976 by Fredrick W. Smith, Freedland Publishers


Chapter 5, Part Two

Photograph of USAF Academy* in Colorado Springs,
Colorado, near NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain © 1976 by Fred W. Smith.

"...It's easy to see how even very large animals can be picked up and put down again in plain sight on the very doorsteps of NORAD and the world's most sophisticated surveillance systems. The tables could be removed from the officers' mess during a banquet if that were worth doing. Maybe some things like that have already happened. If so, they are deep, dark classified Top Secrets."

Fred Smith, 1976


T he extraterrestrials commanding UFOs are technically superior to earthlings. They are also our superiors in many other ways. Yet claw-handed dwarfs, mothmen, and other horrible and monstrous apparitions have been encountered near or associated with UFOs. How can they be accounted for? They are what earthlings call tulpas. If we were spiritually prepared, we might meet their masters, even wearing their halos and faces like lightning in whose presence trained soldiers swoon away like dead men. (Isaiah 13:2-6)

Personal contact with extraterrestrial visitors, and also strange ships in the heavens, have been reported throughout history. The sightings have increased tremendously in modern times, and especially since World War II. If these visitors are from distant solar systems, as is now evident, why this multiplication of sightings? The answer is their interest in our modern age of technology, roughly 300 years old now, with its subsequent population and knowledge explosions. From their cosmic point of view, these developments have been extremely significant. (Revelation 6:2)

As we saw in Chapter 3, every perversion imaginable, or unimaginable, has been attributed to cattle mutilators. Every motive except the real one seems to have been considered. What they're really interested in is reproduction, not of cattle, but of humans. They (ETs) are looking intently to see how far down the tube we are. That will tell them how long they might have to be here. They don't really know that, but by this broad sampling of animal tissue, they'll be more able to make an educated guess.

What are the mutilators looking for and why do they select those particular tissues for analysis? What they're primarily interested in are genetic anomalies that relate to human reproduction, which they know is extremely precarious now and can be expected to fail completely within several decades. What happens in an explosion? An explosion can be described as an extremely rapid release and degradation of energy. It booms then busts, which is also the course of the modern wealth and population explosion. Every conceivable energy and quality, both human and natural, has been rapidly exploited, degraded and destroyed.

It would be hard to imagine anyone more obtuse about the long range significance of human reproduction than the so-called "population experts." Yet, in a vague way, even they can see there's something profoundly threatening in this modern situation. More than mere egotistical comfort is involved, what's being threatened is the viability of ALL life here on earth. The views of extraterrestrials can only be seen as through a glass darkly. But we can judge the profundity of their interest from what happened at Sodom, and by what's been happening here and now in this cattle mutilation phenomenon.

The various organs and tissues that are taken for analysis blood, skin, ears, rectums, the salivary glands beneath the tongue, and sometimes tails, hearts and intestines, have been selected so that a variety of significant tissues can be compared with each other chromosomally and also formally. By comparing all these to the norm, especially when done by those having the original design of such things, much can be learned.

The outward form of the genitals and any departure from the ideal would certainly be significant to them. Even more significant would be the internal structures of the sex cells and the effects that contaminants, feed additives, inbreeding and other genetic "improvements" have had on them. It is known now, for example, that plutonium among other deadly mutagenic agents gradually migrates to the gonads. (Colorado Governor Richard Lamm and Congressman Tim Worth Report on Rocky Flats.) The overall progress of such poisons are found much more easily in the tissues of large and relatively long-lived animals such as cattle. We can be sure they are able to recognize mutations, weakness, sterility and other genetic flaws and failures without having to wait for an overt manifestation of those anomalies, as earthly investigators must do.

The various tissues they (ETs) select should be scientifically instructive to us. The digestive tract is lined with the fastest growing cells designed to be sloughed after a few days of super activity. These would be most accessible and perhaps informative at the rectum. Traces of excrement and urine would no doubt tell them many things. Eye tissues are especially subject to mutation and radiation damage. Ears would supply both hair and tough cartilage. Blood, skin and mammary glands would all have their significant stories to tell. Tails provide the most accessible bone samples.

While the tongue is just about the least preferable and last eaten part of a carcass for predators, the salivary glands beneath it have a well known attraction for geneticists. It was the discovery that chromosomes in the salivary glands of drosophila flies are about a thousand times larger than other body cells that led to the modern understanding of the function of genes. No earthling seems to know exactly what that remarkable gigantism means, but it has greatly assisted the study of chromosomes and genes.

After knowing who the mutilators are and why they do this, there is still the question about how they can do it without leaving a single track or any other traces. How can a half ton animal be killed, cut up and left in plain sight beside a busy highway or a house with watchdogs and never be seen? Yet something like that has happened many times. We must recognize that along with selecting tissues for examination, the mutilators have a secondary purpose. They want to make their presence known. They don't go out of their way to be seen, nor do they go out of their way to avoid being seen. They just go about their business here more or less oblivious to us. And they want us to know they are able to do that.

It's interesting to notice that when fresh snow falls, the mutilations usually stop. If animals were found recently mutilated in freshly fallen snow, it would be pretty obvious how it happened. If it had been done from the air, or by helicopter, or if the carcass had been transported to the site, those things would be evident. So, they don't do it that way. The mutilators never make the facts too obvious. They follow a simple rule: There must never be incontrovertible evidence. Why?

Because everything they do tends toward judgment. They present people with plenty of evidence, for example, all these mutilated carcasses. But it must always be of a kind that people can either accept or reject. They avoid compelling anyone to either believe or disbelieve anything. They're here to bring out what's inside us, what really makes us tick. That's what must ultimately go on display. Are we for heaven or against it? Do we respect it or hate everything about it? Do we believe our senses or accept the pronouncements of our experts even when they're obviously lying? These are among the issues of judgment.

That's why they want to make their presence known here, but only in ways that can be refuted and rejected by anyone who prefers it that way. So we can be sure there will NEVER be what is called solid evidence of their activities or even of their existence. On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence for whoever wants to accept it. As for how they actually do these things without leaving a single clue, that's not so hard to understand either. Not that we know all about their surgical techniques, any more than we can know all the details of their propulsion systems. but in a general way, it's possible to see how these things are done.

First, there's the question of how the animals are killed. Pathologists are saying officially that the deaths are natural. What is a "natural" death? Maybe the animals die of asphyxiation or of fright. There are many reports of animals being terrified by UFOs or UFO occupants. This is probably the same mechanism, but intensified, whereby animals fear men, the innate recognition of a superior power. (Genesis 9:2) People have also been terrified by UFOs, as well as by ghosts and snakes, even though such things might not be harmful, and in fact, might be beneficial. Some deaths from snake bite might be attributed to fear, which in itself can be deadly. Ghosts might have killed people in the same way. In any case, extraterrestrials are known to sometimes be extremely terrifying to men and also to animals. So that can't be ruled out as a cause of death in mutilated cattle. More probably they are felled with an electromagnetic beam.

As for how large animals are taken up and then replaced on the ground, we don't know all the details of that. We do know, however, that extraterrestrials control immense as well as intense electromagnetic force fields. Numerous reports tell of planes being sucked or pushed rapidly and uncontrollably upward or downward by UFOs. There have also been reports of cars and trucks being suspended above the highways they have been traveling along.

There are so many cases the world over of people and animals disappearing without a trace that this is almost commonplace. People have been reported disappearing from large groups, right before their neighbors' eyes, sometimes apparently being carried upward. Throughout history people have seen things falling from the sky small and sometimes regular streams of water, also ice, fish, blood, flesh, manna, oil, metals, cannon balls, nails, dirt, oyster shells, money. (The Works of Charles Fort, The Fortean Society, New York, 1941.) You name it and people somewhere have probably reported seeing it fall out of the sky.

In this case, it's so obvious that large animals are being picked up, killed, organs and blood removed, and then put down again, that helicopters seem to provide the only rational answer except that isn't very rational either! There is no actual evidence of helicopters ever being used for this purpose, even though some claim to have seen unidentified choppers, and even to have been chased by them. Even when strange helicopters have been sighted, that in itself might be neither more nor less significant than the man who reported that to his amazement he saw a UFO in a field as six shiny new green Chevrolets drove out of it and disappeared down the highway. This does not mean that extraterrestrials have Chevrolet or helicopter production lines. Maybe those vehicles were like the donkey in the Bible that the Lord has need of. (Matthew 21:2)

It's a mistake to think a machine would actually have to land, or grapple an object with a cable, for example, in order to make off with it. The facts make it appear otherwise, and also from a theoretical point of view, a narrowly defined force field could do the same thing. In fact, this is what the mutilators are telling people they are able to do. that is, make off very easily with half or three-quarter ton animals. They can also replace the carcasses gently on the ground after the tissues they need have been excised.

The fact that extraterrestrials can take things up into the sky has been well known for thousands of years. Right now, they are trying to refresh our collective memories about things like that. We are told, for example, that Jesus was "taken up," and then disappeared into a cloud. (Acts 1:9) Whether he was taken off the ground in a vehicle, or the vehicle was inside the cloud, the account does not say. Saint Paul wrote that at the end of this world's history, believers will be "caught up in the clouds ... and so shall we ever be with the Lord." (I Thessalonians 4:7) Jesus said that two will be working or sleeping together and one will be taken and the other left. (Matthew 24:40-41 and Luke 17:34) The lifting in such cases would have to be perfectly localized and selective, and the impression is given that it isn't necessary for the vehicle to be in the immediate area, but the "taking up" can be controlled from some unknown distance overhead.

That's what happens to animals in this testing program, and explains the complete absence of evidence at the scene. The animal is taken up, worked on, and then put down again in some very obvious location. The actual cuts might be made immediately overhead or thousands of feet in the sky. Since the propulsion systems that support and propel UFOs impinge very gently on an immense volume of space, they can be completely silent even at very high speeds. They can also become invisible. Let's think for a moment about how that is done.

There have been many reports of UFOs becoming invisible. While apparently still at close range, they suddenly blank out, disappearing from radar screens and also from sight. It's easy to see how this can happen, since UFO propulsion systems keep the vehicles constantly surrounded with a broad field of ionized particles. Radar operates by beaming out an electromagnetic signal and then picking up whatever reflection comes back from planes, missiles, rain, clouds, or other objects.

It doesn't take much electronic sophistication to tell when one's inside the beam of a radar "spotlight." Nor would it take much sophistication if one were inside a large precisely controlled field of ionized particles to completely absorb that signal so that nothing would be left of it to reflect back. There are reports of this being done, on then off, on then off, in regular sequence, playing with the radar operator, letting him know the UFO can either be seen or not seen however they choose.

The same thing can be done with visible light, which is also an electromagnetic radiation. It can also be absorbed so completely that nothing appears. Or the signal, either visually or on radar, can be strengthened so as to appear larger and brighter than it actually is. The plasma field surrounding them seldom allows UFOs to be seen distinctly. Usually the image will be hazy and indeterminate. We might be sure that whenever extraterrestrials are seen, it's because they choose to be seen, or else don't care whether they're seen or not. It's also possible that objects being picked up or let down could also be made invisible. The force fields supporting such objects could also absorb rather than emit electromagnetic radiation thereby making whatever's inside it invisible.

With these factors taken into account, it's easy to see how even very large animals can be picked up and put down again in plain sight on the very doorsteps of NORAD and the world's most sophisticated surveillance systems. The tables could be removed from the officers' mess during a banquet if that were worth doing. Maybe some things like that have already happened. If so, they are deep, dark classified Top Secrets.

Cattle mutilation, on the other hand, happens on plain ordinary farms and ranches where it's practically impossible to make folks understand that things of that nature must be top defense secrets. The bizarre sex angle has stirred up so much public curiosity that it's a real ticklish operation to shush the whole thing up and make everyone believe it really did not happen at all. And if it did, it's a classified secret anyway. If anything, this is harder to keep the lid on than Watergate. How can it be effectively suppressed without giving away the whole game? The official anti-UFO apologists have a real hard in fact an impossible task cut out for them. In some ways, even their enemies should feel sorry for them.

The fact is, and UFOs want everyone to know it, that they can take anything from anywhere at any time. Nothing in the world can stop them from doing that. If they wanted, they could take the president out of his armored limousine while he's surrounded by dozens of armed guards, or from the podium at the inauguration in front of that huge crowd. They could do that and it would be a total mystery. NO ONE could prevent it or even know what had happened to him. Or they could just as easily make off with his whole helicopter, or Air Force One.

Cattle mutilation is only a beginning. It can be predicted that more and more inexplicable things will be happening: automotive and power failures over large areas, objects and animals moved from place to place, intense and paralyzing darkness at strange times and places. (Joel 3:15, Amos 5:18, Rev. 9:2) Things like this are to be expected, and even stranger things far beyond our present imagination. They'll be making their presence known to whomever it may concern and testing their control systems to make sure everything is in first class working order when the time comes to use them all at once on a worldwide scale.

If we are really being visited by the large numbers of extraterrestrials that UFOs suggest, many people will want to ask the simple question that has been excellently stated by Dr. Donald H. Menzel, a Harvard astronomer and arch critic of UFOs. While Dr. Menzel concedes "that the concept of manned spaceships is not an absolute impossibility," he goes on to ask: "is it not natural that beings from outer space should exhibit an interest in us? But, when we consider that these beings if indeed they are beings have been bugging us for centuries, why should one not have landed and shown himself to the President of the United States, to a member of the National Academy of Sciences, or at least to some member of Congress?" (Congressional Record, July 29, 1968, Donald E. Menzel, Ph.D.)

Whoever has had the patience to follow our discussion this far will have seen the answer to that. Extraterrestrials don't negotiate with national leaders, or the U. N., or with anyone in a position of authority here for exactly the same reason the U. S. has refused to negotiate with Cuba, or Israel with the P.L.O., or the Arabs with Israel. Contacts would be a defacto recognition of the legitimacy of those being dealt with. On the other hand, UFOs have shown no animosity toward private individuals as such.

Cattle mutilation should be a shocking eye opener in at least one respect. Extraterrestrials have sometimes been called "angels," thoroughly neutered characters, ineffectual nobodies with wings, long flowing robes, soft effeminate manners and no business here. Over the years, they've been degraded to chubby infants and finally to mere infant heads with ear wings to decorate sentimental Christmas cards. How that ever got distilled out of scripture where angels are dreadful and dreadfully destructive beings, is hard to imagine. Only the arch enemies of heaven could ever have devised such lying caricatures. (Judges 13:6, 2 Chronicles 21:12 and Genesis 26:31-34.)

Now we've the chance to return to the original and correct perceptions. We'd do well to forget those "kindly space brothers whose sole aim is a mission of salvation." Extraterrestrials now in our skies had better be thought of as soldiers, excellent soldiers, superb soldiers, ENEMY soldiers. What they've come here with is POWER. And what they don't have any at all of is soft spineless sentimentality. They'll do what they've been sent here to do, clean or dirty, and without the least inhibition or squeamishness, let there be no doubt about that.

... Deception and secrecy mislead many gullible followers, but they always carry within themselves the seeds of their own destruction. In any case, real knowledge can only be based on actual facts. Lies and fantasies, since they never rise even to the level of illusion, can never become the basis for knowledge. So although lies and fantasies seem to have a quasi-existence, time soon discards them, consigning everything of that nature to the universal trash heap, incinerator, or hell.

Then even when this planet and solar system are immersed in unquenchable fire, there will be nothing to fear from that. There will be delightful companions of a similar nature who know all about such things. They are coming here from very far away and will take infinite pains to make sure no good spirit gets lost in that holocaust.

The End

* USAF Academy Photo Information:

The U. S. Air Force Academy, a popular tourist attraction that overlooks the cattle mutilation hot spots such as Elizabeth, Colorado. Elizabeth, in one of the very hardest hit areas, lies to the northeast of the USAF Academy about 25 miles as the crow flies (or the mutilators). Lowry Air Force Bombing Range and Base are a few miles north of Elizabeth. The heavily guarded gate to NORAD's (North American Air Defense Command) super secret brain center inside Cheyenne Mountain, where one mutilation occurred, is about 16 miles due south of the Academy. Ft. Carson is immediately east of that. End AFB and Peterson Field, with its very heavy military air traffic, are just north of Ft. Carson.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, where a buffalo was mutilated, is about 2 miles north of NORAD's gate and 14 miles south of the Academy. The Rocky Flats A-bomb plant, where two cows were mutilated, is about 55 miles away, just north of Denver. The Canon City and Cripple Creek mutilation areas lie beyond Pike's Peak, about 30 miles southwest of the Academy. Immediately west of the Academy are extremely rugged mountains. The summit of Pike's Peak is about 13 miles due southwest. Since suburban sprawl, largely military oriented, extends a long distance every way from Colorado Springs, Security and Fountain, someone must have had a very hard time finding close in cattle to mutilate, settling in one case for a buffalo.