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T he Hebrew Text

You hold in your hands a copy of Exodus Chapter 12, precisely as it was dictated by God (the Lord, Jehovah) to Moses, letter by letter, on Mt. Sinai in 1491 B.C. [1500]

This great document of antiquity is 3,500 years old!

It is contemporary with the Pharaohs of Egypt, and predates the empires of Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome. It is at once prophetic of the coming global one-world empire comprised of ten sections. [10 Toes, 10 Horns, 10 Kings]

When God had led the people to Sinai He gave them five areas of learning that were to be mastered like the back of your hand: The Law, The Tabernacle, The Feasts of the Lord, The Priesthood and The Sacrificial Offerings. This learning is exclusively God’s. As the heavens are above the earth so is His teaching above that of and every world culture. He expects us to learn His knowledge. He is interested in neither the civilisations of Greece, nor Rome.

This knowledge can only be found in the Bible: the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures and the greatest document that has ever been written, the New Testament. Learn both of these. Learn them well, for this knowledge will be used throughout eternity.


rma:l Myrum Ura:b Nrha-la:w hsm-la hwhy rmay:w 1

hns:h ysdx:l Mk:l awh Nwsar Mysdx sar Mk:l hz:h sdx:h 2

tde-lk-la wrbd 3
tyb:l hv tba-tyb:l hv sya Mh:l wxqy:w hz:h sdx:l rve:b rma:l larvy

xql:w hv:m tyh:m tyb:h jemy-Ma:w 4
hv:h-le wokt w:lka yp:l sya tspn tokm:b w:tyb-la brq:h w:nks:w awh

wxqt Myze:h-Nm:w Myvbk:h-Nm Mk:l hyhy hns-Nb rkz Mymt hv 5

trmsm:l Mk:l hyh:w 6
Mybre:h Nyb larvy-tde lhq lk w:ta wjxs:w hz:h sdx:l Mwy rve hebra de

Nm wxql:w 7
Mh:b w:ta wlkay-rsa Mytb:h le Pwqsm:h-le:w tzwzm:h yts-le wntn:w Md:h-

wh:lkay Myrrm-le twum:w sa-ylu hz:h hlyl:b rvb:h-ta wlka:w 8
wlkat-la 9

w:brq-le:w w:yerk-le w:sar sa-ylu-Ma yk Mym:b lsbm lsb:w an wn:m:m
wprvt sa:b rqb-de wn:m:m rtn:h:w rqb-de wn:m:m wrytwt-al:w 10

Myrgx Mk:yntm w:ta wlkat hk:k:w 11
hwhy:l awh xop Nwzpx:b w:ta Mtlka:w Mk:dy:b Mk:lqm:w Mk:ylgr:b Mk:ylen

rwkb-lk ytykh:w hz:h hlyl:b Myrum-Ura:b ytrbe:w 12
hwhy yna Myjps hvea Myrum yhla-lk:b:w hmhb-de:w Mda:m Myrum Ura:b

ytyar:w Ms Mta rsa Mytb:h le ta:l Mk:l Md:h hyh:w 13
Myrum Ura:b y:tkh:b tyxsm:l Pgn Mk:b hyhy-al:w Mk:le ytxop:w Md:h-ta

hyh:w 14
wh:gxt Mlwe tqx Mk:ytrd:l hwhy:l gx w:ta Mtgx:w Nwrkz:l Mk:l hz:h Mwy:h

Mk:ytb:m rav wtybst Nwsar:h Mwy:b Ka wlkat twum Mymy tebs 15
yebs:h Mwy-de Nsar:h Mwy:m larvy:m awh:h spn:h htrkn:w Umx lka-lk yk

Mk:l hyhy sdq-arqm yeybs:h Mwy:b:w sdq-arqm Nwsar:h Mwy:b:w 16
Mk:l hvey w:db:l awh spn-lk:l lkay rsa Ka Mh:b hvey-al hkalm-lk

ytauwh hz:h Mwy:h Mue:b yk twum:h-ta Mtrms:w 17
Mlwe tqx Mk:ytrd:l hz:h Mwy:h-ta Mtrms:w Myrum Ura:m Mk:ytwabu-ta

hebra:b Nsar:b 18
bre:b sdx:l Myrve:w dxa:h Mwy de tum wlkat bre:b sdx:l Mwy rve

Mk:ytb:b aumy al rav Mymy tebs 19
Ura:h xrza:b:w rg:b larvy tde:m awh:h spn:h htrkn:w tumxm lka-lk yk

twum wlkat Mk:ytbswm lk:b wlkat al tumxm-lk 20

lk:l hsm arqy:w 21
xop:h wjxs:w Mk:ytxpsm:l Nau Mk:l wxq:w wksm Mh:la rmay:w larvy ynqz-

Pwqsm:h-la Mtegh:w Po:b-rsa Md:b Mtlbj:w bwza tdga Mtxql:w 22
rqb-de w:tyb-xtp:m sya waut al Mta:w Po:b rsa Md:h-Nm tzwzm:h yts-la:w

le:w Pwqsm:h-le Md:h-ta har:w Myrum-ta Pgn:l hwhy rbe:w 23
Pgn:l Mk:ytb-la ab:l tyxsm:h Nty al:w xtp:h-le hwhy xop:w tzwzm:h yts

Mlwe-de K:ynb:l:w K:l-qx:l hz:h rbd:h-ta Mtrms:w 24

yk hyh:w 25
taz:h hdbe:h-ta Mtrms:w rbd rsa:k Mk:l hwhy Nty rsa Ura:h-la wabt-

Mk:l taz:h hdbe:h hm Mk:ynb Mk:yla wrmay-yk hyh:w 26

ytb-le xop rsa hwhy:l awh xop-xbz Mtrma:w 27
wwxtsy:w Me:h dqy:w lyuh wn:ytb-ta:w Myrum-ta w:pgn:b Myrum:b larvy-ynb

wve Nk Nrha:w hsm-ta hwhy hwu rsa:k larvy ynb wvey:w wkly:w 28

rkb:m Myrum Ura:b rwkb-lk hkh hwhy:w hlyl:h yux:b yhy:w 29
hmhb rwkb lk:w rwb:h tyb:b rsa ybs:h rwkb de w:aok-le bsy:h herp

awh hlyl herp Mqy:w 30
tm Ms-Nya rsa tyb Nya-yk Myrum:b hldg hqeu yht:w Myrum-lk:w w:ydbe-lk:w

rmay:w hlyl Nrha:l:w hsm:l arqy:w 31
Mk:rbd:k hwhy-ta wdbe wkl:w larvy ynb-Mg Mta-Mg y:me Kwt:m wau wmwq

y:ta-Mg Mtkrb:w wkl:w Mtrbd rsa:k wxq Mk:rqb-Mg Mk:nau-Mg 32

Mytm wn:lk wrma yk Ura:h-Nm M:xls:l rhm:l Me:h-le Myrum qzxt:w 33

M:mks-le M:tlmv:b trru M:trasm Umxy Mrj w:qub-ta Me:h avy:w 34

tlmv:w bhz ylk:w Pok-ylk Myrum:m wlasy:w hsm rbd:k wve larvy-ynb:w 35

Myrum-ta wluny:w M:wlasy:w Myrum ynye:b Me:h Nx-ta Ntn hwhy:w 36

Pj:m db:l Myrbg:h ylgr Pla twam-ss:k h:tko oomer:m larvy-ynb weoy:w 37

dam dbk hnqm rqb:w Nau:w M:ta hle br bre-Mg:w 38
twum tge Myrum:m wayuwh rsa qub:h-ta wpay:w 39

Mh:l wve-al hdu-Mg:w hmhmth:l wlky al:w Myrum:m wsrg-yk Umx al yk
hns twam ebra:w hns Mysls Myrum:b wbsy rsa larvy ynb bswm:w 40

hns Mysls Uq:m yhy:w 41
Myrum Ura:m hwhy twabu-lk wauy hz:h Mwy:h Mue:b yhy:w hns twam ebra:w

M:ayuwh:l hwhy:l awh Myrms lyl 42
M:trd:l larvy ynb-lk:l Myrms hwhy:l hz:h hlyl:h-awh Myrum Ura:m

w:b lkay-al rkn-Nb-lk xop:h tqx taz Nrha:w hsm-la hwhy rmay:w 43

w:b lkay za w:ta htlm:w Pok-tnqm sya dbe-lk:w 44
w:b-lkay-al rykv:w bswt 45

w:b-wrbst al Mue:w huwx rvb:h-Nm tyb:h-Nm ayuwt-al lkay dxa tyb:b 46

w:ta wvey larvy tde-lk 47

lwmh hwhy:l xop hve:w rg K:ta rwgy-yk:w 48
w:b lkay-al lre-lk:w Ura:h xrza:k hyh:w w:tve:l brqy za:w rkz-lk w:l

Mk:kwt:b rg:h rg:l:w xrza:l hyhy txa hrwt 49

wve Nk Nrha-ta:w hsm-ta hwhy hwu rsa:k larvy ynb-lk wvey:w 50

M:tabu-le Myrum Ura:m larvy ynb-ta hwhy ayuwh hz:h Mwy:h Mue:b yhy:w 51