Acts 29 - America Has Lost Pride in its Power

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America Has Lost Pride in its Power:

Theodore Roosevelt related an incident expressing the pride of power during his term as president. Germany sent a battleship to Manila Bay, with the accompanying threat of securing the Philippines, at that time an American possession. Roosevelt sent the Kaiser a blunt note demanding the vessel be withdrawn immediately.

“The Kaiser didn’t know, then, that I meant it!” the president revealed. “So I sent another note. Only, I didn’t send this second note to the Kaiser. I sent it to Admiral Dewey, in command of the United States Pacific Fleet. It ordered the entire Fleet to steam full speed toward the German battleship, and if it did not turn around and go back, to sink it!” said Roosevelt with emphatic force! In those days, prior to World War I, America had pride in their national power.
<;br />But alas, today she sits like an old woman in a rocking chair, mumbling the indecisive rhetoric of appeasement and containment shown in both the Korean and Vietnamese conflicts. Even NATO acknowledges that the so-called bombardment of Iraq in the Gulf war was totally ineffective. Ex-President Bush, recalling his defeatist policies, now asserts, Sadam should have been destroyed. Now, this war has to be fought over again. One must consider that if the objectives of such undertakings are not military they must be political!

On the other hand, Israel, however, executes swift, decisive, action with surgical precision in operation after operation. She has pride in her power.