Qualifications of Elders 1 - Observations

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The United Kingdom endured for 120 years: 3 equal periods of 40 years.

120 signifies the end of all flesh and is a reoccurrent theme throughout the Bible.

Saul was anointed with a vial: David, 3 times with a horn.

The longest serving king in the north-ern kingdom was Jeroboam 2, the 13th.

Of the 20 kings of Judah, a minority of 8 were good (40%), while 60% were evil.

Every king of Israel was evil!

The combined total shows 8/39: 20.51% good; 79.49% evil.

This predominance of evil kings reveals the fact that the anointing does not change a person's character. Rather, it manifests what is in that person's character, both strengths and weaknesses. Where the weakness are not consciously dealt with, they prove the downfall of the leader.

Many healing evangelists of the 1950's also attest to the credence of this position.

Even though they were anointed with the kingly anointing of power, (healing the sick and casting out devils) weaknesses evidenced their fall.

The Lord Jesus taught that the rain falls on the just and the unjust.

There is mixture among the leaders of God's people.

Let the modern leader beware: let him deal with areas of character weakness in his life or be exposed to the fate of many that have gone before him.

Character deficiency will prove his undoing.