Other Acounts of Aliens and Alien Spacecraft Recoveries

Other Accounts of Aliens and Alien Spacecraft Recoveries

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Numerous other people say they heard reports of aliens and an alien craft from others. In some cases, several people heard similar alien stories from the same person. Several others claimed to have seen or handled material which was of alien origin.

Barney Barnett story. Accounts of an alien recovery at Roswell first publicly emerged in "The Roswell Incident," by Charles Berlitz and William Moore, published in 1980. An incident recounted by soil engineer Barney Barnett to various people was mentioned, where Barnett said that he and a team of archaeologists stumbled across a flying saucer crash with dead aliens on the Plains of San Augustin, near Socorro, New Mexico in July 1947. The military arrived almost simultaneously and led them away.[31]

Dr. Charles Bertrand Schultz, a vertebrate paleontologist from the University of Nebraska. Schultz told a similar crash story, but closer to Roswell. Schultz said he had been in Roswell at the time, and while driving out north of town along Highway 285, had seen a military cordon blocking access west of the highway. Later he met with archeologist Dr. William Curry Holden of Texas Tech, who told him he and his archeological team had been at a crash site north of Roswell and west of the highway and had come across a strange craft with alien bodies. They contacted the military, which took them away when they arrived. [32]

Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Arthur E. Exon, a former commanding officer at Wright-Patterson AFB, has been identified as the highest-ranking military figure to suggest that an alien spacecraft and bodies could have been recovered at Roswell in 1947. He cautioned that though his information was second-hand, it came from men directly involved whom he knew personally and trusted. Exon said he was told about anomalous debris analysis at Wright-Patterson. "A couple of guys thought it might be Russian, but the overall consensus was that the pieces were from space. ...Roswell was the recovery of a craft from space." He said he was also told about bodies being recovered from a nearby related crash site. He flew over the area a few months later and saw at least two impact regions. He said the whole matter was covered up at the highest levels of government. [33]

CIC agent Lewis Rickett said he accompanied Sheridan Cavitt to the ranch, witnessed high security and a large military debris recovery, handled strange metal debris, and saw a gouge in the ground. In September 1947, Rickett said he and Cavitt assisted astronomer Dr. Lincoln La Paz try to determine the speed and trajectory of the device that crashed on the Brazel ranch. “According to Rickett, La Paz formed the opinion that [the object] was a probe from another planet.” Rickett said they found a touchdown point five miles from the debris field where the sand had crystallized, possibly from the heat. [34] Shortly before he died, it is also claimed he confirmed that the object’s shape was long, thin with a 'bat-like' wing."[35]

Colonel Edwin Easley, Roswell base Provost Marshal in charge of the Military Police. When asked what happened, he said he had sworn a security oath and couldn’t talk about it. However, when asked if the extraterrestrials theories was the right path to follow, Easley replied, “Let’s put it this way. That’s not the wrong path.” [36] It is also claimed that Easley’s doctor, Harold Granik, and a granddaughter, reported that Easley spoke about the “creatures” at Roswell on his deathbed. [37]

Lydia Sleppy was a Teletype operator working at an Albuquerque radio station in 1947. She said they received a telephone call from John McBoyle of KSWS Radio in Roswell. In her affidavit she recalled McBoyle saying, "There's been one of those flying saucer things crash down here north of Roswell." He'd met Brazel in a coffee shop. Brazel said he'd discovered the object and "had towed it underneath a shelter on his property. Brazel offered to take McBoyle to the ranch to see the object. McBoyle described it as a 'big crumpled dishpan.'" She added the FBI then interrupted the teletype as she tried to send it and ordered that they cease transmission. She said her boss, Karl Lambertz, spoke to McBoyle the next day. "He told Mr. Lambertz the military had isolated the area where the saucer was found and was keeping the press out. He saw planes come in from Wright Field, Ohio, to take the thing away." [38] The station owner, Merle Tucker, confirmed hearing the story at the time. In an interview shortly before his death, McBoyle confirmed seeing an object that looked like “a crushed dishpan,” about 25-30 feet long, impacted in a slope. [39]

Bill Brazel Jr. reported that his father towed a large object off the field and stored it in a livestock shed. Marcel in one early interview likewise recounted Brazel showing them the largest piece he had found, about 10 feet in diameter, which he had dragged from the field.[40]

Frank Joyce, Roswell radio KGFL news announcer, said he spoke to Brazel when he first reported the incident to Sheriff Wilcox. He initially said that Walt Whitmore Sr. had mentioned, when he was dying, that rumors of recovered aliens weren't correct because the aliens weren't green. Joyce later claimed he had been misquoted, claiming instead Brazel had mentioned the "little green men." In earlier interviews, Joyce wouldn't discuss the details of what Brazel told him, saying only that he didn't believe the story, but suggested he report the incident to the base. After Brazel gave his press interview, he called Joyce again and said, "We haven't got the story right." Brazel went to the radio station and told Joyce a balloon story. Joyce responded, "Look, this is completely different than what you told me on the phone the other day about the little green men. Joyce said Brazel responded to the effect, "No they weren't green. Our lives will never be the same again." [41] In more recent interviews, as first reported by Tom Carey and Don Schmitt in 1998, Joyce has explained this cryptic conversation by saying Brazel first mentioned small, nonhuman beings when he first spoke to him. Initially Brazel was highly stressed over the large quantities of debris that needed to be cleaned up. "Who's gonna clean all that shit up?" Then Joyce said Brazel really began "losing it," talking about the "horrible stench" from the dead "little people" he had found at another location. Joyce suggested maybe he had found monkeys from a military experiment. "They're not monkeys, and they're not human!" Joyce then went on to explain that his "little green men comment [referred] back to our original phone conversation." [42]

• According to Brazel’s neighbor Loretta Proctor, her 7-year old son Timothy or "Dee" was with Brazel when he first discovered the debris field. But he was also with Brazel when he discovered something else at another site 2-1/2 miles to the east that left him deeply traumatized for the rest of his life. He never told her exactly what he saw there but did take her to the location in 1994 saying, "Here is where Mack found something else." Dee Proctor would also duck all attempts at interview and died in 2006. However, other rancher children are believed to have visited the site, including Sydney "Jack" Wright, who said that two sons of rancher Thomas Edington and one of rancher Truman Pierce’s daughters got to "the other location." Wright in 1998 would state, "There were bodies, small bodies with big heads and eyes. And Mack was there too. We couldn’t get away from there fast enough." [43]

Private First Class Ed Sain was an MP in the 390th Air Service Squadron. On the evening of July 7, he and Cpl. Raymond Van Why were told to report to the ambulance pool outside the base hospital and boarded a military ambulance. It was driven north of town and then west into the desert. When they got there at night somewhere in the desert, there were a few tents and a number of floodlights. They were told to guard the entrance to the site from a tent set up for that purpose and to “Shoot anyone that tries to get in.” They were returned to the base at daybreak. His son Steven said his father was still reluctant to talk about it, being under a security oath and fearing for his life. According to Steven Sain, his father told both him and his brother that his job was to "guard the bodies at the crash site," which he said "were kept in one of the other tents until being transported to the base." He also thought his father had seen the craft, because he said "it was the strangest thing he had ever seen in his life." Raymond Van Why’s wife, Leola, said her husband first talked about it in 1954 when he got out of the service. He told her that he had been a guard at a crash site "out in the desert" where a spaceship had crashed. "My husband told me that it was a UFO that had crashed, that it was a round disc. ..he was out there and saw it!" [44]

Sgt. LeRoy Wallace was another MP in the 390th Air Service Squadron. According to his widow, he was called away one evening to go to a crash site outside of Corona "to help load the bodies." When he returned home the next morning, the first thing she noticed was the horrible stench on his clothes, which she burned. The horrible smell lingered on his body for another two weeks despite repeated bathing. [45]

• Beverly Bean, daughter of Sgt. Melvin Brown, said her father also helped guard the crash site where alien bodies were recovered. She claimed her father told her he saw two or three alien bodies packed in ice as they drove back to the base in a truck. "He said they were smaller than a normal man--about four feet--and had much larger heads than us, with slanted eyes, and that the bodies looked yellowish, a bit Asian-looking." That night, he stood guard outside a hangar where either debris or bodies awaited shipment to Texas. [46]

Sgt. Homer G. Rowlette, Jr. was with the 603rd Air Engineering Squadron at Roswell. According to his son Larry and daughter Carlene Green, he told them about the "crash of a flying saucer" on his deathbed in March 1988. Larry Rowlette said his father was part of the cleanup detail sent to the impact site north of Roswell. There were also two other sites near Corona, N.M. He had handled the "memory material" which he described as "thin foil that kept its shape." He saw the actual ship that was "somewhat circular." Finally, he said he had seen "three little people. They had large heads and at least one was alive." Carlene Green said her father, still lucid, told her, "I was at Roswell when they recovered the spaceship in 1947. I was involved. I saw it. It’s all true." [47]

Private First Class Rolland Menagh was another MP in the 390th Air Service Squadron. He later became a security specialist for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. According to sons Michael and Rolland Jr., their father first spoke about his involvement in the 1960s. Rolland Jr. recalled, "He was an MP who guarded the UFO crash site north of Roswell. He saw the ship, which he described as being round or egg-shaped and seamless." Rolland Jr. didn’t remember his father talking about bodies, but Michael recalled he mentioned three dead bodies. He added, "He said the spaceship was loaded onto an 18-wheeler with a tarp covering it and then driven right through the center of town down to the air base. My father said he accompanied it in a Jeep all the way from the crash site to the hangar where it was deposited." [48]

• A number of other witnesses have been found to a flatbed, 18-wheeler truck with an oval or egg-shaped tarped object being driven through the center of Roswell toward the base on the afternoon of July 8, accompanied by an escort of armed MPs in Jeeps, some with machine guns. One, Richard Talbert, said he saw what was under the tarp when it momentarily lifted up. It was "silver, oval-shaped... approximately 4 to 5 feet wide by about 12 feet long and 5 to 7 feet high. It had a dome on it, but it was damaged because it was cut off at one end." Other eyewitnesses were Paul McFerrin, Bob Rich and Jobie MacPherson. At the base, Sgt. Earl Fulford said he saw the truck and covered object, about the size and shape of a Volkswagen Beetle, being driven to Hangar 84 around 4:00 p.m. by a close friend of his. [49]

Frankie Rowe, was the daughter of Roswell fireman Dan Dwyer. Her father told the family of being on a run outside of Roswell to what they thought was a plane crash. "He said it was a crash of something that was not from the earth. ...the crash left a lot of pieces of small material around, and two small bodies and one person walking around. He said it was from another planet...they were very small, and the one that was walking around was about the size of a ten-year-old child, and it didn't have any hair...it had very small ears and rather large dark eyes. They had on a one-piece suit that covered the whole body." [50] Afterwards she claimed the military threatened to kill the whole family if they talked. (See accounts of threats below) • Barbara Dugger, granddaughter of Sheriff George Wilcox, said her grandmother, Inez Wilcox once told her what happened: “there was a spacecraft--a flying saucer--that crashed outside Roswell.” After Brazel reported the incident to the Sheriff, he had gone out to the site in the evening. "There was a big burned area, and he saw debris. He also saw four 'space beings.' One of the little men was alive. Their heads were large. They wore suits like silk." The military threatened the entire family with death if he ever talked about it. [51]

Miriam Bush was the secretary of the hospital administrator Lt. Col. Harold Warne. According to siblings Jean and George, she came home after work in a highly stressed state. She claimed that Warne took her to an examination room and she saw several small childlike bodies. One was moving. Their skin was greyish to brown in tone and they were covered in something like white linens. Their heads and eyes were large. The next day she came home and said nobody was to ever talk about it. The family thought she had received heavy-handed threats. [52]

Mortician Glenn Dennis said the Roswell base called him asking for small caskets for three corpses that had been recovered. Soon after, after transporting an injured airman to the base hospital, Dennis said he saw strange metallic objects in an ambulance, ran into a worried nurse friend inside the hospital who warned him to leave, and was then threatened by an officer, who had him thrown out. The next day, he went to the base to meet the nurse. She described an alien autopsy and drew pictures for Dennis of alien corpses she had seen. "She said the head was disproportionately large for the body… There were three bodies; two were very mangled and dismembered, as if destroyed by predators; one was fairly intact. They were three-and-a-half to four feet tall." They had four long fingers. They had to move the operation to an aircraft hangar because of the horrible stench. [53]

S/Sgt. Milton Sprouse, a B-29 crew chief, said a medic friend who worked in the hospital emergency room, told him of seeing "humanoid" bodies and that autopsies had been hurriedly carried out on two of them by two doctors and two nurses. The bodies were taken out to a heavily guarded hangar. The next day, the medic was transferred and they never found out his fate. The doctors and nurses were also immediately transferred, and their fate was also unknown. A few years later, Glenn Dennis told him about a call from the base for child-size caskets. Five members of his crew were part of the massive clean-up of the Foster Ranch and told him of debris that was "out of this world," including metal foil with memory properties. [54]

• Ruben, Pete, and Mary Anaya, related Ruben receiving a call from the base from New Mexico Lt. Governor Joseph Montoya, a personal friend, to pick him up outside a base hangar. (Ruben worked at the base.) Bringing him to their home, Montoya was pale and frightened. He related how a platter-shaped object had crashed. In a hangar, he saw pieces of crash debris and two (or four) non-human “little men,” one barely alive, being worked on by doctors. They were short, white, bald and skinny with big eyes and four long fingers. They wore a tight-fitting suit. Montoya warned them not to talk about it or somebody in the government would get them. [55] In another interview, Ruben Anaya said he spoke to a nurse outside the hangar who told him of the bodies "not of this world." He got a distant glimpse of two small bodies in the hangar covered with a sheet, one moving. Pete Anaya also said he spoke to a nurse outside the hangar, who he knew. She warned him not to go in the hangar. He never saw her again. [56]

Pvt. Francis Cassidy was an MP in the 1395th Military Police Company at Roswell. According to his wife Sarah Mounce, her husband told her during his final days in 1976 to guarding Hangar P-3 and seeing the bodies inside. Cpl. Robert J. Lida was another MP in the 1395th. His wife Wanda Lida said her husband also told her in the final months of his life in 1995 about guarding the bodies inside the same hangar. He observed wreckage inside the hangar and a number of “small bodies” being prepared for shipment elsewhere. [57]

• Captain Oliver "Pappy" Henderson, a pilot at Roswell in 1947, told various family members and friends that he flew alien wreckage and had seen alien corpses. His wife, Sappho, said in an affidavit: "He pointed out [a 1980/81 newspaper article on Roswell] to me and said, 'I want you to read this article, because it's a true story. I'm the pilot who flew the wreckage of the UFO to Dayton, Ohio. I guess now that they're putting it in the paper, I can tell you about this. I wanted to tell you for years.' Pappy Henderson never discussed his work because of his security clearance. He described the beings as small with large heads for their size. He said the material from their suits were made of was different than anything he had ever seen. He said they looked strange. I believe he mentioned that the bodies had been packed in dry ice to preserve them." His daughter Mary Groode in an affidavit similarly wrote, "He told me that he saw the crashed craft and the alien bodies described in the article, and that he had flown the wreckage to Ohio. He described the alien beings as small and pale, with slanted eyes and large heads. He said they were humanoid-looking, but different from us. I think he said there were three bodies." Vere McCarthy said Henderson told his old WWII flight crew about seeing the alien bodies at a reunion in 1982. Henderson said "...something to the effect that they were badly deteriorated from exposure and gnawed at by predators." [58]

• Lt. Robert Shirkey, assistant operations officer, (see above) said there were other flights, another to Fort Worth, and a B-29 flight directly to Wright Field piloted by Henderson. He also said that he later learned that: “a Sergeant and some airmen went to the crash site and swept up everything, including bodies. The bodies were laid out in Hangar 84. Henderson's flight contained all that material. All of those involved--the Sergeant of the Guards, all of the crewmen, and myself--were shipped out to different bases within two weeks.” [59]

• Blanche Wahnee, daughter of Capt. Meyers Wahnee, said her father told the family that the Roswell Incident was true in the last year of his life. A pilot during WWII, in 1947 he was a top-tier security officer. He was flown from Fort Simmons in Colorado to Roswell to oversee the transport of a “Top Secret item” from Roswell to Fort Worth on a special B-29 flight. The item was a single, large, wooden crate that Wahnee was to accompany as a security guard in the bomb bay, which he said contained the alien bodies recovered near Roswell. He also said there were three sites. [60] Three crew members on a special B-29 flight from Roswell to Fort Worth on July 9, Sgt. Robert Slusher, PFC Lloyd Thompson, and S/Sgt. Arthur Osepchook, also spoke of the unusual crate flight with security detail in the bomb bay, that was met in Fort Worth by a mortician. [61]

• According to four sons of Lt. Col. Marion M. Magruder, their father told them on his deathbed of being shown crash wreckage and a live alien at Wright Field, Ohio, in mid or late July 1947. He had been attending Air War College at Maxwell Field, Montgomery, Alabama, composed solely of the best high-ranking officers in the various services, including generals. They were flown up to Wright Field to get their opinion on a matter of utmost urgency and importance. There the surprised officers were told about the recovery to Wright Field of an extraterrestrial spaceship that had crashed just two weeks previously near Roswell. Wreckage was brought out for them to examine. Then they were taken to another room and shown a surviving alien. According to the description from Mike Magruder, his father said the “creature” was under 5 feet tall, “human-like” but with longer arms, larger eyes, and an oversized, hairless head. It had a slit for a mouth and two holes but no appendages for a nose and ears. There was no question that it “came from another planet.” [62]

• Steven Lovekin, who served in the White House Army Signal Corp between 1959 and 1961 (handling encrypted and classified White House communications), said he and others received UFO briefings at the Pentagon. According to Lovekin, they were shown a metal beam covered with hieroglyphs and a piece of foil-like debris. They were told it had come from a "New Mexico crash in 1947 of an extraterrestrial craft." Further, "...they did discuss the fact that there were bodies, extraterrestrial bodies... there were either 3 or 5... One was alive, partially alive, at the time that this happened." Lovekin added he heard Pres. Eisenhower talking and worrying about how control was slipping out of government hands and being assumed by corporations tasked with studying the situation. [63]