-668: Isaiah 9:6 and 7:14

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-668 [Isaiah 9:6 (5)]


A t a backward count of 668, commencing in Isaiah 9:6 and concluding in Isaiah 7:14, the name Jesus, is spelled out.


This immediately links these two great verses of the Bible relating to the birth of Jesus:

He is Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace,

is born of a Virgin and is [Immanuel] God With Us!


The Hebrew text is shown, identifying the letters. They reveal the name Yeshua, Jesus.


dly-yk <9:5> 9:6

Mwls-rv deyba rwbg la Uewy alp w:ms arqy:w w:mks-le hrvm:h yht:w wn:l-Ntn Nb wn:l-dly


wdkln:w wsqwn:w wrbsn:w wlpn:w Mybr M:b wlsk:w 8:15


whykrby Nb whyrkz-ta:w Nhk:h hyrwa ta Mynman Myde y:l hdyea:w 8:2


la wn:me w:ms tarq:w Nb tdly:w hrh hmle:h hnh twa Mk:l awh ynda Nty Nk:l 7:14



The First and the Last: First: Isaiah 9:6 The Last: Embedded in Isaiah 7:14


Both texts are interrelated by the increment of 668.


The total number of letters employed in this matrix is 2005. The sum of these digits is 7. Its factors are (401 x 5), and these digits total 10.


A Work Sheet of the three increments of 668 is shown. The letters may be counted to verify the ELS.


la wn:me w:ms tarq:w Nb tdly:w hrh hmle:h hnh twa Mk:l awh ynda Nty Nk:l 14

bwj:b rwxb:w er:b owam w:ted:l lkay sbd:w hamx 15

h:yklm yns ynp:m Uq hta rsa hmda:h bzet bwj:b rxb:w er:b oam ren:h edy Mrj:b yk 16

rwsa Klm ta hdwhy le:m Myrpa-rwo Mwy:m:l wab-al rsa Mymy K:yba tyb-le:w K:me-le:w K:yle hwhy ayby 17

rwsa Ura:b rsa hrwbd:l:w Myrum yray huq:b rsa bwbz:l hwhy qrsy awh:h Mwy:b hyh:w 18

Myllhn:h lk:b:w Myuwuen:h lk:b:w Myelo:h yqyqn:b:w twtb:h ylxn:b M:lk wxn:w wab:w 19

hpot Nqz:h-ta Mg:w Mylgr:h rev:w sar:h-ta rwsa Klm:b rhn yrbe:b hrykv:h ret:b ynda xlgy awh:h Mwy:b 20

Nau-yts:w rqb tlge sya-hyxy awh:h Mwy:b hyh:w 21

Ura:h brq:b rtwn:h-lk lkay sbd:w hamx-yk hamx lkay blx twve br:m hyh:w 22

hyhy tys:l:w ryms:l Pok Pla:b Npg Pla Ms-hyhy rsa Mwqm-lk hyhy awh:h Mwy:b hyh:w 23

Ura:h-lk hyht tys:w ryms-yk h:ms awby tsq:b:w Myux:b 24

hv omrm:l:w rws xlsm:l hyh:w tys:w ryms tary h:ms awbt-al Nwrdey rdem:b rsa Myrh:h lk:w 25

zb sx lls rhm:l swna jrx:b w:yle btk:w lwdg Nwylg K:l-xq y:la hwhy rmay:w 1

whykrby Nb whyrkz-ta:w Nhk:h hyrwa ta Mynman Myde y:l hdyea:w 2




whykrby Nb whyrkz-ta:w Nhk:h hyrwa ta Mynman Myde y:l hdyea:w 2

zb sx lls rhm w:ms arq y:la hwhy rmay:w Nb dlt:w rht:w haybn:h-la brqa:w 3

rwsa Klm ynp:l Nwrms lls ta:w qvmd lyx-ta avy y:ma:w y:ba arq ren:h edy Mrj:b yk 4

rma:l dwe y:la rbd hwhy Poy:w 5

whylmr-Nb:w Nyur-ta vwvm:w ja:l Myklh:h xls:h ym ta hz:h Me:h oam yk Ney 6

w:ytwdg-lk-le Klh:w w:yqypa-lk-le hle:w w:dwbk-lk-ta:w rwsa Klm-ta Mybr:h:w Mymwue:h rhn:h ym-ta Mh:yle hlem ynda hnh Nk:l:w 7

la wn:me K:ura-bxr alm w:ypnk twjm hyh:w eygy rawu-de rbe:w Pjs hdwhy:b Plx:w 8

wtx:w wrzath wtx:w wrzath Ura-yqxrm lk wnyzah:w wtx:w Myme wer 9

la wn:me yk Mwqy al:w rbd wrbd rpt:w hue wue 10

rma:l hz:h-Me:h Krd:b tkl:m yn:roy:w dy:h tqzx:k y:la hwhy rma hk yk 11

wuyret al:w waryt-al w:arwm-ta:w rsq hz:h Me:h rmay-rsa lk:l rsq Nwrmat-al 12

Mk:urem awh:w Mk:arwm awh:w wsydqt w:ta twabu hwhy-ta 13

Mlswry bswy:l sqwm:l:w xp:l larvy ytb yns:l lwskm rwu:l:w Pgn Nba:l:w sdqm:l hyh:w 14

wdkln:w wsqwn:w wrbsn:w wlpn:w Mybr M:b wlsk:w 15




wdkln:w wsqwn:w wrbsn:w wlpn:w Mybr M:b wlsk:w 15

y:dml:b hrwt Mwtx hdwet rwu 16

w:l-ytywq:w bqey tyb:m w:ynp rytom:h hwhy:l ytykx:w 17

Nwyu rh:b Nks:h twabu hwhy Me:m larvy:b Mytpwm:l:w twta:l hwhy y:l-Ntn rsa Mydly:h:w ykna hnh 18

Mytm:h-la Myyx:h deb srdy w:yhla-la Me-awl:h Myghm:h:w Mypupum:h Mynedy:h-la:w twba:h-la wsrd Mk:yla wrmay-yk:w 19

rxs w:l-Nya rsa hz:h rbd:k wrmay al-Ma hdwet:l:w hrwt:l 20

h:lem:l hnp:w w:yhla:b:w w:klm:b llq:w Puqth:w bery-yk hyh:w ber:w hsqn h:b rbe:w 21

xdnm hlpa:w hqwu Pwem hksx:w hru hnh:w jyby Ura-la:w 22

Mywg:h lylg Ndry:h rbe My:h Krd dybkh Nwrxa:h:w yltpn h:ura:w Nwlbz h:ura lqh Nwsar:h te:k h:l quwm rsa:l Pewm al yk <8:23> 1

Mh:yle hgn rwa twmlu Ura:b ybsy lwdg rwa war Ksx:b Myklh:h Me:h <9:1> 2

lls M:qlx:b wlygy rsa:k ryuq:b txmv:k K:ynp:l wxmv hxmv:h tldgh al ywg:h tybrh <9:2> 3

Nydm Mwy:k ttxh w:b vgn:h jbs w:mks hjm ta:w w:lbo le-ta yk <9:3> 4

sa tlkam hprv:l htyh:w Mymd:b hllwgm hlmv:w ser:b Nao Nwao-lk yk <9:4> 5

Mwls-rv deyba rwbg la Uewy alp w:ms arqy:w w:mks-le hrvm:h yht:w wn:l-Ntn Nb wn:l-dly dly-yk <9:5> 6




668 x 3 = 2004 + 1 = 2005


F or a child is born unto us, a son is given unto us; and the government is upon his shoulder; and his name is called Pele-joez-el-gibbor-Abi-ad-sar-shalom;


And many among them shall stumble, and fall, and be broken, and be snared, and be taken.'

and I will take unto Me faithful witnesses to record, Uriah the priest, and Zechariah the son of Jeberechiah.'


Therefore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign: behold, the young woman shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. Matthew 1:23


(9:6) This prophecy was given in 758 B.C. (7:14) was given in 742 B.C., a span of 16 years separating the two. In 2007, the prophecies are 2765 – 2749 years old respectively. These details of the Virgin Birth are given over 700 years before the event transpired.


Bear a Son: His Name is: Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace: Immanuel [God With Us] [-668 JESUS] cf Matthew 1:18-25 (21, 25) call his name 5 + 1 + 1 = 7


The Mystery of the Incarnation: 2 Timothy 3:16 It was God who was manifested in the flesh, not Who! All Bibles that state this are defective.


The Word Made Flesh. John 1:1, 14


The Hebrew Prophets are the most accurate source of predictions known to man.


Fulfillment of Genesis 3:15 This first prophecy of the Bible was given in 4004 B.C. Added to this year, 2007, it shows that it was uttered 6011 years ago! No other book in the universe makes such predictions over such a great length of time.


Luke 16:19-31 They have Moses and the Prophets, let them hear them. No, father Abraham. If they will not hear Moses and the Prophets, they will not be persuaded even if one from the dead should rise.


Go and buy a Bible. No, father. (Signs, Wonders and Miracles) Moses and the Prophets.


The Ultimate Authority of God on the planet is the Word of God!


[Beside Moses and the Prophets are to be added the Writings, the Gospels, Acts, the Epistles [both Pastoral and General] and the mighty capstone of Divine Revelation, Book of Revelation, revealing 7 sections of the Word of God.


We swear on the Bible in court, but have not the slightest idea what’s in it.


What do our politicians know of the Bible?


[Encyclopaedia Brittanica: Bible: the sacred writings of Judaism and Christianity and probably the most influential collection of books in human history. Whatever one may think of the Bible’s contents, its role in the development of western culture and in the evolution of many eastern cultures makes at least some acquaintance with its literature and history an indispensable mark of the educated man in the English-speaking world. [1966 Edition: opening paragraph of a 25 page contribution.]


If you know nothing of the Bible or its contents you are an uneducated person, irrespective of what sources of learning you may have acquired through other avenues.